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Example sentences for "flight"

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fliers; flies; fliessen; fliest; flieth; flightiness; flighting; flightless; flights; flighty
  1. In large Phra: prangs it is approached by a flight of steps outside and above it rises the tower, terminating in a metal spire.

  2. There was, however, little possibility either of flight or of resistance.

  3. The officer laughed heartily, as the two figures, like shadows appearing and disappearing as suddenly, held rapid flight and chase around the arch of Theodosius.

  4. Nothing," answered the Lady of Berkely, "except the few valuables, which I scarce know why I brought with me on my flight hither.

  5. But from the time that they returned after the flight the ultimate result was never in doubt.

  6. He gave a grunt of triumph presently as he pointed to a flight of moss-clad stairs leading to a small door below.

  7. He emerged presently into a wider, drier space, at the end of which were three small, insignificant-looking doors approached by a short flight of steps.

  8. They mounted a flight of steps leading to one of the doors in which Uzali's sharp eye saw that a key had been left.

  9. The exceedingly swift, arrow-like flight of the green parrot is too familiar to need description.

  10. In conclusion, I must mention the characteristic flight of swifts just before sundown.

  11. When they first come out of the nursery they have attained neither their full powers of flight nor complete skill in obtaining food.

  12. Flight after flight arrives in quick succession, each of which shoots into the roosting hedge.

  13. Its flight is very characteristic, consisting of half a dozen rapid flaps of the wing followed by a little sail.

  14. During flight the pinions display a conspicuous white bar, and the white outer tail feathers also come into view.

  15. The bath over, the little creatures take to their wings and enjoy a final flight before retiring for the night.

  16. They were obviously well able to look after themselves; their flight was as powerful as that of the mother bird, yet she treated them as though they were infants, incapable of doing anything for themselves.

  17. Consternation reigned at Oaklands when Betsy's flight was discovered the morning after the elopement.

  18. But before he was halfway down the first flight of steps he had forgotten everything except those incredible words--"Samuel, I love you!

  19. There was a bar underneath the hotel, and a flight of stairs led up to the office.

  20. But he privately conjectured that May's real reason for flight lay in her desire to get away from himself.

  21. Our hasty flight of course raised an alarm in the camp, but we saw no more of the Federals that night.

  22. And during the flight to the Alanna clanhome, she was both pleased and a little puzzled by the warriors' continuing lack of overt hostility.

  23. The flight also gave her time, and energine gave her strength, to think back on the attack and Jason's dismissal of her.

  24. Vainly the fowler's eye Might mark thy distant flight to do thee wrong, As, darkly painted on the crimson sky, Thy figure floats along.

  25. All one, sir, both this bird and that bird, The whole flight are all the same catbird!

  26. Then turn thee, little bird, and take thy flight Where the complaining sea shall sadness bring Thy spirit nevermore.

  27. Marna of the deathless hope, Still alert to win new scope Where the wings of life may spread For a flight unhazarded!

  28. There was a time before Theophilus when the Serapion might have been approached on one side by a slope for carriages, on the other by a flight of a hundred marble steps.

  29. Its whereabouts is, however, generally betrayed by the parent bird's peculiar flight when disturbed, even in the earliest stages of incubation.

  30. This familiar songster's nest is placed on the ground, amongst corn or rough tufty grass, and its whereabouts is generally betrayed by the peculiar scudding flight of the hen when disturbed.

  31. A flight of speculators descending from North Italy swooped down upon Rome, the noblest and easiest of preys.

  32. There are no passers-by there; visitors usually come up by a flight of steps bordered by a few palm-trees, only foreigners making use of the winding carriage-ascent.

  33. The voices descended, taking their flight under the vaulted ceilings with the airy sweetness of celestial harps; then in suave harmony they died away, reascended to the heavens as with a faint flapping of wings.

  34. Such a flight into the ideal deeply stirred Pierre, whose dream of rejuvenated Christianity rested on the idea of the supreme Head of the Church exercising only a purified, spiritual authority.

  35. The journey arises from the recovery of the resistance after that advance of erotic desire in the dream, an attempt at flight from the living and present beloved.

  36. Gently shaking these, he took flight from the land of the Shawanos, and was never seen in those beautiful regions again.

  37. At the flight of each arrow there was a long and solitary streak of lightning in the sky--then all was clear again, and not a cloud or spot could be seen.

  38. The spirits then, amid songs and shouts, took their flight to their respective places, while Iamo and his sister, Iamoqua, descended into the depths below.

  39. They had not proceeded far in their flight before they heard the death-cry of one of the dogs, and soon after that of the other.

  40. He again thought of returning to his village, and, transforming himself into a partridge, took his flight towards it.

  41. And dost thou prune thy trembling wing To take thy flight thou know'st not whither?

  42. The engagement was fierce and bloody, till the cavalry of the latter being routed, victory declared upon the side of his opponent, and he himself was drowned in his flight by the breaking down of a bridge, as he attempted to cross the Tiber.

  43. An Irish Franciscan, who was one of the poets, not being content with panegyric upon this occasion, ventured on a flight of prophecy, and predicted that Lord Nelson would take Rome with his ships.

  44. It was soon seen that their flight had not been premature.

  45. So they again took up their flight through the wilderness, taking with them a half-dozen of the Mosulas to carry provisions and the tents that Anderssen had smuggled aboard the small boat in preparation for the attempted escape.

  46. He had learned the identity of the Kincaid's prisoners from Lady Greystoke during their flight up the Ugambi.

  47. Thereafter the little party of fugitives fled up the broad Ugambi, and so rapid had their flight become that they no longer received word of their pursuers.

  48. Nowhere in his flight had he seen aught of Jane Clayton.

  49. The Malabar Indians release caged birds on the newly-made grave, to sanction the flight of the soul.

  50. What would such an one think of the terrified flight of two Spanish nobles from the wrath of their sovereign, incurred by their having saved his beloved queen from being killed by a fall from her horse?

  51. When Fromentin shows him to us with his long silvery tail and his mane quivering like waves, one would say that in the swift flight of his course the artist had lent him wings.

  52. Beneath that flashing, swift-winged flight of words, I felt the earnestness of opinions born of long reflection.

  53. Moreover, for man's warning have we varied16 this Koran: Yet it only increaseth their flight from it.

  54. Most of the events alluded to in this Sura fall between the end of the third and the close of the fifth year after the Flight to Medina.

  55. The wording of this verse would seem to indicate a period when Muhammad was meditating flight from Mecca.

  56. SAY: Flight shall not profit you; if ye have fled the death or the slaughter, yet even then, but a little while shall ye enjoy your good things!

  57. Flight from Mecca must have been imminent when Muhammad could thus write.

  58. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "flight" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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