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hunted; hunter; hunters; hunteth; huntin; huntings; huntress; hunts; huntsman; huntsmen
  1. Some horses should be worked in autumn in cloths, or with their coats on, as, on account of the extra sweating thus caused, they will be in better condition for the hunting season.

  2. Congestion of the lungs brought on by overtaxed bodily strength very frequently causes the death of horses in the hunting field.

  3. When things got that bad, if it were not for Elias Dorrance, a man could take an hour and go hunting or fishing or just walking.

  4. They might, however, become angry if what they considered their private hunting grounds were invaded.

  5. The tribes that came to Laramie wintered on northern hunting grounds, and their ponies had to exist as best they could.

  6. Maybe this fall, or as soon as he could spare a day from the fields, it would be a good idea if he took Tad hunting with him.

  7. Even though they took much food, they would have to depend on hunting for their meat.

  8. Next year we'll be pretty well set and I can go hunting or fishing now and again with Ellis and Tad.

  9. And then take the water like so many spaniels; And though all the while it grew hotter and hotter, They swam just as if they were hunting an otter.

  10. His contemporaries were much given to deplore that he preferred the excitement of risking his neck in the hunting field to the cultivation of the profession his skill should have adorned.

  11. Then who can doubt that he often watched the hunting of the hare?

  12. Washington turned from his home and his fox-hunting to go to Richmond as a delegate to a second Virginia convention.

  13. One day the young man goes out hunting with two comrades, and while they were in the forest they said one to the other: "We never knew of this hotel here before.

  14. The brothers went out hunting every day, and sometimes they met the king.

  15. The boys used to go out hunting and shooting, and they were so well off that they had something to give to the poor.

  16. And they go hunting the next day until eight o'clock in the evening.

  17. The king went out hunting one day, and caught a Tartaro.

  18. That lion-hunting business is so revolting.

  19. Mr. Fielding were away at the time, hunting somewhere in the wilds of Africa, and when he came home he were shocked to see the lad.

  20. He was standing almost touching the car, but he could not see the speaker who seemed to be bent and hunting for something on the ground.

  21. I tore off the sleeve of my hunting shirt, and then Rube gave me a bit of a cut on the arm.

  22. Mr. Hardy therefore decided to halt at once, as the men knew this part of the plain thoroughly, from hunting ostriches on it, and from frequent expeditions in search of strayed cattle.

  23. If not, her spirit will fly to the Great Spirit, and will tell him that the Raven and his friends, whom she had sheltered and rescued, had helped to kill her; and the Great Spirit would shut the gates of the happy hunting grounds against them.

  24. After he had come out and had shaken himself, he commenced hunting about, sniffing so violently that Hubert's attention was attracted to him.

  25. So my life regimen came to be--first the writing of a book, and then a hunting trip to get over the effects of it.

  26. But we have only to consult the crime records, during the war and after the war, in order to see that when jobs are hunting men there are few criminals, and when men are hunting jobs there are many criminals.

  27. The working times grew shorter, and the hunting times grew longer, until finally I had got to a point where I couldn't work at all; I would go to pieces in a few days if I tried it.

  28. In the beginning man got his living by hunting and fishing.

  29. When I got sufficiently desperate, I would stop writing books and go off on a hunting trip.

  30. The publisher looked like a buxom hunting squire, but the lady told me that he was very unhappy, because his wife would not divorce him.

  31. Out of curiosity I accepted an invitation for a weekend amid what is called the "hunting set" of Long Island.

  32. When on his trips through the wildest parts of the Great West he invariably was attired in a fancy buckskin hunting suit, and with his sombrero tipped well back upon his head, he surely showed up as a dashing young hero.

  33. I had an idea that we could have a little excitement hunting out the gang.

  34. Though he had been told to remain with Wing and watch the camp, Hop grew so restless after our friends had been gone about half an hour that he decided to follow them and see if he could not assist in hunting down the outlaws.

  35. Even the girls were always anxious to see him make a success of hunting down outlaws and bad men, no matter how much the danger was in doing it.

  36. No one comes here at this time of the year save hunting parties; and their eyes are not upon the ground.

  37. Unmistakably a camp erected for its owners' convenience during the hunting season, alike in design and furnishing the cabin was almost painfully crude and homely.

  38. His horse had been notoriously the most worthless animal in the regiment, but although continually last in the hunting field, O'Grady's opinion of her speed was never shaken.

  39. If I find any one hunting on my lord's lands, I will stop him and ask his right, be he black or white.

  40. We've been mooching around all forenoon, hunting him.

  41. Riding through it was impossible, and hunting it through on foot would be nothing but suicide, with a man like Blink hidden away in its depths.

  42. Happy Jack grew cautious; he crept down upon the unsuspecting herder as stealthily as an animal hunting its breakfast.

  43. I was looking down into a deep, shut-in coulee, hunting water, when the sun come out and shone straight on to this place.

  44. This is going to be some different from hunting a stray on the range," he told himself, with an air of deliberate cheerfulness.

  45. It is painful and pathetic to follow the futile efforts of the Indians to hold the northwest, their favorite hunting grounds.

  46. Every one of the Indian tribes that had been driven by the white man from the east and the south chose his camping and hunting grounds in the region of the O-hi-o, often driving away a weaker tribe.

  47. Bjönn was not with them, because Hans did not want him, and in Gaupa’s opinion even a dog could not avail when he was hunting Rauten.

  48. Are the English hunting you too from your island as they have done us?

  49. Archie, however, with his bow and arrows ventured several times to go hunting in order to relieve the sad condition of the ladies, and succeeded two or three times in bringing a deer home with him.

  50. It will need all your prudence and courage to get through, for the English men-at-arms will be scouring the country in groups of four, hunting all those they come across like wolves.

  51. Sleeping in rough arbours formed of boughs, the party supported themselves by hunting and fishing.

  52. But at that moment Snip trotted out from the barn, where he had been hunting for rats, and hailed Roy as a long-lost friend.

  53. You don't expect those fellows are going to row across here and then go hunting all about the island in the dark, do you?

  54. The matron, opening the closet door on her side of the wall to fold away some blankets that she had just taken from the beds, heard Lloyd on the other side hunting for the bottle of alcohol for the chafing-dish.

  55. They built wigwams and made camps; they went hunting and fought fierce battles on the war-trail.

  56. He was just home from military school on his vacation, and Rob Moore had been out for two days hunting with him.

  57. When we were out hunting yesterday we stopped at a cabin ever so far from here, to rest and warm.

  58. More showy than tidy in her dress, she seemed one of those detached and anxious little girls hunting for friends.

  59. The custom being for the two meeting at Izzy's gate then to go to the alley hunting Sister.

  60. Emmy Lou has a way of hunting scissors for herself and Sister to cut out pictures, but is quite sure this time that she is not culpable.

  61. We were hunting animals now, the two sexes of Man--nothing more.

  62. Our progress had not been very rapid, and we had lost time on two occasions in hunting up strayed animals.

  63. In my sheath was a heavy hunting knife; and now, searching about us on the side of the coulee bank, I found several flints, hard and white.

  64. The size of the encampment disposed me to think that it was a hunting party and not an expedition out for war.

  65. I pulled the ears of the hunting dog until he yelped in pain.

  66. The idea in fact suddenly struck Aragaris that the Demon, in the shape of a great cat, was hunting him along with his claws to the abyss.

  67. I've been hunting in shops all the morning, and have only found it in one.

  68. Hunting you on to the horns of the Devil, cousin!

  69. But what they would do, at least, was to disguise themselves some morning and go house-hunting in some low quarter, like the Rastro, as if they were a newly married couple.

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