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  1. The huntsman and keepers looked at one another; two or three of them made the sign of the cross; and they all appeared to share Mocquet’s opinion, and to know quite well what he meant by Thibault’s wolf.

  2. As to his external accomplishments, he could dance a jig beautifully, could hold his own at quarter-staff against four men, and could handle the boar-spear as cleverly as the best huntsman going.

  3. And in truth, the young huntsman only considered that he was doing his duty, for a great battue had been arranged for the next day in a part of the forest on the further side from that on which Agnelette had met Thibault.

  4. Looking up at that moment, the young huntsman suddenly caught sight of the sentinel, as the moonlight shone on the barrel of his gun.

  5. And as he gave the word, the second huntsman drew from its sheath a little knife which he carried in his belt, and began carefully sharpening it on the grindstone which Thibault used for his tools.

  6. Instantly the hounds were uncoupled by the huntsman as he caught sight of the wolf, for seeing that the latter kept its distance, he feared it would get too far ahead if he waited for the others to come up before loosing his dogs.

  7. Yes, the Count in person, and his huntsman Lestocq, with him.

  8. Towards mid-day, he heard the horn of the Lord of Vez, and the cry of his hounds; the mighty huntsman was after game, but the chase did not pass near enough to Thibault to disturb him.

  9. Lord of Vez was now heard to say to his new huntsman a few paces off, “you hold the leash too slack, my lad; you have let the bloodhound give tongue, and we shall never head the wolf back now.

  10. A huntsman does not take such minute precautions with his weapon to kill small game, neither does he use, in the department of the Aube, a heavy rifled carbine.

  11. The huntsman winded his horn and mirthful shouts of "Gone away!

  12. Off a bit, a splendid pack of hounds was held by the huntsman while they debated whether to hold a paper chase or to try a drag hunt.

  13. The canny old huntsman revealed to them just enough to excite the unconscious archaic impulse beneath the skin of culture.

  14. To these rude weapons the fondest hopes of the head-huntsman had been pinned from the first.

  15. The huntsman hurried to the stable and took Wilkinson's horse.

  16. But her eyes followed the head huntsman with fascinated curiosity.

  17. This very considerable defeat only raised the ardour of the huntsman still higher.

  18. The huntsman had laid his snare right well.

  19. A year passed away, and the lady of the manor and the wife of the lowly huntsman were both looking forward with anxious expectation to the birth of their first-born.

  20. The pretty young wife of the huntsman attracted the attention of the lady of the Hall, and she employed her constantly about her person, while in cases of sickness, for she was very fragile, Dinah officiated as nurse.

  21. Then the huntsman closed the door after the last one, and went to his rest as though nothing remarkable had happened.

  22. The huntsman replied: "Lie down, my friend, in peace.

  23. Going to the corner of his hut, the huntsman took down from a cord, stretched across the corner, the dried weeds which he had gathered the fall before because he had noticed that those weeds were antidotes for poisoned wild animals.

  24. The astrologer saw the huntsman approach the door as though he were about to open it and go out.

  25. When the huntsman heard that very wise decision he consented to be led down to the Juna Valley and to the beautiful palace.

  26. The huntsman replied: "How could I rule a nation, knowing nothing about law?

  27. The huntsman said: "When I came back here I noticed a boulder hanging on the side of the mountain.

  28. The next morning it was cold and they desired a fire, and the huntsman went outside and gathered some leaves and sticks.

  29. A little later the astrologer desired water to drink, and he applied to the huntsman, and the huntsman said, "There is a spring down in the valley where I drink.

  30. When the astrologer heard that he turned to the huntsman and said: "Do mankind down on the plains know that you are their benefactor?

  31. The huntsman said: "Is that spring rebellious?

  32. And the huntsman said: "A few years ago I was down on the plains, and the people were dying for want of water.

  33. It was no other than the address he had got from Bessy Huntsman the previous day.

  34. He quitted his lodgings over Salmon's shop, and went into a pretty house near Timberdale Court, with a groom and old Betty Huntsman as housekeeper, and set up a handsome gig and a grey horse.

  35. And, the morning following this, Mrs. Betty Huntsman got a letter from London.

  36. That little trick he had played Betty Huntsman was of no use to him now.

  37. When I hunted there we had, in Frank Beers, as good a huntsman as you could wish to see.

  38. In Cheshire I saw five foxes killed on one day, but a huntsman in Lincolnshire will be lucky if he kills two in a week.

  39. A huntsman has sufficient to do to attend to his business, without being a rough rider at the same time, and ought to feel himself to be the best mounted man in the field, or thereabouts.

  40. More patient hunting, through sheep and over bad ground, the huntsman cheering his hounds, but never interfering with them, as they work out all the turns of a sinking fox for themselves.

  41. The first necessity in a huntsman is, that he should be a man whom hounds are fond of, and who is fond of them.

  42. The master, huntsman and two whips included.

  43. There are not enough inhabitants to head them or cheer the discouraged huntsman by occasional information.

  44. They have wonderful sport, a first-rate huntsman and a rich community.

  45. And that wonderful huntsman one hears of "who is always with his hounds," nine times out of ten always has his hounds with him.

  46. No huntsman can interfere with his hounds, and no field over-ride them, for the simple reason that they cannot reach them easily.

  47. Only, the huntsman must remain where he was; she would take the white mouse to the Princess herself.

  48. The first thing, as the huntsman had said, was for him to present himself to the Princess as candidate for her hand.

  49. There he found the huntsman waiting for him, to whom he told all that had taken place, and who in a few seconds changed him back to his own shape.

  50. As soon as Hans got back, the huntsman took a cup of water, muttered some strange words over it, and sprinkled Hans with the contents.

  51. To this the Huntsman consented; and the long and short of it was that the Princess sent him a handsome sum for the mouse; and Hans found himself established as her newest favourite.

  52. The huntsman put him in a box and carried him to the palace to sell him to the Princess.

  53. He went in and found the huntsman who had given him the pellet which turned into the crystal ball.

  54. Don't talk of failure," said the huntsman cheerily; "the way to success is to forget that there is such a word as failure.

  55. Pursue the Alpine huntsman on his course.

  56. With his cross-bow and his quiver The huntsman speeds his way, Over mountain, dale, and river At the dawning of the day.

  57. Where has the huntsman gone with whom I spoke?

  58. The Rhine flows bright; but its waves ere long Must hear a voice of war, And a clash of spears our hills among, And a trumpet from afar; And the brave on a bloody turf must lie, For the Huntsman hath gone by!

  59. Dublin AN OLD DOG Now that no shrill hunting horn Can arouse me at the morn, Deaf I lie the long day through, Dreaming firelight dreams of you; Waiting, patient through it all, Till the greater Huntsman call.

  60. The King's stout huntsman saw the sport By strange intruder broken short, Came up, and with his leash unbound, In anger struck the noble hound.

  61. The huntsman was puzzled at last; and quite convinced that the deer was not in the wood, he called them out, and proceeded to make a cast, followed by the majority of the field.

  62. The huntsman and hounds went down, but many of the field held a council of war on the top.

  63. In my forty years as huntsman I have not seen a better shot.

  64. To this point comes the huntsman with his crossbow; beyond this, it is for the chaplain with his holy water to attempt to pass.

  65. A mere trifle,” continued the huntsman in a jesting tone.

  66. Constanza, noticing that her huntsman was not there to serve her as usual.

  67. The huntsman exclaimed at last: “Señores, you are my witnesses.

  68. I forgot to tell you that a young huntsman stopped here to ask for a drink.

  69. Perhaps the huntsman slipped it into the bed.

  70. And others, a numerous body, including most of the ladies, galloped up and down the cross ways, because the master of the hounds and the huntsman did so.

  71. Sir Peregrine had told to four different neighbours how a fox had been run into, in the open, near Alston, after twelve desperate miles, and how on that occasion Peregrine had been in at the death with the huntsman and only one other.

  72. They always met at eleven; and at ten minutes past, to the moment, Jacob the huntsman would summons the old hounds from off their haunches.

  73. The native huntsman seemed to think it a piece of folly on the part of Reginald not at once to despatch her.

  74. This argument would have prevailed with Reginald, and he would, at all events, have allowed the huntsman to kill the tigress, had she not at that moment cast at him a look, which he seemed to fancy implored his mercy.

  75. But it must be said he was a huntsman such as the world cannot match.

  76. The principal huntsman and the first eunuch never doubted but that Zadig had stolen the king's horse and the queen's spaniel.

  77. The principal huntsman addressed himself to Zadig, and asked him if he had not seen the king's horse passing by.

  78. The principal huntsman and all the other officers ran after him with as much eagerness and anxiety as the first eunuch had done after the spaniel.

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