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Example sentences for "fetlocks"

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fetish; fetishes; fetishism; fetishistic; fetlock; fetor; fette; fetter; fettered; fettering
  1. White were the fetlocks of his feet before, And on his front a snowy star he bore.

  2. Their fetlocks run with blood; and, when they bound, The gore and gath'ring dust are dash'd around.

  3. From the hocks to the fetlocks the leg should descend perpendicularly, neither bent under him nor back of him.

  4. The same rule applies to these fetlocks as to the fore ones; and the same may be said of the feet, but the latter are too important to dismiss without further comment.

  5. The fetlocks reach to the coronet, below which are the feet, which must be of good shape and absolutely sound.

  6. He seemed above the danger point now, though an unusually big wave welled up around the horse's fetlocks and the spray was continually dashing upwards.

  7. Removing the saddles they rubbed down each animal thoroughly, clear to the fetlocks and then gave them a good feed of grain.

  8. Another class consists of those that are affected with swollen fetlocks or chronic, edematous swelling of the leg.

  9. This deformity is to be overcome by such shoeing as will equalize the disparity in length of walls, and by proper boots to protect the fetlocks from interfering.

  10. The limbs may be poulticed above the fetlocks with mustard.

  11. Blundering old family chariots, with horses whose untrimmed fetlocks told of rougher work than even country roads, were brought round to the broad space before the grim oak door, and laden with chaotic heaps of womanly luggage.

  12. The roads were sticky with damp clay, which clogged the wheels of the cab and buried the fetlocks of the horse.

  13. With the limbs extended the front of the hoofs and the convex aspect of the bent pasterns and fetlocks will look toward that flank in which lie the head and shoulders.

  14. If the horse hobbles are used, they should be fastened on the leg just above the fetlocks (ankle joints), as in that position they are less liable to come off than if placed around the pastern.

  15. This fly commonly deposits its eggs on the outside of the hind quarters and above the fetlocks when the animals are moving, or lower down if they are quiet.

  16. I'll lay; and I'll trim Brown Molly's fetlocks till she looks as genteel as a thoroughbred.

  17. Before we reach the shore, we ride across a plain consisting, like the rest, of deep sand, so that the horses sink to the fetlocks at every step.

  18. Our poor horses suffered dreadfully during this journey; for they were continually obliged either to climb over rocks, stones, and mountains, or to wade through hot sand, in which they sank above the fetlocks at every step.

  19. The mare took the cold river water about her fetlocks with a little shiver, wading in to the girths, sliding to a deep pool where she had to swim a few strokes before she found gravel under her hoofs and scrambled out.

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