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Example sentences for "burnt"

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  1. In the year 1873 Father Damien happened to be sent to the island of Maui, where the great volcano has burnt itself out, and while he was there the bishop came over to consecrate a chapel which had just been built.

  2. On being demanded to say whether her husband knew of her incantations, she excused him, saying that he had burnt the characters which she had made.

  3. No dead body is allowed to be burnt or buried within the city; but the bodies of the idolaters are burned without the suburbs, and the bodies of all other sects are buried in the same places.

  4. He causes three of these bones to be brought to him unburnt, which are sought for all over the Leskar or Tartar camp for this purpose; and these bones are burnt in a particular fire, and then brought to him again.

  5. And while I was asleep, the house was suddenly set on fire by the Saracens, that I might be burnt therein.

  6. This the devotees give to the priests, that it may be burnt before the idol, but merchants often buy it from these priests.

  7. Yet, if she have children by her husband, she may remain alive with them, if so inclined, without shame or reproach; yet most of them prefer to be burnt with the bodies of their husbands.

  8. In some places, I observed large towers built of burnt bricks, and others of stone, though no stones were to be found about the place.

  9. Some even will take a burning wick, and apply it to some member, till the scent of the burnt flesh is felt all around, while the stoic continues to play, without betraying the least sense of pain.

  10. At length I fell in with her, but could not find any other papers than those which were regular, nor any powder or firearms; but as I had good information respecting her, I was determined to detain her, even if I burnt my fingers by so doing.

  11. The signal books and instructions of every description were burnt in the galley fire by the Purser and myself when we saw there was no possibility of our escape.

  12. We wished Boulogne, Bonaparte, and his flotilla burnt to a cinder during this cruise; we were generally at anchor off that detested place, and took nothing, for there was nothing to take.

  13. As I considered him my superior officer I complied, although the fiery taste of the spirit almost burnt my mouth, which he perceiving smiled, and told me I should soon be used to it.

  14. After waiting until she had nearly burnt down to the water’s edge, we returned to our ships, taking with us the wounded Spanish dragoon.

  15. On quitting the ship we all blacked our faces with burnt cork and tied coloured handkerchiefs round our heads, in order to deceive the fishing canoes.

  16. The men of war with their cartridge moustachios saluted us by firing their muskets, the wadding of which struck me and my palanquin, for which I did not thank them, as a bit of the wadding burnt my cheek.

  17. A piece of wood can be burnt up in a fire and very little indeed of it is left.

  18. But there is another very interesting point about the way in which wood is burnt in a fire; heat and light are obtained from a wood fire.

  19. It was suggested a few years ago that peat, which is not worth conveyance, should be burnt on the spot, and the energy transmitted by wires.

  20. Thus the forest was being burnt or cleared for cultivation.

  21. But bare hills denuded of wood allow most of their rain to rush down to the sea in dangerous spates of the rivers and burns, and then the ground becomes afterwards very dry and burnt up.

  22. Leonine city;" and Guiscard "burnt the town from the Flaminian gate to the Antonine column, and laid waste the Esquiline to the Lateran; thence he set fire to the region from that church to the Coliseum and the Capitol.

  23. Such fires, he was informed, were frequent in the spring of the year; and they were usually occasioned by the negligence of people who burnt the underwood, for the purpose of clearing the lands.

  24. Lewistown was one of the frontier villages burnt during the last war, to retaliate upon the Americans for the destruction of Newark.

  25. They burnt their village; and many of them put to death their wives and children, in order to save them from so cruel an affliction, and that they might all go together to the unknown and better country.

  26. Mr. Hall crossed the river from Fort Erie, and proceeded to Buffalo, one of the frontier villages which had been burnt during the great American war.

  27. I have nothing to show,' Paul answered; 'I have burnt all my poor stuff long and long ago.

  28. The timber of the houses is still sound, and the rafters which project outside the walls have the ends burnt off instead of sawn, whilst many of the roofs, both of mud and thatch, are still perfect.

  29. But, just as he began to read the recipe, he noticed that the fire had burnt low and needed instant attention.

  30. My mother and brother were also killed, and our house burnt to the ground.

  31. Before our house was burnt to the ground, everything that it contained was removed to Chin Choo's residence.

  32. Illustration: "They burnt the Shakespeare, breaking the spell.

  33. A tank supplied water to the boiler by means of a pump with a flexible hose; coke or charcoal was burnt in the furnace, so that there was very little smoke, and the machinery moved almost noiselessly.

  34. Her face and hands were smeared with tar, and having a garment daubed with pitch, after a short prayer the executioner strangled her, and twenty minutes after the fire was kindled and burnt half an hour.

  35. Two eminent personages were burnt in effigy in Europe about this time, one in France, the other in England: Paine and the Pope.

  36. They added: 'The enemy is coming; you are all lost; the city will be burnt and given up to pillage.

  37. Those of the Caen club have insulted the magistrates, and seized and burnt the records of the proceedings commenced against the destroyers of the statue of Louis XIV.

  38. At Alby they have forcibly abstracted from the record-office the papers relating to an assassin's trial, and burnt them.

  39. Generally the farmer keeps silent, for, in case of complaint, he is sure to have his buildings burnt and his olive trees cut down.

  40. The keepers of the fence would have thought it cool, but they were used to being burnt up and parched, and lived in a land where water was often flavoured with the taste of dead things, and not cooled with ice and fragrant with lemon.

  41. I did not destroy this at once, but coming across it a few years later, I enjoyed a good laugh over it, before I burnt it.

  42. The festival was over; the lights had all burnt out; the fun and frolic had come to an end, and a great cloud of sadness seemed to descend on us and envelop everything.

  43. The only time I ever saw Otto give way to a real fit of despair, was on one occasion when he believed that his dear Bunny had burnt itself.

  44. The suspicious telegraph office, the magic house at Barrackpore, was burnt down.

  45. The British sunk or burnt several Portuguese ships until the residue of the fleet steered back to Goa.

  46. Buildings were burnt down; the sepoys left off saluting their officers; and it was whispered that they had resolved never more to touch a single cartridge.

  47. That same afternoon the gateway of the house was burnt down by the mob, and Burnes and twenty-three others were brutally murdered.

  48. Many bodies were burnt or buried with unseemly haste, many doubtless left to fester where they lay.

  49. Landing at length on the large island of Euboea, near the coast of Attica, Datis stormed and captured the city of Eretria, burnt its temples, and dragged its people into captivity.

  50. In a brief time the flames burst out hotly, and burnt with so fierce a conflagration that the whole town was in imminent danger of destruction.

  51. Sutherland's services, had been burnt in upon Miss Nightingale's mind a few years before.

  52. Do you remember the great London theatre which was burnt down at a Christmas pantomime?

  53. Down under the fields there are heaped together the crowded old rust-red and burnt umber and golden roofs of the town.

  54. The wheat was burnt amber, and fallen by its own heaviness.

  55. The Town The town is the colour of honey and burnt bread, its walls and gates and roofs, its castle and tour sarazine and the tall tower of the cathedral.

  56. It was a village of nearly all thatched roofs: it must have caught fire from the shells, and in that one night it was burnt to the ground.

  57. He burnt a great body of letters, and among them were many valuable ones from almost all the men and women then eminent in literature and art.

  58. Very fortunate that we were not on shore, or we should have been all burnt into cinders," said Tom; "we are even now nearer than is altogether pleasant.

  59. If we keep on in this fashion the Russians will have the whole place burnt about their ears.

  60. The remains of the waggons burnt on the banks of the river having been cleared away, the colonel's carriage was escorted to the ferry-boat, which conveyed it across to the opposite bank.

  61. We had fairly good cover, because the scrub was not on fire, though several parts had been burnt out.

  62. I think it was on a Sunday we landed, and a week later we heard that we were to take part in the attack on Hill 70, or, as we called it, because of its appearance, Burnt Hill.

  63. This made him completely helpless for the time, and the fire got at him and burnt half his left leg off; but I am thankful to say that he managed, by a truly desperate effort, to crawl away, and he got out of it at the finish.

  64. In addition to this deadly corner we had three burnt villages to tackle; but we were always lucky, and our men did not come to grief.

  65. At last, however, the aeroplane was brought down, the observer being dead and the other man severely burnt and wounded.

  66. The little bit of food that we people get is immediately burnt up with heavy logs; we do not swallow so much as you coarse, greedy folk.

  67. Gretel ran away and the godless witch was miserably burnt to death.

  68. There had also been a Chappel about a Bow-Shot from the Colonel's house, at the End of an Avenue of Cherry Trees, but some pious people had lately burnt it down, with intent to get another built nearer to their own homes.

  69. The knowledge was lurking somewhere at the back of his mind, an accomplished but elusive fact; when he clenched his fist cracks appeared in the skin, and his clothes smelt like burnt horn.

  70. He was unrecognizable, what with smoke and ashes, which had burnt themselves into his skin and would not come off.

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