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Example sentences for "fettle"

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  1. It is undated; but an allusion to the porcupine, the well-known emblem of Louis XII, points to its having also been written at this same period.

  2. During their absence, Colquhoun and the men that he had selected hastened into the Castle, overpowered the feeble remainder of its defenders, and made themselves its masters.

  3. I found him in first-rate fettle this morning.

  4. Badegast can be in as fine fettle as he chooses--it's all the same to me.

  5. Sitha--they mah fettle thee there, if thow's fondhead enew.

  6. One branch of my duty is to fettle your horse; and in Flamborough they fettle them on stale fish.

  7. A've cause tae be gratefu' for a guid memory, and a've kept it in fine fettle wi' sermons.

  8. Simon Fettle was a plain kindly creature without a thought of malice, who kept his master's accounts.

  9. A haggard, dosed successfully, and dieted with lucky precision, may surprise you by getting fit quite quickly, whereas an eyess which you expected to bring into fettle in a few days may prove more restive than she did when taken up from hack.

  10. As a rule, however, trained hawks in high fettle are very far from preferring a journey to the fist or the lure to devoting their attention to wild quarry.

  11. This young leopard of the southern shores had fettle enough, and spirit.

  12. Picture a good grey horse trapped in red and green, full of fettle as a colt, burly as a bull.

  13. And Dand kens fine how to fettle him whether by day or night-- "Rowan tree and red thread gar the witches come ill speed.

  14. Proud me no prouds, nor thanke me no thankes, But fettle your fine ioynts on Thursday next To goe with Paris to Saint Peters Church, 115 Or I will drag you on a hurdle thether.

  15. I'm not in such bad fettle for an amateur, if anything in the nature of a scrap comes along, after all.

  16. But if Cleek appeared in fine fettle at the prospect of a possible exciting evening with Dollops, Mr. Narkom's barometer did not register the same comforting high altitude.

  17. He had fettle enough to fool us of forty thousand men.

  18. What's a fettler, and what is to fettle a machine?

  19. They are to go into regular training; they are in pretty good fettle now, but they must be better.

  20. Dick, though he professed to have a profound knowledge of horses, in reality knew nothing about them, and had to thank his strappers for the condition and fettle they were in.

  21. With them gals to hender us we ain't a-going to be in no fettle for a skimper-scamper race with a fresh wheen o' the redskins.

  22. She will not fail you," I ventured to say, adding: "But Jennifer is in poor fettle for making speed.

  23. Rumor had it that Tarleton with his invincible legion was within a few hours' march; and the mountain men, sodden weary with the toils of the flying advance and the hard-fought conflict, were in no fettle to cope with a fresh foe.

  24. By night they were in fine fettle again, and felt no effects from the loss of sleep the night before.

  25. They were up with the sun again, however, and after a plunge in the river, felt greatly refreshed and in fine fettle for another day's work.

  26. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fettle" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    adjustment; condition; dress; fitness; form; groom; health; order; plume; preen; repair; shape; trim; vein