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Example sentences for "headquarters"

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  1. Yes, this is police headquarters calling.

  2. This is the City Hall Police Headquarters again; hustle it up, please.

  3. Under orders from headquarters of the American Expeditionary Force he traveled through the war zone.

  4. The major's headquarters had been hidden away in a thicket of young undergrowth, and the Americans could see but a short distance ahead.

  5. The story has been carefully checked in every possible detail from Headquarters of this Division and is entirely substantiated.

  6. General de Wimpffen has set out again for the German headquarters to sign the capitulation.

  7. General de Wimpffen has just set out for Prussian general headquarters to discuss conditions.

  8. I told him I was, and he told me I was ordered to report to the General's headquarters under arrest.

  9. I immediately rode up to General Wessel's headquarters and told him that I was going to take thirty men and go out on the Washington road at five o'clock that afternoon, and would return the next morning.

  10. Instead of going to headquarters and reporting the situation, I sat down upon the curbstone in front of the jail to collect my thoughts, and consider what I should do.

  11. The news having reached the headquarters of this department that General Lee surrendered the army of Virginia to General U.

  12. The march from the landing to the headquarters of General John E.

  13. A few days after my return to headquarters we received the joyful news of the surrender of General Lee, at Appomattox, on the 9th of April.

  14. As soon as he reached General Mulford's headquarters he told him of the deception he had practiced, and the General told him it was all right and as soon as he could find out where I was he would send another special for me.

  15. In good spirits, therefore, I set out for my new headquarters on March 28.

  16. One day I got a pass to go over to Culpeper and took it up to brigade headquarters to have it countersigned.

  17. I was then Orderly for the colonel, which required me to be at regimental headquarters and around the regimental commander at all times and to extend his private orders and commands.

  18. We pulled into headquarters that night, the first time in six weeks, and turned everything loose.

  19. The first train carried him and the posse back to the headquarters of the express company.

  20. My people have suffered in silence from several bands of cattle thieves who have headquarters in this county.

  21. For many years it was kept by Boswell Alsop and was headquarters for the sporting men of the town.

  22. The only objection that any one could offer against these changes (and no one is likely to offer it) is the demolition of the venerable landmark, so long known as the Union House and the headquarters of Gen.

  23. This place was headquarters for the politicians, and it was there the merits and demerits of candidates were discussed and their success or defeat was determined upon.

  24. Hooker's Headquarters during the battle there in 1863.

  25. Patrick established his headquarters and took provost command of the town.

  26. It was headquarters for all circuses and manageries, and was frequented by large numbers of laboring men after their day's toil was over.

  27. He announced his purpose to subsist the invading army by enforced supplies from his enemies, and, in order to prepare the world and give it some idea of his rapid movements and brilliant feats, issued orders from "headquarters in the saddle.

  28. Then they were on the road once more and two hours later had safely landed the women at a Red Cross headquarters on the way, a few miles north of Paris.

  29. Now then, report first to headquarters of the First Army Corps and then to Captain Lowden, with the Twenty-eighth Division in the field.

  30. You bring him around to headquarters to-night.

  31. After the fall of Utatlan, Alvarado marched to Iximche, where he was kindly received by the Cakchiquel kings, and where he established his headquarters for the conquest of other nations, beginning with the Zutugils.

  32. Great improvements were also made, particularly in the market buildings of Tlatelulco, which had now become the commercial headquarters of the whole country north of Tehuantepec.

  33. An energetic bawling from the headquarters cook shack indicated that one juvenile investigator had come to grief.

  34. The regimental headquarters of the 6th was located in a stone farmhouse at a cross-roads called La Voie Chatel, situated between the villages of Champillon and Lucy-le-Bocage.

  35. Across the street an American battalion headquarters had been established on the first floor and in the basement of the house, which appeared the most pretentious in the village.

  36. The capture of Fismes was the crowning achievement of one American division that so distinguished itself as to be made the subject of a special report to the French General Headquarters by the French army in which the Americans fought.

  37. One of these companies had its headquarters at London, and was called the London Company; the other had its headquarters at the seaport of Plymouth, in Devonshire, and was called the Plymouth Company.

  38. The suburban railway is continued to the east, passing by Muizenberg and Kalk Bay, favourite seaside resorts for holiday-makers, and terminating at Simonstown, the headquarters of the Cape and West Coast Imperial naval squadrons.

  39. Its representatives collect information from far and near, and of every possible kind, sending to headquarters all manner of agricultural produce.

  40. The first is a Pole bringing documents from the headquarters of the patriots at Warsaw.

  41. For I received a rather peremptory summons to present myself at police headquarters at a shockingly early hour, and not long after my arrival there, Miss Raynor appeared also.

  42. Call Headquarters and tell the Chief to arrest,--what's her name, Jenny?

  43. But I'm going down to Headquarters now, and perhaps I'll dig up something of importance.

  44. That's enough, Mr. Brice," and Foxy Jim Hudson went back to Headquarters with his report.

  45. Soon one division reported to headquarters that it did not have enough men to attend to the removal of the great masses of prisoners without prejudice to the conduct of the action.

  46. German Army Headquarters wirelessed the following report from Berlin to Sayville, N.

  47. An official statement issued by general headquarters in Vienna on July 18 says: On the Bug River, in the region of Sokol, our troops drove the enemy from a series of stubbornly defended places.

  48. At this time two battalions were moved to General Headquarters second line astride the Menin road to support and cover the left of their division.

  49. The Prime Minister was kind enough to accept an invitation from me to visit the Army in France, and arrived at my Headquarters on May 30.

  50. Meanwhile, three more battalions had been moved up to reinforce, two other battalions were moved up in support to General Headquarters line and an infantry brigade came up to the grounds of Vlamertinghe Chateau in corps reserve.

  51. It certainly contrasts very strongly with the position of a diplomatic functionary in Europe now, when reference is made by telegraph to headquarters in every case of difficulty.

  52. Yes, sir, and when the officer did so from Headquarters the blacksmith weather prophet plainly told him Nick had been working alongside himself from seven until a quarter-after-eleven the night before!

  53. So, while the thing is still fresh in my mind, I'll trot around to Headquarters to wake up our sleeping Chief.

  54. Proper honors will be paid to the memory of the late Chief Magistrate of the nation at headquarters of each military department and division and at each military station.

  55. On the day after the receipt of this order at the headquarters of military commands in the field, and at each military station, and at the Military Academy at West Point, the troops and cadets will be paraded at 10 o'clock a.

  56. Your whole government machinery hasn't been effective in tracking down the rebel headquarters yet, and it's reasonable to assume that the rebels have a fairly effective intelligence network.

  57. He told me that the lonely house was used as headquarters for his gang, all of whom were now absent on a drive in another part of the province.

  58. He explained that he and his companion had to be back at their headquarters in time to report the rebel attack and the near approach of the reactionary forces.

  59. You have only just time to let them know at headquarters and to find out what precautions they intend to take.

  60. Malet himself, with another body of troops, proceeded to the Place Vendome, the military headquarters of Paris, and proposed to make the Commandant Hullin his prisoner.

  61. New York possesses its Black Museum, its treasure-house of criminal relics akin to that which may be viewed at the headquarters [Illustration: 1.

  62. Benson seems to have done well in this nefarious business before he returned to Europe, when he made Brussels his headquarters and carried on the same business, the exploitation of mines.

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