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Example sentences for "headset"

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  1. Ramirez handed his headset to the Israeli, Dore Peretz, and stepped up from the weapons station, his voice sounding above the roar of the engines.

  2. He flipped off the headset and revolved in his chair, concern seeping into his ruddy features.

  3. Bob adjusted a headset over his ears and switched on the current through the vacuum bulb filament.

  4. If either of you two gentlemen will put these receivers on, he'll be convinced that radio is no fake," said Bob quietly, at the same time removing his headset and holding it out.

  5. He slapped his knee enthusiastically, and when the last quotations had been given, he snatched off the headset and leaped to his feet.

  6. A final check of his headset followed, after which Mac oozed into the Lilliputian air lock at the bottom, now rear, wall of the cabin.

  7. He heard a click, then a hum, as the recorder was jacked into his headset circuit.

  8. You have installed a short-range transceiver into the machine, and this headset is a portable transceiver for Dulaq.

  9. In between his frequent trips to oversee Hector's work, Leoh had jury-rigged a rather bulky headset and a hand-sized override control circuit.

  10. Commander Ford put down the headset and turned back toward the control room.

  11. Commander Ford bent nearer the mouthpiece of the phone, pressed the headset closer to his ears, straining for the first word of the treasure.

  12. Oh, oh," the man with the headset exclaimed, "here we go again.

  13. Here, slip this headset on an' Ah'll get Zack to run it so you can feel how it works.

  14. So I arose to my feet, and instantly noticed that my headset was off, and was trailing on the ground.

  15. Soon I heard their approach; and, suddenly noticing that I could not hear their voices, I switched on my apparatus, which had been disconnected ever since I had replaced my headset in the Valley of the Howling Rocks.

  16. Brunner looked up to see Dubcek standing before the foot-thick plate glass of the battle room portal, headset on and hands clasped tightly behind his back, the one held by the other opening and closing sporadically.

  17. His headset buzzed with two and three voices at once.

  18. Put on that headset again and get my plan, offering any suggestions your far abler brain may suggest.

  19. That headset thing was child's play to him, but he doesn't like the looks of this other stuff at all.

  20. Seaton instantly threw off his headset and opened the power switch.

  21. He handed the other a headset and ran through the section of the record showing the plans of the invaders.

  22. As Seaton donned a headset and handed one to the stranger, the latter stared at him, impressing upon his consciousness that he was to be given a knowledge of English.

  23. After a half hour of absolute radio silence she dragged the headset off her ears, rolled the radio in her blankets, drew on a raincoat, then slipped out into the storm.

  24. She snapped on a headset and said: "Hello, are you there?

  25. With a headset clamped over her ears, she listened intently, then said in a low tone: "Hello.

  26. After making sure of this, she snapped on her headset to sit listening for a half hour.

  27. At all hours the headset was over her ears.

  28. In the chair with the headset on sat the crowning insult of all: Paul Brennan leafing through a heavy sheaf of papers, reading and intoning the words of political oratory.

  29. Mrs. Bagley took a sandwich and a glass of milk to James and found him sitting on a chair, a heavy headset covering most of his skull, reading aloud from a textbook on electronic theory.

  30. He made an extra headset late in June and they tried it, sitting side-by-side and still it did not work.

  31. She permitted herself to be led to the chair, and then went through a routine of skittishness, turning her head and squirming incessantly, which made it impossible for James to place the headset properly.

  32. Tim adjusted his headset and tuned the radiophone in on the station at Atkinson.

  33. Hunter, a radiophone headset at his ears, was listening intently to an air mail report.

  34. Hunter, in the forward cockpit, had a headset on and was listening for some sound in the radio detector.

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