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Example sentences for "huntsmen"

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  1. The huntsmen were all on hand then, and when, at last, the great carcass fell over, they surrounded Gaston with shouts of delight.

  2. Huntsmen are very superstitious, and they had got the notion that if this boar were not killed in the third chase, there was something unearthly about him.

  3. My master twitted them with stories of the ghostly hunt of Thibaut, but it was plain the huntsmen thought it no joking matter.

  4. The dogs and huntsmen followed quickly after him.

  5. The huntsmen encouraged them by horn and voice, but were evidently chagrined by this singular disappearance.

  6. The huntsmen blew their horns, the falconers took their hawks on their wrists, and off they all set out across country till they came to a green hedge.

  7. He felt puzzled and anxious; so he decided to ride into the country to distract his mind, and sent for his huntsmen and falconers.

  8. Alone He was, and in perplexity, because His huntsmen he no longer could descry.

  9. His arrow struck him full Upon the shoulder, and the huntsmen seized And quickly killed him.

  10. The huntsmen traverse these waters, and again put the dogs upon the track of his foot; after which he is incapable of running far, and reduced to the last extremity, stands at bay.

  11. Wolves are distinguished by huntsmen into young, old, and very old; they are known by the prints of their feet, which are large in proportion to their age; those of the females are longer and more slender.

  12. Huntsmen assert that in every litter there are more males than females, which seems to confirm the general remark, that Nature, in all species, produces more of the former than the latter.

  13. Farewell you Huntsmen that did hunt the hare, Farewell you Hounds that tired both horse and mare, Farewell you gallant Falkners every one, The chief of all did live at Snitterton.

  14. It is printed broadway on the sheet, in four columns, and has at the head of the first two columns a rude engraving of two huntsmen galloping past a tree, and following a stag and a couple of hounds.

  15. Two of my sons have perished in his selfish feuds, and his huntsmen lay waste my fields as they choose in the chase; yet, if I shoot a deer, I may be thrown into the castle dungeon, as mine have been before.

  16. But as the hunt passed away, Ulrich recognized one of the huntsmen as a retainer of the Elector Frederick at his castle of the Wartburg.

  17. Martin,” said one of the huntsmen to his fellow, after examining the boy as to his proficiency in the vernacular tongue, “I can make nothing of this jackanapes.

  18. But a truce to this talk for the nonce, for I perceive by the movements of the huntsmen that the dogs have scented game.

  19. The huntsmen stationed there to welcome him on his arrival were provided with fork-ended poles, intended to hold him by the neck to the ground until he was gagged and muzzled, or until he had received a fatal dagger thrust.

  20. A family of eleven wolves had been located about three versts from it by a pair of huntsmen sent some days in advance; this explained our arrival.

  21. To have a sufficient number of good huntsmen at his service was formerly a much less expensive luxury to a proprietor than now, and to this fact is due the decline of the combined kennel in Russia.

  22. In order to increase the number of posts, some of the huntsmen were also charged with leashes of greyhounds.

  23. In the first case a particular wood (island) is selected, and the fox-hounds with their mounted huntsmen are sent to drive it in a certain direction.

  24. The old professional huntsmen could tell just what members of the family and how many were howling; they scarcely disagreed upon these points.

  25. It was a changed room now, for the child had grown up, and where once pigs and chickens and huntsmen had jostled in happy, farmyard disorder upon the walls, now there were likenesses of Owen Nares and Henry Ainley, obligingly autographed.

  26. There's a wall paper with pigs and chickens and huntsmen on it.

  27. As the hunting season seldom extended beyond the first days of February, the huntsmen were all eager to take advantage of the few remaining weeks to enjoy their favorite pastime.

  28. They soon began to hear the barking of the dogs, to which Montagnard and Charbonneau replied with emulative alacrity, and finally, through the mist, they distinguished the group of huntsmen from Auberive.

  29. All these country huntsmen were blessed with healthy appetites.

  30. Buxieres, Claudet did honor to his master, and soon became such an expert that he could give points to all the huntsmen of the canton.

  31. And we know how much a Mamma or a Daddy can miss a little boy or girl, for we have all grieved for our own little ones that the huntsmen who roam this forest have killed.

  32. But," said Fuzzy Fox, "I came upon a wounded deer who told me that a party of huntsmen had passed through the forest yesterday and had shot her with an arrow.

  33. With Townsley's grays and Weiner's pony the huntsmen returned to the camp in the ravine, a procession of cavalry.

  34. The huntsmen dragged the father and two sons but a hundred and fifty yards from the door and halted beside the road.

  35. When the body fell at the feet of the huntsmen they seized the quivering limbs and hurled them into the creek.

  36. The two huntsmen caught his arms and rushed him to the banks of the creek.

  37. They were ordered to follow the huntsmen carefully.

  38. As the full rim of the sun crept over the eastern hills and its first rays quivered on the surface of the water, the huntsmen knelt by the bank of the Pottawattomie and washed the stains from their swords, hands and clothes.

  39. Three days later while Brown and his huntsmen were still hiding in the timber, the people of his own settlement at Osawatomie held a public meeting which was attended by the entire male population.

  40. In this dress the two huntsmen imitate as closely as possible, even to the browsing, the game they would catch.

  41. These Arcadians lived as huntsmen and shepherds.

  42. So earnest a warning was not calculated to allow even the most tired of huntsmen to sleep.

  43. Neither the marsk nor the Norse freebooter had received him as he had expected when he led Henner Friser and the royal huntsmen into their stronghold at Helgeness.

  44. In an instant the huntsmen were on horseback, the horns sounded lustily, and the dogs broke away.

  45. He had obtained permission to remain until the afternoon of this day; and his place was now taken by warden Tyge, who closed the cavalcade in company with some archers, and a few active huntsmen from Harrestrup.

  46. The cloth was spread on the fresh moss; at a little distance the huntsmen had encamped themselves, and the spoils of the chase were piled up close by.

  47. It is certainly worth seeing, sir king," replied Rane, as he zealously prepared himself to descend, along with a number of huntsmen and falconers.

  48. A frightful battle raged behind: the pirates pressed on, and the four huntsmen in the rear were hurled, with their backs broken, together with their horses, into the deep.

  49. The huntsmen stopped when they heard the drost's powerful voice, which they were accustomed to obey.

  50. The huntsmen and falconers looked back: it was the messenger Sir John had dispatched for the headsman.

  51. They did it in a twinkling, as my huntsmen were taking their morning's meal down by the moss.

  52. How easily the king and his huntsmen might discover them!

  53. His huntsmen came running from all quarters, and the astonished Moors were surrounded and made captives.

  54. They are the best huntsmen of all America, and scorns to catch a castor in a trappe.

  55. During that time we mett severall huntsmen of our country; so we heard news of our friends.

  56. Then the horns of the huntsmen Were heard,--the Pomyéshchick Returning from hunting.

  57. So they all did as King Arthur bade; they made them each man ready with his own hands, and they bade the huntsmen and the foresters to attend thereupon as the King had ordained.

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