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Example sentences for "hampered"

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  1. Gradually our men in the second German line were forced back along the German communication trench, and the loss of practically all of our officers hampered the fight.

  2. We are hampered in this, because our Navy respects neutrals; and spends a great deal of its time in making their path safe for them.

  3. Her observations were rather hampered by cross-tides, mud, and currents, as well as the vagaries of one of her own torpedoes which turned upside down and ran about promiscuously.

  4. During a lengthy action, the working of a gun was hampered by some empty cartridge-cases which the lieutenant in charge made signs (no man could hear his neighbour speak just then) should be hove overboard.

  5. As I ran up as quickly as I could, hampered as I was by the jugs and glasses, Beale knocked his man out with the clean precision of the experienced boxer; and the crowd explained in chorus that it was the pot-boy, from the Net and Mackerel.

  6. But we're hampered and rattled and worried all the time.

  7. The Seljuks had not attempted to carry away plunder, which would have hampered them in their dashing charges and instant retreats.

  8. I was not twenty paces from you when you met, and had I not been hampered by a Frenchman of your side, who was unreasonably slow in dying, I should have either saved my father's life or ended yours, as I mean to now.

  9. Nor was it long before he was able to fight hand to hand; but many of those around him were slain, because their arms were hampered in the close press.

  10. A composer of "program music," his works are so stupendous in scope that the word symphonic would have hampered him.

  11. He had become too great for it and, as a result, it cramped and hampered him in his latest utterances.

  12. The romanticist is no more hampered by form than the writer of poetry or fiction is by facts.

  13. The Prince had repeatedly stated he would under no circumstances accept the office if the exercise of power was hampered with restrictions.

  14. How many are fettered with ignorance, hampered by inhospitable surroundings, with the opposition of parents who do not understand them?

  15. Horses are sometimes weighted or hampered in the race, and this is taken into account in the result.

  16. The views here expounded in their historical setting are plainly hampered by inadequate philosophical and psychological presuppositions.

  17. Since then foreign trade has been less hampered by Spanish privilege.

  18. But the absurd restrictions of Spain hampered this trade.

  19. All the English-speaking minority in the prospective province of Lower Canada were afraid of being swamped by the French-Canadian vote, and so of being hampered in liberty and trade.

  20. Nor were the Americans and their allies together victorious over the mother country, but only over one sorely hampered party in it.

  21. This gave them a great advantage over the king's party, which, hampered at every turn by the opposition in the mother country, was never quite sure whether it ought to strike hard or gently in America.

  22. Confronting it was an Austrian force of eighty thousand men, under Melas, a general of the old formal school, hampered by tradition and by the machinery of the Aulic Council in Vienna.

  23. United States; the orders and the decrees so hampered and exasperated our merchants that we first passed the Embargo Act and then took refuge in non-intercourse.

  24. But Richelieu, hampered with a war with England about the unfulfilled conditions of Henrietta Maria's marriage contract, had kept the peace with Spain since January 1626.

  25. All her life she must be hampered by the environment his wrongdoing had built up around them.

  26. She knew nothing of feminine blandishments, of the coquetry which has become so effective a weapon in the hands of modern woman when she is not hampered by scruples.

  27. And thus every scholar is primarily limited to a much smaller public, and moreover to a public hampered with national points of view and prejudices.

  28. So the poor woman, hampered as she is with present cares, looks forward to the time when life will be a bit easier, when the united earnings of the children will make a substantial family income.

  29. I am, in spite of my advancement in electric science, nothing but a man, and am apt to be hampered oftentimes by my mortal trappings.

  30. And talking of the world, let me remind you that you are back in it now, and must therefore be hampered with tiresome trivialities.

  31. But the government did not want him to be hampered by any lack of funds, and allotted him the then considerable sum of twelve thousand francs a month, and four thousand a month the generals under him.

  32. He found her not only fully aware of her position, but actually swimming a little--striking out with more freedom than might have been expected, considering how her arms and shoulders were hampered by the life-ring.

  33. Of what avail will be the exertions of a single individual, hampered by so many lets and hindrances on every side?

  34. As for the King, he has been hampered for about a month bypast on account of the continual rain.

  35. The copse considerably hampered the advance of the Allies, and an Indian regiment was brought up as a reinforcement.

  36. They foresaw all the difficulties on which the Germans counted, and they fully realized that if they allowed their plans to be hampered by defending Paris they would fall into a trap from which there would be no escape.

  37. The election campaign was carried on under Government pressure and was hampered by the threat of reprisals and pogroms on the part of the "Black.

  38. The King directed the voyevodas to protect the legitimate interests of the Jews against the encroachments of the magistracies and trade-unions, who hampered them in every possible manner in their pursuit of trades and handicrafts.

  39. The rabbis retorted feebly, hampered by their inadequate mastery of the Polish language; moreover, when the dispute turned on the fundamental dogmas of Judaism, they refused to discuss them in the presence of Catholic priests.

  40. In Posen the Jews were hampered by the burgomaster and the aldermen in carrying on their business or in displaying their goods in stores outside the Jewish quarter.

  41. The realization of this reform was greatly hampered by the opposition of the Christian merchants and burghers, who hated the Jews, and could not reconcile themselves to the municipal equality of their competitors.

  42. No longer hampered by vague fears and difficulties, with which he knew not how to grapple, but with a distinct plan of operations before him, Richard's eloquence was irresistible.

  43. Sutherland are harassed and hampered in their proper work by having to write articles and do ordinary doctor's visiting.

  44. Young people are young people; they cannot like to be always hampered by grumbling old fogeys.

  45. Our appreciation of this study is hampered by the limitation of little exercised minds.

  46. If you are able to work, free to work, and not hampered by a rigid personal bent, just look about and see what other people need.

  47. The New Year is not going to be hampered with any such too previous announcements.

  48. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hampered" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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