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abound; aboundance; abounded; aboundeth; abounding; about; aboute; abouten; abouts; above
  1. Thames, which abounds with fish, and in which the tide ebbs and flows, runs on that side, and has in a long space of time washed down, undermined and subverted the walls in that part.

  2. One of the most useful plants to the people of El Paso is the lechuguilla, which abounds on the hills and mountain sides of that vicinity, as well as in many other places from thence southward.

  3. It abounds in excellent pasturage, and in cattle of all descriptions.

  4. The story is pleasantly told, and abounds in interesting incident.

  5. The story is an intensely interesting one, and abounds in pleasing and unique situations.

  6. This lake is called Coote's Paradise, and abounds with game.

  7. The story naturally abounds in thrilling situations, and being historically correct, it is reasonable to believe it will find great favor with the boys.

  8. The story abounds with pictures of Colonial life skillfully drawn, and the glimpses of Washington's soldiers which are given show that the work has not been hastily done, or without considerable study.

  9. To return to the insects: beauty abounds in them both externally and internally.

  10. Hardly even at the great epoch of the flowers, when everything is covered with bloom, and numbers of the old deserted sepulchres are embowered in roses, I had not remarked that animal life abounded there as it abounds elsewhere.

  11. It abounds in rice, cotton, honey, wax, and much game, as is usual in all the islands.

  12. It abounds in rice and palm-trees, from which wine and a great quantity of brandy are made.

  13. As far as seen this region abounds in wax.

  14. After rice, fish is the main article of maintenance in this and other islands, for it abounds in all of them, and is of excellent quality in this island of Çubu.

  15. This province abounds in food supplies, such as rice, goats, and swine; and many buffaloes are hunted.

  16. The island abounds in excellent palm-trees--a growth common to all the Pintados islands, for all of them abound in palms.

  17. Donblon is inhabited by nearly two hundred and fifty Indians, and abounds in wax.

  18. The island is very craggy; it abounds in palm-trees, potatoes, yams, and wax.

  19. It abounds in rice which bears a reddish kernel, because the soil is of that color.

  20. Again, the Middle Laurentian abounds in carbon or coaly matter.

  21. The Carboniferous, indeed, very specially abounds in small Ganoids, though there are many large and formidable species.

  22. Yet, if his sin abounds, the Psalmist feels that God's grace abounds much more.

  23. The history of nations abounds with instances of the giving of rich presents to retiring ambassadors and ministers upon the conclusion of treaties or the satisfactory termination of negotiations.

  24. The whole history of the Mormon Church abounds in illustrations of the selfishness, deceit, and lawlessness of its leaders and members.

  25. Rapid in movement, it abounds in dramatic incident, furnishes graphic descriptions of the locality and is enlivened with a very pretty love story.

  26. The plot is cleverly conceived and well worked out, and the story abounds with incidents of the most exciting and sensational character.

  27. When, at the end of the world, iniquity abounds and faith is low, and scoffers are asking, "Where is the promise of His coming?

  28. No doubt the record of the Bible abounds with instances of deceit, but its voice is always against them.

  29. Perhaps no part of the world is better adapted to the growth of wool than this middle region, and it abounds with water-power to manufacture it.

  30. The bottom near our camp is narrow, but abounds in timber, being covered with ash; it, however, affords poor grazing.

  31. It abounds in fish of different varieties, which are readily taken with the hook.

  32. On the tops of the wall is often planted the Indian fig, or prickly pear, which abounds here.

  33. It makes a very good fence, as the prickles with which it abounds prevent man or beast from coming much in contact with it.

  34. There is very striking proof of this in some districts, as that about Hebron, which abounds with rock, and yet is covered with the most productive vineyards.

  35. The stone is the soft spongy limestone which abounds on this coast, and I may add, through most of Palestine.

  36. The apricot abounds at Damascus; and they are brought in large parcels for the supply of this market.

  37. The grape that abounds most, as far as I have observed, is a large white grape.

  38. I saw some fragments of small columns of that kind, but the large columns were all of the rock which abounds in the quarry near.

  39. While the city abounds with water, and a fountain of it is seen in most of the good houses, you meet with filth everywhere, and are often most grievously annoyed with the stench of dead animals in the roads and streets.

  40. The skin of fishes is rather thick and tough, and abounds in glands that secrete mucus, and in cells that secrete the hardening, or protective, denticles and scales that form the coat of most species, and which differ widely.

  41. A similar eellike species abounds in the swamps, sluggish rivers and marshes of northern South America, named Lepidosiren, and all its habits closely resemble those of the African lungfishes.

  42. Rising a step to the worms, we find them comparatively rare, but one kind of marine flatworm that abounds in midocean is rose-red and several inches long.

  43. This gavial abounds in the Ganges and other rivers of northern India and Burma, where it is numerous, and frequently exceeds twenty feet in length.

  44. One kind (Limacina), with a coiled shell about the size of a pinhead, which abounds in the north Atlantic, is much feared by the Norwegian fishermen because they very often spoil the herring that feed on them.

  45. As for the sturgeons, we have five species in the United States, and one abounds in the Black Sea and the rivers that drain into it, from whose eggs the Russian caviar is made.

  46. The chestnut abounds in the north and west; hemp and potatoes are also grown.

  47. It abounds in every part of the country, and is in some places purer than in any other part of the world.

  48. This island is upon the whole mountainous, and consequently abounds in streams.

  49. For the whole of this distance to the westward of these mountains, the country abounds with the richest herbage, and is upon the whole tolerably well supplied with running water.

  50. It has convinced me that the poetical abounds rather in the smoky, narrow streets of cities, than in the green lanes, the breezy hills, and the broad fields of the country.

  51. You ought to rejoice in your chance of going there,” said I, “Iwerddon is a beautiful country, and abounds with whiskey.

  52. And unjustly abused,” said I; “it is a profession which abounds with honourable men, and in which I believe there are fewer scamps than in any other.

  53. Like all the Delta lakes, Mareotis abounds in wild-fowl.

  54. It contains a large number of islands, and the whole lake abounds in reeds of various kinds.

  55. Fanciful writing abounds on the temples of the Ptolemaic and Roman periods.

  56. Peshitto; and this, as we shall see presently, agrees with the character of the Curetonian, for it abounds in deliberate alterations.

  57. It abounds with every sign of prosperity, and, as a city, would be a credit to the old country.

  58. It is true they have even now a sharp nip of frost; but I hear of peas flourishing at a farmer’s close by, and the region abounds with wild strawberries and raspberries and cherries.

  59. Indeed, throughout, the work abounds with quaint poetical quotations, and old-fashioned classical allusions to the Aeneid and Falconer's Shipwreck.

  60. Illustration: The Wheelwrights' Arms, Warwick] The literature of England abounds in references to these ancient inns.

  61. The story of the English castles abounds in interest and romance.

  62. Nottinghamshire abounds in instances of the same kind.

  63. Their house was captured by the enemy, and besieged by James Compton, Earl of Northampton, and the story of the fighting about the house abounds in interest, but cannot be related here.

  64. In all the mountain valleys, the soil being warmer than the air, vapour abounds in the early morning for the most part of the year.

  65. It abounds in all parts of the island, but chiefly in the lower ranges of mountains; and one of the vivid memorials which are associated with our journeys through the hills, is its clear cry, which sounds like a person calling "George Joyce.

  66. It abounds in the south-west of the island.

  67. The hills and valleys are beautifully ornamented with flowers and trees of great variety and beauty, the cries of the animals rejoicing together fill the air with gladness, and the landscape abounds with splendour.

  68. In both, the scales of the back were a cream-coloured white, with a tinge of red in the specimen which came from Chilaw, probably acquired by the insinuation of the Cabook dust which abounds along the western coast of the island.

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