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exercere; exercet; exercice; exercices; exercise; exercises; exerciseth; exercising; exercitu; exercitum
  1. At this period there was much greater brutality of demeanour exercised by the lower orders of the English towards foreigners than there is at present.

  2. This was not a solitary instance in which Fuseli exercised his judgment as to the fitness of men to fill offices in the Academy; and accordingly voted for them, distinct from any private consideration.

  3. It is by the way of the Champs Élysées, moreover, that the troops march when the army of Paris is exercised and inspected in the great review-ground.

  4. The right of fishing in one of the arms of the Seine was claimed by the students, or at least exercised by them until fines were imposed, which in most cases had to be recovered by legal process.

  5. Some of these wonder-working shepherds were taken and prosecuted, when they confessed in many cases that they had exercised various kinds of bedevilments on the beasts of certain farmers.

  6. When first erected, it was looked upon as an unapproachable masterpiece; and it exercised on architecture abroad, as well as at home, a considerable influence which still lasts.

  7. It was not so easy to deceive Admiral Coligny, who, observing that the Guises had lost nothing of the influence they exercised over the king and queen, resolved to remain still upon his guard.

  8. Otherwise the trade would be exercised by honourable men.

  9. The cooks from Languedoc were chiefly in demand at Paris; they received very large salaries and exercised domestic despotism, the other servants of the household having to bow to their authority.

  10. The reader may probably be amused with a list of those trades exercised in Holland, which in their pronunciation and meaning resemble the same in this country, beginning with the Sieve Maker, which in Dutch is Zeevmaker.

  11. In most Scotch lochs where any supervision is exercised at the instance of our local clubs, the extermination of pike is most vigorously carried on by means of fixed and splash nets.

  12. Considerable care must be exercised in using heat, because pulp bleached quickly by this means is liable to lose colour at the later stages of manufacture.

  13. All we ask is that the same common-sense judgment be exercised in relation to our community that is accorded to other communities.

  14. However, they were not to go in haste, but first to strengthen the several branches of the Church in New York; especially that at Colesville, where the members exercised much faith.

  15. In effect, the small presidium exercised the legislative function most of the time.

  16. The power exercised by a government organ is directly linked to the party positions held by its head and by its members.

  17. Political power was exercised by him and by the few select officials in the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party, particularly those who were members of the Politburo and the Secretariat.

  18. The practice, however, shows executive political hegemony exercised by the party leadership occupying positions of governmental responsibility, such as the head of the Council of Ministers and head of the State Council.

  19. Do you assure me, on your word of honor as an unborn publisher, that the filial franchise has been invariably exercised wisely and well?

  20. One of the greatest historians says of his reign: "Its most instructive lesson has been drawn from the influence which its legislation has exercised on foreign nations.

  21. By his judgment or caprice her behavior was approved or censured or chastised; he exercised the jurisdiction of life and death, and it was allowed that in the cases of adultery or drunkenness the sentence might be properly inflicted.

  22. The administration of justice is the most ancient office of a prince: it was exercised by the Roman kings and abused by Tarquin, who alone, without law or council, pronounced his arbitrary judgments.

  23. The private revenge of forty thousand slaves was exercised without pity or remorse; and the ignominious lashes which they had formerly received were washed away in the blood of the guilty or obnoxious families.

  24. And the powers which he gained as conqueror he exercised with equal ability and steadfastness of purpose in his capacity as foremost secular ruler in the world.

  25. On this he fastened a lighted peat, and exercised his horse with it for several days, until it shewed no fear or dislike to the fire and smoke.

  26. She had a strong suspicion that the sisterly supervision which she was conscious was being exercised was carried out at brother William's suggestion.

  27. It was the beginning of that authority, which since has greatly grown, but which the Board of Trade have in the main exercised with an impartiality, which public authorities do not always display.

  28. From Collooney to Sligo (six miles) running powers were exercised by that company over the Midland line into Sligo.

  29. She exercised an authority over her household which inspired respect and contrasted strikingly with the easy- going parental ways of to-day.

  30. There he exercised himself violently in hewing wood, felt pain in the hand which had been bitten, embarked for Ireland, had symptoms of hydrophobia on board the packet, and died soon after his arrival.

  31. Tradition informs us, that in the infancy of the art all its branches were exercised indiscriminately by the medical practitioners.

  32. The first appellation the Grecians gave to those who exercised the art of healing was iatros.

  33. His fame became so universal, that the Bishop of Ratisbon sent for him, and he exercised his art under his auspices.

  34. At this, as might be imagined, we were exercised in our minds as to the manner in which we should come upon suitable water; for by now we were beginning to be in need of it.

  35. At that, the bo'sun stood up and made an examination of it, being much exercised in his mind to know how we might come clear of it with safety.

  36. The latter had been proscribed by the regents, who exercised supreme power during his minority.

  37. Forgetful of the blessing of their creation, and of their duty, they rejected the power of perfection, and exercised the power of imperfection.

  38. He had no difficulty in obtaining this journal, since he exercised the delicate office of confessor to the prisoners confined in the Bastille.

  39. The prerogatives of magistrates in whatever appertains to the licensing of public houses, and exercised in Quarter and Special Sessions, are untouched by the new bodies.

  40. Since 1835 the power of the magistrates in boroughs is exercised by the borough bench with an appeal to Quarter Sessions, that is, to the County.

  41. Nor is the influence more recently exercised by J.

  42. Who, to the regret of all who knew his abilities, died February 1897, having exercised influence rather than achieved distinction.

  43. The newspaper, however, is but a single agency for the literary influence exercised upon the public life of the day.

  44. When in 1847 the Hereditary legislators were about to settle in their new home, they were much exercised by the conditions under which, and the exact places where, their wives and daughters should view the progress of their debates.

  45. The functions exercised by the controlling authority of the Working Men's Club and Institute Union are educational as well as disciplinary.

  46. The same talents exercised upon any other material, or expended in any other career could scarcely fail to have commanded same results.

  47. But it is true they have exercised so much hospitality, that at times they have not possessed the means to furnish the fuel for heating their chapel in the winter.

  48. I have not throughout the volume ignored the dangers which are real and unavoidable, and say distinctly that too great watchfulness cannot be exercised at great altitudes.

  49. And this virtue in a Christian man is exercised for the behoof of others, as well as for his own.

  50. Unless Paul has deceived himself, he was quite the leading figure in the Council; it was his doctrine and his Apostleship that exercised the minds of the chiefs at Jerusalem, when the delegates from Antioch appeared before them.

  51. Paul's Galatian allegory has greatly exercised the minds of his critics.

  52. And faith is possible in its highest degree, and is exercised to-day by multitudes, with no celestial light to illumine, no audible voice from beyond the grave to awaken.

  53. Dale, of Birmingham, was one of those whose minds were painfully exercised on the matter of the abandonment of the natives of the Transvaal to the Boers.

  54. Weak women, ere now, have endured the rack and embraced the stake; but must they not have first exercised the self-denying martyr-spirit in the trials of daily life?

  55. Lord Darby did not at all mortify him, notwithstanding the little coquetry that she might have exercised upon himself.

  56. Taxation is exercised over them by prerogative and not by law.

  57. Of such men there is no hope; and their obedience will only be according to the danger set before them, and the power that is exercised over them.

  58. The direction in which Jackson marched from Harper's Ferry to Antietam--due north--disposes of a controversy that for years has exercised the pens of many people eminent in letters.

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