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Example sentences for "disappointing"

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disappeared; disappearing; disappears; disappoint; disappointed; disappointingly; disappointment; disappointments; disappoints; disapprobation
  1. He had but a disappointing round, however.

  2. Hindhead is the most superb and the most disappointing thing in Surrey.

  3. But he must have found them disappointing in their family duties, for the first five of them brought him fifteen daughters running, and it was only from the sixth and last that he got a son and heir.

  4. I thought--How fair are the promises of the world to begin with, and how delusive and disappointing they are at the end!

  5. How disappointing then must it be to Him, to find His servants so often spending their time and energies upon other objects, however great or good they may be!

  6. But oh, how unsatisfying and disappointing it was!

  7. Besides, it was disappointing to be forbidden to tell Jane that they now knew more about Mrs. Howard even than she did.

  8. It was certainly very disappointing to be treated by her father as a naughty child instead of a heroine, and scolded for her stupidity in running out on the wet grass in thin shoes.

  9. Their rivalry persisted at the Peace Conference, disappointing all the hopes of idealists.

  10. The story of the next thirty years is a story of plots and counter-plots, of expeditions threatened and actual, of disappointing campaigns, of imprisonment and cruelty and death.

  11. In 1844, during his longest period of continuous residence at Ashland, he received word of the disappointing result of the election.

  12. Double Entente The correspondence provoked concerning Mr Harry Lauder and his views about the drama and the music-halls was a little disappointing owing to its onesidedness.

  13. Consider the jarring effect of a noble pearl necklace upon a scraggy neck, and, changing the figure, think how disappointing is a bad dinner served beautifully.

  14. So a fortnight passed with an interchange of the vicarious letters, and brief, hopeful, and disappointing meetings to Leonidas.

  15. This and her downcast, modest demeanor were perhaps at first disappointing to the crowd, who had evidently expected a paragon of loveliness in this Circe of that grim, ascetic defendant, who sat beside his counsel.

  16. The first wedding anniversary was a rather disappointing affair since Beatrice had to remodel her wedding gown in order to wear it.

  17. It would have been disappointing to have found them spick and span and quite self-sufficient, without a hint that Mary Faithful was missed or irreplaceable.

  18. Sections should be mounted in Farrant’s solution, as Canada balsam usually gives disappointing results.

  19. The weather was disappointing and a drizzling rain fell all night with a temperature of 42 deg.

  20. Days as we found them were not seldom of the disappointing kind; this one had been of the best, remarkably clear and fine.

  21. My Dear Godfather,--You are most disappointing and evasive.

  22. However, he was not satisfied with this, and after a visit to Newfoundland, which was more disappointing to him, he went to Africa and there spent five adventurous years hunting and exploring.

  23. We may judge from his account that he did not find Africa as disappointing as India and Newfoundland had proved.

  24. At the end of his disappointing sojourn, he returned to London, firmly convinced that the gay life of the Latin Quarter was a myth.

  25. Illustration: (portrait of man)] There is nothing disappointing about the "Bal Bullier.

  26. How had it come about that one with such striking qualifications should exhibit a certain underlying sadness, as if the world had already proved a very disappointing place?

  27. Colonel Brandon again repeated his sorrow at being the cause of disappointing the party; but at the same time declared it to be unavoidable.

  28. The power of disappointing them, it was true, must always be her's.

  29. We did not appreciate this point until one evening, after a rather disappointing day, Mahomet came to us bearing Little Simba in his hand.

  30. The top of the mesa was disappointing as far as game was concerned.

  31. Equally disappointing was the conduct of Austria.

  32. You will recollect that in youth he had had a disappointing love-affair with a girl named Ann Simmons, who afterwards married a man named Bartrum.

  33. But it does not shake my conviction that the absence of meditation is the main origin of disappointing stocktakings.

  34. Even if this family, the Braithwaites, are put off, I am still afraid that some excuse may be found for disappointing us.

  35. Emma thanked him, but could not allow of his disappointing his friend on their account; her father was sure of his rubber.

  36. Upon my word," cried Miss Crawford, "you are two of the most disappointing and unfeeling kind friends I ever met with!

  37. The first act of his hostility to Athens, the disappointing her of the acquisition of Messênê, was committed before he left Sicily.

  38. But it was horribly disappointing for him that there wasn't more.

  39. It would be so disappointing to read a book we didn't like; she'll understand that.

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    disappointing; disheartening; displeasing; inadequate; incommensurate; insufficient; tantalizing; teasing; unsatisfactory; unsatisfying; unsuited