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deliberations; deliberative; delicacies; delicacy; delicat; delicately; delicates; delicatessen; delicatest; delices
  1. The fine and delicate modelling suggests comparison with the most perfect works of Italy; and the whole painting is overspread with an infinitely light surface coat of colour, very luminous and very pale.

  2. His delicate health always served him as an excuse.

  3. The question was very timidly uttered, and with a half sympathetic, half derisive glance, Jane's eyes swept the tall but very slender and delicate form with its bowed shoulders.

  4. Those arms clasped the slight, delicate form as if they would hold it fast forever, and with strong, irresistible might he pressed her to his heart.

  5. She could not resolve the contradiction between that moment and the usually delicate appearance of the young man, which today was more plainly than ever revealed to her eyes.

  6. She glanced at his pale, delicate face, into a pair of blue, dreamy eyes which at this moment had an expression of mingled terror and embarrassment.

  7. Under the vine-wreathed balcony it was growing dark already, but the outlines of a delicate form were visible, only half concealed by the foliage.

  8. Thus blew from the Mongolian deserts a pestilential wind which blighted even in the Cisalpine plains the delicate flower of art, the object of cares so tender and so constant.

  9. It is not supposable that in so delicate and difficult an undertaking there should be an entire freedom from errors and oversights.

  10. The mountain of granite blooms into an eternal flower, with the lightness and delicate finish as well as the aƫrial proportions and perspective of vegetable scenery.

  11. This would prove that an Englishman is incomparably more delicate than a Frenchman, and that a Spaniard is as tough as the devil," said Croustillac; "but this gourmand will finish some day by devouring Blue Beard when caressing her.

  12. In all my life I have never eaten anything more tender, more delicate or more savory than this," replied the chevalier, with full mouth, and half shutting his eyes in sensual enjoyment.

  13. The situation of Croustillac was none the less delicate and difficult; in spite of his audacity he did not know how to begin the conversation.

  14. The pillars of the very lofty nave and aisles are slender and sure, the vaulting is delicate and has a unique carved marble rood-loft to divide the nave from the choir, stretching right along the church, with a rampe of great beauty.

  15. In a glass case some delicate bowls by Dammouse are worth attention; but I think his work at the Arts Decoratifs at the Louvre is better.

  16. The scriveners have rather gone off than improved since those days; look at the "Registre des enqueteurs royaux en Normandie," 1248, for a work of delicate minuteness.

  17. We even imported the most recent developments in artificial satellites equipped with the most delicate of detection devices.

  18. She smiled her understanding, gave him her small, delicate hand.

  19. Why seared the delicate flowers that genius gave, And dash the diamond drops from fancy's wings.

  20. The delicate and painful subject is mentioned.

  21. The medium is often a strange blend of spiritual and carnal tendencies, of knowledge and ignorance, of delicate perception and denseness.

  22. Holding the candle above her head, she looked in the mirror on her dressing-table, and laughed nervously at the shocked look in her eyes, at the hand pressed upon the bosom whose agitations troubled the delicate linen at her breast.

  23. It was not that she had less modesty, that any stir of sex was in her veins where the Romany chal was concerned; but in the life she had once lived less delicate cognizance was taken of such things, and something of it stayed.

  24. We know so little of the delicate union between them, that we can't be sure we can put the eyes right again when, because of some blow to the head, the ricochet puts the eyes out of commission.

  25. Hers was not even an esthetic fastidiousness of sense nor a romantic coloring of emotion; there was nothing delicate or warm or eager about her.

  26. She was lovelier than ever, but white, wasted, her delicate hands worn with work.

  27. Mrs. Mostyn glanced at his absorbed, delicate face with a smile baffled and quizzical.

  28. It is true, however, that this charming and delicate spirit did not give, in his works, an accurate idea of his century and generation.

  29. Indeed, it is not always easy to distinguish these private wars from mere robberies or plundering expeditions; and it is not probable that the wild barons exercised any very delicate discrimination.

  30. I should hate them to think that Duke had married a limp, delicate sort of a girl, and, unluckily, I always look much more so than I am.

  31. Of course not; but Duke's position among his relations is a rather delicate one.

  32. He glanced at her with a kind of delicate inquiry in her eyes, and the accent on the pronoun made Philippa's cheeks flush.

  33. He must be so refined and delicate in perception.

  34. Thus pointedly questioned on what he felt to be a delicate point, Bounce drew a great number of whiffs from the tomahawk ere he ventured to reply.

  35. As Bertram had by this time arranged the lock of his pistol and reprimed it, the hungry travellers resumed their weary march without coming to a decision upon this delicate point.

  36. It possessed the delicate loveliness of a butterfly, and the eye, in running over its glittering and pretty array of colours, was fascinated as in the contemplation of a kaleidoscope.

  37. In all his racecourse pictures the very horses have that delicate balance of mincing tread that we first feel when we look at their prototypes in life--that dainty and slight resiliency as of weight on springs.

  38. Not infrequently they are employed by the decadents of a movement or an epoch because they harmonise so neatly and unostentatiously with pretty colours and delicate themes.

  39. Besides he learned from them a more direct method of image making, a method which was at once more delicate and more femininely sensitive.

  40. In him there are no delicate plays of light, but broad and heavy shadings which are not without subtlety.

  41. Even the delicate designs on Greek pottery, the rigid and ponderous arts of architectural Egypt and the drawings and adorned totem poles of the North American Indians are relics of times when the demand for art was created by the masses.

  42. His colour is not without visual charm, and his composition often has the fascination of the delicate patterns found in the Chinese.

  43. It is the last delicate refinement of perfect harmony which Matisse possesses and which his imitators can not attain to, which places him in the rank of greatness.

  44. So delicate and perfectly balanced is this light that, with the raising or the lowering of the curtain in the room where the picture hangs, it will darken or brighten perfectly, logically, proportionately with the outer light.

  45. It is delicate work at best, coping with the intricacies of celestial mechanics upon a semicircular trajectory with retarding velocity, and with a make-shift crew we could easily have come upon real difficulty.

  46. The delicate grayish metal antenna, which, she knew, would form a glittering halo of blue and gray threads of fire, rested quiescent above his head.

  47. Here are four cups which Allen must place under each leg of his bed, and this delicate little director coil you must take especial pains with.

  48. The plane vanished, but from the spot where it had flown, not even a bit of metal or of man sufficiently large to be seen by the delicate recording instruments of Maniel dropped out of the sky.

  49. Perhaps, since the subject of how you got into my back yard seems to be a delicate one, you will tell me why you got there.

  50. As it happens, I am, just now, in rather a delicate position, in which a friend is welcome.

  51. The Christian princes, who are so remarkably delicate on the point of honour amongst themselves, and have even made it a part of the law of nations, seem to be utterly insensible on this head in regard to the Turks.

  52. During these delicate negotiations, Mir Mahmoud was advanced to the gates of Derbent, and had laid waste all the neighbouring country in order to cut off all means of subsistence from the Russian army.

  53. On her deathbed Hathumod in talking to Agius compared her monastery to a plant of delicate growth and deplored that no royal charter sanctioning its privileges had as yet been obtained[472].

  54. Middleton: 'Another minor branch of art, in which England during the 13th century far surpassed the rest of the world, was the art of embroidering delicate pictures in silk, especially for ecclesiastical vestments.

  55. All these writings, some of which will here be considered, are in the vernacular, and owing to their measured grace and tone of delicate refinement are among the most attractive monuments of Middle English.

  56. She is described by her fellow-nuns as a person of tender and delicate refinement, whose religious fervour was remarkable, and these characteristics are reflected in her writings.

  57. The first book of the 'Visions' contains short accounts of how on certain festal days during religious service Elisabeth, who was delicate and apt to get excited at the mention of certain saints, asserts she saw them before her bodily.

  58. But the 6th century poet is generally somewhat plain-spoken on delicate topics.

  59. They asked for the most delicate silk and the purest gold thread; put both into their own knapsacks; and then continued their pretended work at the empty looms until late at night.

  60. The whole suit is as light as a cobweb; one might fancy one has nothing at all on, when drest in it; that, however, is the great virtue of this delicate cloth.

  61. When nomadic races have once tasted the cup of more delicate enjoyment, it is wont to hurry them to destruction.

  62. But on the other hand, such a man who has more than any other manufacturer to do with the most delicate materials and with them in greater variety, requires proportionately greater caution and knowledge.

  63. Berkeley rightly says that the course practiced in Ireland, with its famishing proletarian population, of exporting the means of subsistence and exchanging them against delicate wines, etc.

  64. Forewarned to-day, I venture to assume Leave of your goodness, and provide this cheer; Too obvious to the sight and touch and taste To be as delicate as yours, yet fruit Of hospitality sincere.

  65. They say five hundred asses follow her Wherever she makes progresses abroad And spend their milk to brim a bath for her, That her sweet flesh and delicate lose not That melting softness and that lucency!

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