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Example sentences for "disconcerting"

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discomposed; discomposing; discomposure; disconcert; disconcerted; disconcertingly; disconcerts; disconformity; disconnect; disconnected
  1. She might, indeed, let fall something even more disconcerting than the rest-- Cosimo was trying a bluff.

  2. Thousands of centuries undoubtedly separate us from any possibility of realizing the most magnificent and most disconcerting dream ever engendered in the human brain.

  3. Half the play of it is gone, and the top swirls about on the water in a most disconcerting manner.

  4. It is undoubtedly most disconcerting to the angler, and must assuredly have a tendency to wear the hold of the hook.

  5. Then von Sinzig made the disconcerting discovery that the starboard float was leaking.

  6. The Zeppelin was within ten miles of the place when one of the crew shouted the disconcerting information that there was an airship on the starboard bow, travelling east by north.

  7. He lit the gas stove, which exploded with its usual disconcerting plop, and a marvellously agreeable warmth began to charm his senses.

  8. VIII Then there were disconcerting sounds out in the world beyond the van.

  9. It passed behind the curtain with disconcerting rapidity.

  10. He had hitherto spoken seriously and with a touch of dignity, hiding any antagonism that he might feel under an easy but disconcerting friendliness.

  11. There were no more of those disconcerting and high-flown forensics in her greeting.

  12. These cries had also the effect of disconcerting my opponents.

  13. But I did not find her and the news at her house was disconcerting somewhat.

  14. When Mauga and the rest of his braves came back from a bootless chase, it was to be met with the disconcerting news that not another ball was to be found in the village.

  15. In those calid latitudes, where everything else appears more or less en deshabille, court etiquette is also stripped of its surplus frills and, save for occasional disconcerting surprises, contains little to baffle the uninitiated.

  16. The Commodore had just come on deck at seven o'clock with the disconcerting news that the barometer was down to 28.

  17. They get a glimpse of something that is going on behind the scenes, and their smile is very disconcerting to the sober spectators around them.

  18. Nothing can be more disconcerting to his sensitive spirit; and besides, how can you know that he has not a very serious message to communicate?

  19. I know from personal experience that, when we embark upon these disconcerting matters, the first impression is scarcely favourable.

  20. It is very complex, but possible, for telepathy often has these disconcerting ways.

  21. The case is precisely the same with the horses: their queer fancies, their unaccountable and disconcerting freaks drive poor Krall to despair.

  22. It was not until he almost reached the hospital that a new and disconcerting thought complicated the action which but a few moments before had appeared so simple.

  23. His cool treatment of the matter was more disconcerting than any vehement protestations.

  24. He turned in his abrupt, disconcerting way, and gave her a piercing look.

  25. The man, she admitted, had done no more than was warranted, but there was no disguising the fact that his supporting grasp had had a disconcerting effect on her.

  26. When I can tell how the ore should pan out by a glance at the dump, and plot just how the vein should run, it's disconcerting to find that the only way I can earn a living is by washing and mending," he said.

  27. He had not seen her dressed in that fashion before, and, after the years that he had spent in lonely bush and noisy railroad camp, her beauty and daintiness had an almost disconcerting effect on him.

  28. Johnson fixed him with his disconcerting eye, and retorted witheringly-- "Ye thinks ye knows a pile about women, Bird Pigeon.

  29. And he had thought best not to stop until he found himself quite beyond the range of Mrs. Gammit's disconcerting accents, which rang harsh triumph across the solemn, silvered stillness of the forest.

  30. Bitter spray was flying thick in the air, water already sluiced about the deck, and it was disconcerting to recollect that they were still eight miles from the inlet.

  31. She went over some with a disconcerting plunge and swoop, but she rammed a few of the rest, driving her jib and bows in and flinging the brine all over her when she swung them up.

  32. It was disconcerting to realize that they could take no more sail off the canoe unless they lowered the mast altogether, and where the beach was he could not tell.

  33. Then she recognised the disconcerting fact that she had taken refuge in the very path of the procession.

  34. She grasped Columbus by the collar, for he had a disconcerting habit of barking round the legs of intruders if not wholly satisfied as to their respectability.

  35. Because I wanted to hit you," he returned with disconcerting promptitude.

  36. These things were a little disconcerting to one in whom the blood-lust had diminished.

  37. There was something disconcerting about that brow and the eyes like her father's--probably have her own way!

  38. You are not clever enough to deceive a woman," she said, with a disconcerting composure.

  39. Do you know that it is a little disconcerting to be watched when at work?

  40. One of the most disconcerting effects upon the screen is a jumpy panoramic movement either horizontally or up and down.

  41. It is by no means an easy, simple matter to follow a subject in this way without any disconcerting jerky movement, since it involves doing two things at once.

  42. There is something disconcerting and tragic in the thought.

  43. The note of reproach was more disconcerting than ever.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "disconcerting" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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