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Example sentences for "fettered"

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  1. If the prince committeth a sin against his Father, even the Chakravarti, the King, he is fettered as a prisoner, though the chain be of gold.

  2. How is it possible that men full of ignorance, fettered unto birth and death, should possess such a heart.

  3. A strange shivering thrill shot along his nerves, and his quiet, well regulated heart so long the docile obedient motor, fettered vassal of his will, bounded, strained hard on the steel cable that held it in thrall.

  4. For is it not true that we are all bound by gratitude, tied and fettered by what we think we owe to others?

  5. Every machine, every tool, every screw, holds its human forms fettered to it and all keep pace with the maddening speed of their tormentors.

  6. But they could not have gone forth armed with shield and spear like St. George of Cappadocia, to deliver the fettered princess and slay the great African dragon.

  7. As has been suggested, the national and State interests which fettered man to the actual world of his environment gave way to interests transcending this world.

  8. This obviously points to a belief that the binding constrains the demon of the dead, which is thereby confined to the grave just as is the fettered corpse.

  9. This spacial antithesis was probably connected by the ancient Iranians with that of the two ideas of the soul, the corporeal soul, fettered to earth, and the spiritual soul, the psyche, soaring on high.

  10. Fettered though he was by the methods sanctioned in the Church, dark as was all about him, he had conceived better methods and aims; his eye pierced the mists of scholasticism.

  11. How powerful the new current of thought was, is seen from the fact that James I, of all monarchs the most fettered by scholasticism and theology, sanctioned a statute dealing with interest for money as absolutely necessary.

  12. Cassini seemed likely to win for Italy the glory of completing the great structure; but he was sadly fettered by Church influences, and was obliged to leave most of the work to others.

  13. In the sixteenth century Paracelsus appears--a great genius, doing much to develop medicine beyond the reach of sacred and scholastic tradition, though still fettered by many superstitions.

  14. Will it be America, will it be one of the nations of Europe, that will seize the torch of Divine Guidance from Persia’s fettered hands and with it set the western world aflame?

  15. There are plenty of people dragging themselves miserably through the world, because they are clogged and fettered with work for which they have no fitness.

  16. This was by no means the first hint that had been given of a somewhat fettered and disappointing home life, though Miss Fraley would have shuddered at the thought of any such report's being sent abroad.

  17. For if we remain fettered and restricted by human inventions and dogmas, day by day the world of mankind will be degraded, day by day warfare and strife will increase and satanic forces converge toward the destruction of the human race.

  18. These are inevitably destructive and a menace and hindrance to a nation’s life,—even as it is recorded in the Torah and confirmed in history that when the Jews became fettered by empty forms and imitations the wrath of God became manifest.

  19. He held up his fettered hands, begging and cajoling me to remove his handcuffs, and I, instead of telling him it was not in my power to do so until Raffles returned, pretended to hesitate on quite different grounds.

  20. A tender fear for his family kept his patriotic courage fettered by lower duties.

  21. The Spaniard had become the talkative man and the Brabanter taciturn; distrust and fear had scared away the spirit of cheerfulness and mirth; a constrained gravity fettered even the play of the features.

  22. Solitude itself was not safe from it; the fear of its omnipresence fettered the freedom of the soul in its inmost and deepest recesses.

  23. Safe thou art when bound in chains, Fettered foot can never fly.

  24. Saiáwush was then ignominiously fettered and conducted to the royal residence, which he had himself erected and ornamented with such richness and magnificence.

  25. I fettered fast the emperor of Chin, And broke the enchantment of the Seven Khans; I stood the guardian of the Persian kings, Their shield in danger.

  26. Even had he succeeded in doing so, it would have involved no renunciation of its national character, which, as we have seen, in no way fettered Mozart's individuality.

  27. Mozart was again, therefore, fettered by tradition, and could venture little to render the song more original and lifelike.

  28. King Pālaka was frightened by a prophecy, took me from the hamlet where I lived, fettered me, and thrust me into a solitary cell, there to await my death.

  29. Like elephants that break their chains and flee, I drag a fettered foot most painfully In flight and wandering.

  30. Then in the Car they threw The fettered Thalaba, And took their seats, and set Their feet upon his neck, Maimuna held the reins And Khawla shook the scourge And away!

  31. Shall we leave him fettered here With hunger and cold to die?

  32. Thus it was understood from the very beginning, and Christ was crucified for this very reason, and thus it has always been understood by men who are not fettered by the necessity of proving the justification of the Christian state.

  33. How strange now looks the life he makes us lead; So free we seem, so fettered fast we are!

  34. When we may look to you as one ordained To free the flesh from fell disease, as frees Our Luther's burning tongue the fettered soul?

  35. His Majesty captured that accursed Anti of Nubia in the midst of his accursed bowmen; he was brought back, fettered by the neck, and they could not escape.

  36. I brought out of the fight a chariot with its horses, and he who had been driving it was fettered prisoner inside it, and I carried them to His Majesty, who gave me a gift of gold, a twofold portion.

  37. Would you lie still, like a fettered ox, to be butchered?

  38. The blood boiled in his veins as he surveyed the mercenary and unprincipled hireling, and strove, though in vain, to rise upon his fettered arms, to give energy to his words of denunciation.

  39. It will ere long break forth as a consuming fire; and human systems, and errors, which for centuries have fettered truth and oppressed the groaning creation, must melt before it.

  40. The cakes which are offered at the festivals during Paoni and Paopi are stamped with the figure of a fettered ass.

  41. Then Horus smote with his club the mouth which had uttered such blasphemies, and fettered him with his chain.

  42. Ra set out with the goddess Ashthertet (`Ashtoreth) to do this, and they saw the enemies lying fettered on the ground.

  43. His whole frame was racked and wrenched with fettered hurrahs.

  44. In all other fields of thought more or less room for play may be allowed to the imagination, but here it is fettered by iron rules, expressed in the most rigid logical form, from which no deviation can be allowed.

  45. Recollect, again, that it was for the tomb of this same Pope Julius II that Michael Angelo produced the two so-called Fettered Slaves, which you have seen or will see in the Renaissance Sculpture Room of this collection.

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