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Example sentences for "disconnected"

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disconcerting; disconcertingly; disconcerts; disconformity; disconnect; disconnecting; disconnection; disconnects; disconsolate; disconsolately
  1. In some cases the circle will have to sit several times before the persistent though disconnected and apparently meaningless raps or table-tilts will begin to show positive signs of intelligent signalling.

  2. At first these impressions may be somewhat disconnected and more or less confused, but before long there will be noticed a clearing away of the scene, and the mental picture will become quite plain.

  3. That's the boy who disconnected the electricity and cut the cable.

  4. In some strange manner the intruders had disconnected the wires or broken the globe.

  5. His invention being stimulated by this idea, and his own dire need, he eagerly scanned everything in the boat, and his eyes soon lighted on two objects disconnected in themselves, but it struck him he could use them in combination.

  6. She liked it none the less for being disconnected and unbusiness-like.

  7. I need not even urge the young Imagist to read out a number of his disconnected Images to a public meeting.

  8. Others, defying the obvious postulate that all good writing will carry at least a superficial meaning to the intelligent reader, have invited us to admire strings of disconnected words and images, meaningless and even verbless.

  9. The presence of these currents proved by the fact that when the cable is disconnected at Calais, as shown in Fig.

  10. For France, we have the Marceau as representing the wholly belted type with four disconnected but protected stations; and the Dupuy de Lôme, in which the armor plating is thinned out to a substance of only 4 in.

  11. Whilst Edward was running on thus in disconnected sentences, Theodore stood silent and deeply absorbed in reflection.

  12. I forced myself to utter a few stupid, disconnected words, and hurried up to my uncle's room.

  13. To test this we disconnected the wire between the frog and battery, and placed, instead of a vibrating sounder, a simple Morse key and a sounder taking the 'etheric' from armature.

  14. Whatever he may accomplish as the historian of Port-Royal, it is to his weekly articles, informal and disconnected as they are, that he owes his high rank among French authors.

  15. Magnification can be established at will by special devices easily connected or disconnected with the regular instrument.

  16. The very point of experience, so to say, is that it doesn't occur in a vacuum; its agent-patient instead of being insulated and disconnected is bound up with the movement of things by most intimate and pervasive bonds.

  17. On the other hand, we have to consider that this kind of reading is disconnected in style and subject.

  18. The military reports on the expeditions of Diego de Vargas and the final reconquest of New Mexico are reduced to disconnected but still bulky fragments.

  19. It will be simpler to review the disconnected operations by following them separately in the different districts where they occurred.

  20. With all this sporadic and disconnected expenditure of life, energy and ammunition little damage is done, and the losses and gains on either side are equally unimportant.

  21. They appeared to be disconnected from the battle, but no participants were more busy or intent than they.

  22. He was disgusted by the platitudinous quality of thought, the drab and uncouth clumsiness of expression, the vague generalizations, the childish logic, the ill-mixed mayonnaise of abstractions and disconnected facts.

  23. The survey was the business in hand, and he rarely discoursed much of things disconnected with it, except, perhaps, when we were retracing our routes, or when the labors of the day were over.

  24. We must find an act within our power which is disconnected from any thought about standing.

  25. That is, conduct would lack unity being only a juxtaposition of disconnected reactions to separated situations.

  26. His writing--when he tries to write--is a collection of disconnected and indecipherable characters.

  27. Then, later on, there arrived another letter from Lisbon, disconnected in matter, shaky in writing, full of the wildest and most improbable statements.

  28. She says all this in a scattered and disconnected style, jumping from one point to another, turning occasionally to her friend for support or confirmation.

  29. The shaft of the wheel W is, however, a crank shaft, and at M is a small engine, which may be connected or disconnected at will to shaft W.

  30. The fitting of the single piece is a test of its individual or disconnected truth; the subsequent or second adjustment is a test of its truth with relation to the others.

  31. Another advantage is that the feed gear can be disconnected and the latch withdrawn, thus allowing the gear to be revolved for the purpose of examination without any necessity for remembering the exact number of turns.

  32. The entire mechanism can be disconnected from the feed screw, when desired, by disengaging the clutch j^{3} on the feed screw.

  33. But Boris Pavlovich is full of kindness and honour, is upright, gay, original, but all these qualities are so disconnected and uncertain in their expression that we don't know what to make of them.

  34. He would have liked to ask her question after question, but they crowded into his brain in so disconnected a fashion that he did not know where to begin.

  35. First one and then another would leap into the air as they went; they uttered short, shrill cries and disconnected oaths at random.

  36. Terror seized him, and with it came crazy, disconnected recollections of stories of robbery and murder, and he began to scream with fright.

  37. Thirdly: he was never to acknowledge this compact, or to cast any slur upon the father whose reasons for this apparently unnatural conduct were quite disconnected with any fault of his or any desire to punish or reprove.

  38. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "disconnected" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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