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  1. Again, the skippers have to beware of 'fetish gold,' mostly in the shape of broken-up ornaments of inferior ley.

  2. There is some fetish there, and the place is known as the burial-ground of the kings.

  3. Fetish Island, a double feature which we shall presently inspect.

  4. Our first visit was to Bobowus├║a island, a 'fetish place for palavers,' where the natives object to guns being fired.

  5. Fetish may have lost much of its power on the coast; in the interior, however, it is still strong, and few white men live long after being placed under its ban.

  6. Then she called upon the fetish of her tribe, put her hands to her breast and fell down dead.

  7. For always the fetish or the beast, or whatever it may be, is not the real object of worship.

  8. One of these was an ancient stone fetish that was rudely shaped to the likeness of a monkey and wore a gold crown.

  9. I say, I'm not sure that my affection for a fetish would hold out against one of these.

  10. It's bound to be the same on Ballarat, only more of it; the one thing I can promise you is plenty of compensation if the fetish doesn't do his duty.

  11. His fetish is good taste, or what he thinks such.

  12. He grudged her to the fetish la famille.

  13. By studying religions in groups and incidentally, they learned to distinguish the fetish in each.

  14. The women who wished to become mothers offered to the fetish wine-vessels or statuettes representing women suckling children.

  15. During the period of initiation the novice is sympathetically united to the fetish by which his life is henceforward determined.

  16. But if the fetish loves a man he carries him away into the bush and buries him in the fetish house, often for many years.

  17. When he comes to life again, he begins to eat and drink as before, but his understanding is gone and the fetish man must teach him and direct him in every motion, like the smallest child.

  18. Then being assembled in the fetish hut, they were sprinkled with rum by the priest, while young men fired guns and brandished swords to drive away the demon.

  19. They would seldom recognise their son but for the express assurances of the fetish priest, who moreover recalls previous events to their memory.

  20. The enemy had been there since, and, as they often do, had taken out the corpse to make up fetish "medicines" for themselves.

  21. Our nigger cut out the eyes, gall-bladder, and various bits of the lion's anatomy, as fetish medicine.

  22. Behind some rocks we come upon a few huts, all empty but for some calabashes of water and some fetish rags.

  23. In North Guinea they are carefully hidden (it is not said where) "in order that they may not be used as a fetish for the destruction of him to whom they belong.

  24. The victims were bred up for the purpose in the king's seraglio, and their minds had been so powerfully wrought upon by the fetish men that they went cheerfully to their fate.

  25. They oppose, on the other hand, the making of a fetish of private ownership, and recognize that the vast mass of ordinary men in modern society do not always receive their just share of the produce of industry.

  26. He will improve the opportunity to draw him out in general conversation, so guiding it as to touch many points of importance, and yet not so as to betray a want of confidence.

  27. What persons are required for the due performance of the rite, the head of the family, the village magistrate, the fetish man, the priest?

  28. But though a fetish differs from a god, inasmuch as the fetish will, and a god will not, injure a member of the tribe, the distinction is not clear-cut.

  29. The functions of the two beings differ accordingly: the god receives the prayers of the community and has power to grant them; the fetish has power to grant the wishes of the individual who owns it.

  30. But it is less so than is the conception of a god as belonging to one individual owner, as a fetish does.

  31. Just as a fetish is a material thing, and something more, so a magician is a man and something more.

  32. To this protective mimicry the fetish owes in part its power of survival.

  33. The fetish is a material thing which manifests a power that other things do not exhibit; and the magician is a man possessing a power which other men have not.

  34. Doubtless, the owner of a fetish which acts knows and can tell of the wonderful things it has done.

  35. The individual owner of a fetish does not feel that his ownership does or ought to cut him off from membership of the community.

  36. The difference between the magician and the prophet or priest is the same as the difference between the fetish and the god.

  37. The savage beats his fetish when it is not complacent enough.

  38. It is very difficult for us to realise that God is spirit: we attach ourselves therefore to some fetish of human fabrication.

  39. He seemed indeed not so much to be investigating the negro's guilt as to be adding to his own knowledge of Fetish ceremonials.

  40. But, at the last moment, a negro was put up to answer to a charge of participation in Fetish rites.

  41. All over Northern India his stone fetish is found in close connection with the images of the greater gods, to whom he acts the part of guardian, and this, as we have already seen, probably marks a stage in his promotion.

  42. A few fetish stones, tended by some low-class menial, constitute her shrine.

  43. In the native States of Riwa and Sarguja, even Brahmans worship him, and his symbol or fetish is the battle-axe, the national weapon of the Dravidian races, fastened to a tree.

  44. All this is sheer mythology at its lowest stage, and represents the grouping of various local fetish beliefs on the original household worship.

  45. He will, it is true, occasionally bow at their shrines; he will pour some water or lay some flowers on the images or fetish stones which are the special resting-places of these divinities or represent the productive powers of nature.

  46. The successive Avataras or incarnations mark the progressive development of the cultus which has absorbed in succession the totemistic or fetish worship of the tortoise, the boar, the fish and the man-lion.

  47. Heaven only knows what excesses the Oku fetish has caused in inter-tribal wars.

  48. Then it will be off my hands, and he will own the boss fetish of the whole West Coast.

  49. He was even more distraught than during the fetish performance of two hours earlier.

  50. Nigeria is the home of the ju-ju--may this fetish prove a lucky one!

  51. But before Bambuk could descend the broad flight of steps leading from the veranda, the fetish performance was at an end and its chief actor had rushed off among the trees.

  52. The savage carries a fetish on his person to secure himself against evil.

  53. There is serious danger of making a fetish out of the word duty.

  54. The manner of making a fetish is almost universally the same.

  55. Thus among certain North American Indian tribes the barbarian hunter has a fetish shaped like a mountain-lion.

  56. We have seen that the ancient Greeks had in their temples stones representing 'nameless gods' who seem to have been of fetish origin.

  57. The contract between the hunter and the fetish which guides his actions with its advice or magic is of a low material type.

  58. Even when the gods are in the fetish state we find the hunter smearing blood upon their mouths and imploring their assistance in return.

  59. On slaying a deer he cuts out the liver and smears the blood thereof on the mouth of the fetish as a reward.

  60. It is one of the tenets of animism that the animistic spirit must, as spiritualists would say, 'materialize' in some natural object, and the wandering spirit may thus be enticed by the sorcery of the shaman into the fetish object.

  61. Thus a fetish may almost seem an idol, and the line of demarcation between the great fetish and the idol is slender, the great fetish being a link between the smaller fetish and the complete god.

  62. The last nail had been driven in with a fiercer stroke than usual, for the Fetish on that occasion represented Aunt Glegg.

  63. As at last the sobs were getting quieter, and the grinding less fierce, a sudden beam of sunshine, falling through the wire lattice across the worm-eaten shelves, made her throw away the Fetish and run to the window.

  64. After saying what I have quoted above the writer in the Pall Mall Gazette goes on, "An impartial critic can judge for himself how far, if at all, this is elevated above the level of mere fetish worship.

  65. Perhaps it is that I am not an impartial critic, but, if I am allowed to be so, I should say that the elevation above mere fetish worship was very considerable.

  66. These details are noteworthy because I am about to point out the striking analogy between a Zuni idol or fetish and the ancient Mexican pictures of the lord of fire and the lord of the north or the underworld=Tezcatlipoca.

  67. His fetish represents him as standing on the centre of a cross, formed of four beams placed vertically and perforated with step-like perforations.

  68. Reason back far enough on the privilege line of argument and you soon come to that fetish of tradition, the divine right of kings.

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