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Example sentences for "fragile"

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fradre; frae; fragata; fragatas; fragen; fragilitas; fragility; fragmens; fragment; fragmental
  1. Angela would gladly have turned from so lurid an occupation to any other pursuit; but Mr. Sealman looked as if his health were more fragile than that of the car.

  2. Two extremely big young men, who had the air of footballers in training, did what they could to form a hollow square round a couple of fragile but determined girls.

  3. Miniato, like a white and fragile ghost in the sunshine, and La Bella Villanella couched like a brown bird under the cypresses above the grey olives in the wind and the sun.

  4. In this delicate and fragile light the beauty and spaciousness of the church are softened and simplified.

  5. Far away in the sky the moon swung like a censer, filling the place with a fragile and lovely light.

  6. The fragile hands went out to him, palm up.

  7. Physically, for instance, there was the same slenderness, the same delicacy with which the details were finished; the same fragile hands, for instance.

  8. He drew a chair beside hers, and sat down, taking one of her thin transparent hands in both his, and stroking it as though it was made of the most fragile and precious material.

  9. He took the money, however, and kissed her thin fragile hand, and pressed it against his broad powerful chest.

  10. As his teeth crunched through the tender flesh and fragile bones, he began naturally to eat.

  11. There was a crunching of fragile bones, and warm blood ran in his mouth.

  12. My sweet mother continues slightly better certainly, but in a most fragile and harassing state of health.

  13. I had found the dear mother in a sadly fragile state, so infirm and tottering that it is not safe to leave her alone for a minute, and she is so well aware of it, that she does not wish to be left.

  14. The cows might not step on them here, but nothing prevented their crushing the fragile things with their noses.

  15. She could not make them sufficiently safe nor half lovely enough for the white, fragile treasures to be cradled there.

  16. He followed her into that refuge's fragile safety with a speed that held no dignity whatever.

  17. Very thin was the invalid, very shaky, snow-white of muzzle and with the air of an old, old man whose too-fragile body is sustained only by a regal dignity.

  18. Afraid of the deadly thing that was halting within three feet of him, with only the Baby's fragile body as a barrier between.

  19. Then he slapped one fragile hand against his protruding chest, looked up at the ceiling and squeaked: "Clean living and Suns-Rays Incorporated!

  20. He leaned against the wall and crossed his fragile arms across his huge red chest.

  21. Roselle became more than ever desirable, as he imagined her, sitting in that shaded tea room, her fur coat opened and thrown back to show the fragile corsage underneath.

  22. No more he said; but urging to the bark His Chief, commits him to his fragile ark; These the sole accents from his tongue that fell, But volumes lurked below his fierce farewell.

  23. Davy made use of pieces of wood charcoal in his experiments, but these were too fragile to be of practical value, even if their other qualities had been ideal.

  24. This spiral of carbon was, of course, too fragile to be of use in its ordinary form.

  25. The mantle is now ready for use, but is so fragile that it can scarcely be touched without breaking, and such handling as would be necessary for shipment would be out of the question.

  26. I am slender in body and someway fragile and firm-fleshed and sweet.

  27. But to know she flies into rages and bites whisk-brooms, laces and her fragile grandmother is to have a wide-beamed far-reaching spirit-light upon her.

  28. I am lithe but fragile from constant involuntary self-analysis.

  29. She had grown worldly in taste, weak in manner of thought, fragile in body from a mad irregularity of food and sleep, and in every attribute uncertain of herself.

  30. My Body if fragile is healthful, and is one with the woman-race: it moves with the sunlit cosmos.

  31. Although butterflies are weak and fragile creatures, they are pugnacious, and an emperor butterfly (1.

  32. Jenner Weir believes that it actually serves them as a means of escape, for birds strike at these brightly coloured and fragile surfaces, instead of at the body.

  33. The baby was a fragile little creature, and rarely, night or day, during the first three months of her life, was her mother's care withdrawn from her.

  34. She put her arms around him, and drawing his head down on her breast, kissed him many times, her heart filling full of tenderness for the fragile little creature.

  35. I remember when she first came, I quite hesitated about engaging her, she looked such a fragile little creature.

  36. Mrs Lee's time and attention were frequently required by her husband, and the fragile little Ellinor then became the special care of Christie.

  37. With the singleness of purpose and uniformity of action seen in an army under command of a leader, the natives of a hundred antarctic islands swarmed into ten thousand fragile boats, and directed their course toward the south.

  38. She was but a fragile flower, however, and died in the bloom of youth, mourned by her lover with such genuine grief that, with one impulse, all sought to bring him consolation.

  39. One short, rigid, foreleg was stretched out as though in remonstrance, and just within its embrace a fading spray of gilia lifted its fragile blossoms.

  40. She pointed with her fragile finger to my companions.

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