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Example sentences for "delicatessen"

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  1. I suppose you really work in a delicatessen or follow the races.

  2. Delicatessen shops in our neighbourhood are described upon the windows as places dealing in "fancy and table luxuries.

  3. The Delicatessen Democracy will open in a few days spacious headquarters where all true Democrats may gather and prepare for the fight.

  4. The hard-working miner ate his delicatessen supper without a word of complaint.

  5. The meal did not last long, for the aunt, who was a gossiper, was only serving delicatessen that evening.

  6. He evidently went to regale the numismatist with music; for the delicatessen dealer, Berg, saw under his coat what was evidently his violin.

  7. The delicatessen dealer lumbered into the elevator which had stopped; Pendleton was about to follow, but his friend detained him, and the car dropped downward without them.

  8. The delicatessen dealer unfolded his hands and waved them significantly.

  9. A man named Berg keeps a delicatessen store on the first floor.

  10. Delicatessen Why is that wanton gossip Fame So dumb about this man's affairs?

  11. If they had delicatessen shops on board ships, I'd be made to police the pickle barrels yet.

  12. Ikey could not get away from memories of the delicatessen shop.

  13. But as it chanced Michael Donahue was standing at the open door of the Rosenmeyer delicatessen shop as the Torrance car wheeled around the corner into Seacove's main street.

  14. You must have robbed the whole delicatessen shop.

  15. Then came the Rosenmeyer delicatessen shop, and there the car was pulled down by Torry, for there was a little group outside the shop, the center of which were three figures in blue.

  16. To find that he had been making it in the delicatessen business was an extraordinary piece of good fortune at this juncture; though it was well on in the morning, they had not breakfasted, and the children were beginning to whimper.

  17. Chapter 3 In his capacity as delicatessen vender, Jokubas Szedvilas had many acquaintances.

  18. There was poor old ponas Jokubas, for instance--he had already given five dollars, and did not every one know that Jokubas Szedvilas had just mortgaged his delicatessen store for two hundred dollars to meet several months' overdue rent?

  19. He stood there in the snow and delivered a lecture on the error of my ways, then took me to a delicatessen shop--afraid of compromising himself in a restaurant--and stuffed me with sandwiches and bananas.

  20. He led her to a rather luxurious delicatessen not far from his hotel, kept by enterprising Italians who never closed their doors.

  21. The conversation between Helen and Mrs. Nash, interrupted by the former's errand to the delicatessen and drug stores, was taken up again at the table of the royal feast.

  22. There's a bakery and delicatessen over on the street where the car line runs.

  23. Saw you this morning coming out--delicatessen shop across the street," he said glibly.

  24. As she went home she saw hanging in front of the wild-game shop next to the delicatessen store a fresh deer, and this time it was a stag.

  25. At the very last he held the taxi an extra moment and darted into the delicatessen shop across the Siebensternstrasse.

  26. Why, at these delicatessen places and bakeshops--" Here he paused for breath and found Dr.

  27. Peter was living alone in the Street of Seven Stars, getting food where he might happen to be, buying a little now and then from the delicatessen shop across the street.

  28. In vain Harmony argued the extravagance of Rosa, now married to the soldier from Salzburg with one lung, or the tendency of the delicatessen seller to weigh short if one did not watch him.

  29. The street was always dark; the delicatessen shop was closed, but in the wild-game store next a light was burning low, and a flame flickered before the little shrine over the money drawer.

  30. The delicatessen seller had seen her go out that afternoon with a bundle and return without it.

  31. They now occupied one of the upstairs tenements over Mrs. Kranz's delicatessen store, instead of all living in the basement.

  32. And there is little Susie Marowsky," urged the delicatessen shopkeeper.

  33. Somewhat to her annoyance, she found the delicatessen packed with students waiting their turn to be supplied with eatables.

  34. You get the cocoa to a boil," said Lucile, "and I'll run over to the delicatessen for something hot.

  35. She leaped almost into the delicatessen keeper's arms.

  36. Red, and left for the little delicatessen store.

  37. At last the green, one-horse cart pulled up by the delicatessen at the side of the old apartments.

  38. Give me all you've got," he demanded of the astonished delicatessen proprietor.

  39. Inquiry at the little dingy-windowed delicatessen and milk depot confirmed his fears.

  40. So he withdrew reluctantly to haunt the walk in front of the delicatessen store and wonder that the work upon which he had entered with such gusto was becoming so irksome.

  41. The delicatessen fellow pays the overhead expense of that beautiful food exhibit, and the other man gets the benefit of it.

  42. On Sixth Avenue there is a lovely delicatessen shop, but rather expensive.

  43. With businesslike alacrity Spout did so--and then before anyone could prevent it--detached from his belt a delicatessen payment check for 25 cents and pushed it across the table.

  44. One night when Julia was about four George stamped out of the house, after a tirade against the prevailing disorder and some insulting remarks about "delicatessen food.

  45. Emeline usually rolled over to smile at her daughter when she heard the door open, and Julia would be sent to the delicatessen store for the component parts of a substantial meal.

  46. Less than ten minutes' walking from the mouth of the little tunnel alongside the delicatessen shop, would take her back to her husband's door.

  47. He looked about him in a sort of dazed bewilderment when she disengaged her hand and stopped, at last, at the corner of the delicatessen shop, beside the entrance to her little tunnel.

  48. They raided the delicatessen at eleven o'clock, and made an exiguous meal on the plunder.

  49. She went sadly back to the delicatessen shop and stepped behind the counter, her hat still on, to assist the good Mother Tricot, who was being besieged with customers.

  50. There was a smell of delicatessen wares but it was not unpleasing to one who had been economizing in food for so many days.

  51. She came out of a little delicatessen shop and her husband in war togs followed her, and there I witnessed their parting.

  52. It was a delicatessen shop and very appetizing did the food look to poor Judy, who felt as though she had never eaten in her life.

  53. It is an unflattering comment on the spirit of thrift of American housewives that the delicatessen store has settled down to such a flourishing existence, particularly in Eastern cities.

  54. Where the lamps in the delicatessen store made a mottled streak of brightness across the flags, two little boys stood with their noses flattened against the window.

  55. With a delicatessen store on one side of him and a man who played the flute on the other, he felt hardly at all expatriated.

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