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Example sentences for "charm"

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  1. The charm of his manner is perhaps even enhanced at present (at least when one knows the circumstances), by the gentleness and patience which pervade it.

  2. Not only his handkerchief but his hands were called into requisition to charm away those tears and comfort the pitiful little face that looked so streaked and pink and helpless there against his shoulder.

  3. She would win him now for his own sake, not just to show how she could charm away his morbid fancies.

  4. But as my swine increased in number, they gradually disappeared, for the former are exceedingly fond of eating them, and are not hurt by their bite.

  5. No person, whether old or young, rich or poor, could remain unaffected by the charm of his whole person.

  6. Although Ludwig was hardly her first love it was impossible that she could have been insensible to his beauty, which fascinated all women, or to the charm of his manner and personality when in his best moods.

  7. You cannot imagine the charm of his glance.

  8. In his types there is much sweetness of soul, charm of disposition, dignity of mien, even grandeur and majesty of presence.

  9. In its unity, clearness and simplicity lie its charm and interest.

  10. Within these limitations Dürer produced the typical art of Germany in the Renaissance time--an art more attractive for the charm and beauty of its parts than for its unity, or its general impression.

  11. In working out problems of form and in delicacy and charm of expression he went beyond his predecessors.

  12. He was a very cunning observer, and knew how to arrange for grace of line and charm of color.

  13. Piety is not very pronounced in any of his works, though he is not without imagination and feeling, and there is in his women a charm of sweetness.

  14. On the contrary, he was an artist of fine ability, much charm and tenderness, and considerable style, but not a great deal of original force, though occasionally doing forceful things.

  15. It has the pictorial charm of mystery and suggestiveness, and the technical effect of light, air, and space.

  16. Their efforts were usually successful in precipitating charm into sweetness and sentiment into sentimentality.

  17. And the water, passing over these obstructions, formed cascades and waterfalls which gave life to the picture; while numerous little islands above the mill added still more to the charm of the landscape.

  18. Most assuredly not; for I should be very sorry to renew a liaison which had lost all charm for me, even before I knew Agathe!

  19. And finally," concluded Marjorie, "poise and charm will just come.

  20. Her conversation was so utterly devoid of personality that Sally Carrol, who came from a country where a certain amount of charm and assurance could be taken for granted in the women, was inclined to despise her.

  21. The more parts of yourself you can afford to forget the more charm you have.

  22. Her face's chief charm had been a Madonna-like simplicity.

  23. Field's execution on the pianoforte was nearly allied to the nature of his compositions, beauty and poetical charm of touch being one of the chief characteristics of his style.

  24. As a publisher he was characterized by a somewhat rare combination of keen business acumen and sound, discriminating literary taste, and as a man he was known for his geniality and charm of manner.

  25. Not only literature, but the physical sciences, as then taught, had a charm for him; and he is said to have made considerable progress in medicine under the tuition of his father.

  26. Ferrier's works are remarkable for an unusual charm and simplicity of style.

  27. Among the too-numerous writings of Feuillet, the novels have lasted longer than the dramas; of the former three or four seem destined to retain their charm as classics.

  28. I have heard of people being caught, in spite of themselves, by some charm in it.

  29. Therefore, it happened after a time, notwithstanding the charm of his rank, that Sloebury felt itself in the painful position of disapproving of Lord Erradeen.

  30. And then the group gathered at the turning, and looked out upon Kinloch Houran, lying in shadow, in the dimness of one of those quick-flying clouds which give so much charm to a Highland landscape.

  31. He was nothing but a stranger, she said to herself; there was no remarkable charm in him one way or another.

  32. Her unconsciousness of self added to the charm of the performance.

  33. While, however, there is this obscurity in the nature of possession of currency, there is a charm in the absoluteness of it, which is to some people very enticing.

  34. The two men were in some respects very much alike; a peculiar gentleness of character, a winning charm of manner which no one could resist, distinguished them both.

  35. Of course the story has other features, delightful nonsense not surpassed by anything in "Wonderland," childish prattle with all the charm of reality about it, and pictures which may fairly be said to rival those of Sir John Tenniel.

  36. The simple kindness of his act impressed its charm on his child-friends inside the shop as much as on his little stranger friends outside.

  37. The heart you wore beneath your pedant's cloak Only to children's hearts you gave away; Yet unaware in half the world you woke The slumbering charm of childhood's day.

  38. The old Dean was very popular in College; even the undergraduates, with whom he was seldom brought into contact, felt the magic of his commanding personality and the charm of his gracious, old-world manner.

  39. I cannot explain the charm of Mr. Dodgson's way of telling stories; as he spoke, the characters seemed to be real flesh and blood.

  40. Even Mrs. Mervill's bitterest enemies had to admit the charm of her eyes.

  41. He liked the quiet places of the untrodden world; cities had no charm for him.

  42. Busy as she knew the Iretons' life to be, their mediaeval home suggested the repose and the charm and the romance of Love in Idleness!

  43. She had fitted herself into the atmosphere with a charm and adaptability which left Michael and Freddy wondering how they had ever got on without her.

  44. It was not easy to refuse these pressing inducements, which were all put before Michael with the elaborate charm of Arabic speech.

  45. He has a gentleness and charm quite unexpected in so savage a commentator.

  46. Not wildly; wished her passion's spell To charm her heart, but leave her fancy free; To quicken converse, not to quell.

  47. It never leaves me; there, in my bosom, I keep it as a charm to recall softer thoughts and better feelings when an evil spirit takes possession of me, and urges me to drive you to desperation.

  48. After a pause, he added, "Such an instance of disobedience in a wife would be inexcusable; and though submission may be only a duty after marriage, I own I think it a charm before.

  49. Sir Walter Scott remarks, in one of his novels, that good humour gives to a plain face the same charm as sunshine lends to an ugly country.

  50. Over the door were words of good omen, Nihil intret mali, for example, or a charm against fire.

  51. Cicero tells us of Cato and his Sabine neighbors lingering over their dessert and wine until late at night, and makes them find the chief charm of the long evening in the conversation.

  52. The neatly kept myrtle hedges encircle this, reflected in the clear water they add refreshing charm to a first impression of the Moorish Palace.

  53. It was in the cloisters however that I found the greatest charm of the whole Cathedral.

  54. Here again is another charm of this romantic old city, evidence of past glories and ecclesiastical power, the history of Spain written in its stones.

  55. They are not the Romanies of old times, and a nomadic life holds no charm for them now.

  56. ARCH OF SANTA MARIA] The capital of Old Castile is a quiet little place and I felt I was in a northern clime far away from the charm of Andalusia and the south.

  57. The pages of this book have the charm of romance without its unreality.

  58. The author's intimate detail and charm of narration gives the reader an interesting story of the heroine's war activities.

  59. For Margaret Bowden, however, it had always possessed a sort of charm not wholly pleasant.

  60. She stopped and shook her head, implying that as yet the state offered no large charm for her.

  61. She required some measure of special consideration for women from men; but personally she could not be said to offer any charm of womanhood in exchange.

  62. She heard, started, and the charm was broken.

  63. Not so the various neighbors and friends to whom the lengthened sojourn of one of their number in an atmosphere of such wealth and splendor, possessed something of the charm of a forbidden romance.

  64. There is no such charm for me in this humdrum house, that I should wish to exchange life with the man I adore, for its droning, spiritless existence!

  65. As I see him sitting with clouded brow in the midst of so much that ought to charm and enliven him, I ask myself if the advantages of wealth compensate for all this care and anxiety.

  66. There was something in his manner of saying this and in the short inquiring glance which at every opportunity he cast upon her bright young face with its nameless charm of mingled appeal and reserve, that astonished his wife.

  67. Her chief charm in my eyes, however, springs from her pure nature and the unselfish impulses of her heart.

  68. Sternly at first, but with greater and greater wavering as the days went by, each one revealing fresh beauties of character and deeper springs of feeling in the enchanting girl thus brought in all her varied charm before his eyes.

  69. Have you ever seen a man whose instantaneous effect upon you was electrical; in whose expression, carriage, or manner, there was concealed a charm that attracted and interested you, apart from his actual worth and beauty?

  70. Jacqueline received him with a fitful coquetry that evidently puzzled him, for all the distinguishing charm which it added to a beauty apt to be too reserved and statue-like.

  71. While she lived, he must ever seem the man of men to charm the eye, affect the heart, and move the soul.

  72. The great charm of the book is a sort of combined geniality of feeling and coloring, which leaves one in doubt whether the author is the most joyous of painters or the cleverest of poets.

  73. The preacher's voice has no charm for her; good men's advice is but empty air.

  74. That is her chief charm of style, a high-minded purity.

  75. In the days of women's rights ladies are apt to forget the charm of white hands.

  76. Captain Bontnor," he said, with all the charm of manner which was his, "this is a pleasure.

  77. But busy days followed, and the desert soon lost its first charm in the solid practical work of leading the horses across it on foot till they should be strong enough to be ridden again.

  78. In the early morning, before the fresh charm of the desert dawn had fled before the tropic day, the fleet weighed anchor, and, with a great deal of signalling and manoeuvring, took steaming station again.

  79. To tell you the truth it has been so often called a charm that I was simple enough to imagine it might be so.

  80. She spoke of the charm of the day and expressed surprise that the young preacher had done so well.

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