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Example sentences for "baffling"

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bael; baes; baffle; baffled; baffles; bag; bagasse; bagatelle; bagatelles; bagel
  1. On the contrary, it is like occupying a seat at a conjuring entertainment and falling fast asleep just as the performer is getting to his most baffling and masterly achievements.

  2. The stubbornness of its brave resistance lends an added sweetness to the final triumph of its conqueror; but, whilst it lasts, that resistance is very baffling and vexatious.

  3. On the 12th of May a royal message was delivered, referring to the seditious practices of democratic societies, and intimating the necessity of taking measures for baffling their dangerous designs.

  4. The little colony at Quebec was, however, on the verge of starvation; and after once baffling the English, Champlain surrendered in 1629, and the missions of the Recollects and Jesuits came to a close.

  5. The original authorities for the early French expeditions have, unhappily, not been preserved, or they still lie hidden in some dusky receptacle, baffling all search for them.

  6. I remember Viola coming up to us and her little baffling smile and her look--the look she was to have for long enough--of detachment from Jimmy and his Tudor hall.

  7. The natives gave Drake a vexatious proof of their agility and address, by stealing his hat from his head and baffling every effort made to recover it.

  8. But Harriet was beginning to seem to him a stranger who possessed at once the most mysterious and childlike, the most beautiful and the most baffling personality that he had ever known.

  9. Somehow the fact persisted in baffling her.

  10. Harriet had been realizing ever since his arrival that Blondin had lost none of his unique and baffling charm.

  11. A very squally day, with baffling winds making it more than usually dangerous to enter the bay.

  12. Our method was to sail out to sea from South-west Bay until we had got out of the baffling local squalls into the steady breeze, and then we hove to under reefed mainsail, small jib with sheet to windward, and helm lashed.

  13. Mr. Riley went away bearing with him the baffling mystery of his personality.

  14. They do not know that they are interesting, or baffling either.

  15. The loss in draft through a boiler proper will depend upon its type and baffling and will increase with the per cent of rating at which it is run.

  16. In certain designs, due to the arrangement of baffling used it is practically impossible to remove all deposits of soot and dirt.

  17. Provision should be made in the baffling of the boiler to accommodate and dispose of this dust.

  18. Baffling winds and vexatious calms, so common in the Mediterranean, rendered it impossible to close with them; only a partial action could be brought on; and then the firing made a perfect calm.

  19. Bad weather came on, baffling the one fleet in its object, and the other in its pursuit.

  20. Here the wind is apt to be light and baffling at all seasons; and sometimes calms prevail for several days.

  21. The wind proved light and baffling on the passage, and as we drew towards the north, the weather was foggy with drizzling rains.

  22. He looked down on me, with that curious baffling smile of his.

  23. The mere idea of stalking one's own shadower was a distinctly attractive one; surrounded as I was by a baffling sense of mystery and danger I jumped at the chance with an almost reckless enthusiasm.

  24. Stella laid down her pen with the ready obedience which can be made so baffling when it proceeds from an unconsenting will.

  25. Something in her that was not cruelty as much as a baffling desire to escape him made her refuse to give him what his eyes asked.

  26. Death was their only uncertainty, and it was hidden behind the baffling insincerities of doctors and nurses.

  27. The weather changed that night, and we had a succession of rain and baffling winds for six or seven days, during which I had no opportunity of hearing the remainder of the boatswain's history.

  28. About ten o'clock, the wind died away, and we had from that time such baffling light winds, that it was six days before we dropped our anchor, every vessel of the convoy having arrived before us.

  29. She clutched at some one--always through those baffling veils--who was putting her into the bath by the bedside, and fought frantically.

  30. The feeling that secret and strange lives were being lived behind those baffling windows, that humanity was everywhere intimately pulsing around her, oppressed her spirit yet not quite unpleasantly.

  31. Her words were quite casual and practical, but there was a sort of sleepy light in her eyes that was more baffling than darkness; she was like one speaking absently with her eye on some very distant object.

  32. A dozen plans raced madly through her brain, confusing her, baffling her with their futility.

  33. The whole affair had begun to take on an air of baffling contradiction.

  34. Some force within me, baffling mine intent, Harries me onward, whether I will or no.

  35. The composite vote and the cumulative vote have been almost universally rejected as schemes for baffling the majority.

  36. Mr. Lea has a malicious pleasure in baffling inquiry into the principle of his judgments.

  37. Why might not he discover what was baffling the sagacity of others?

  38. There was a baffling something in the old man's escape now and again from what ought to have been an inevitable stroke.

  39. A sprinkle of blood, here and there quite a dash of it, reddened the grass and clumps of weeds he had run through, and ended close to the water into which it looked as if he had plunged with a view to baffling pursuit.

  40. In trying to imagine Alice, she eluded him, so that a sort of cloudy void fell across his vision with the effect of baffling and benumbing it.

  41. Of the points in his wife's character not in direct contact with his own, Glennard now discerned his ignorance; and the baffling sense of her remoteness was intensified by the discovery that, in one way, she was closer to him than ever before.

  42. No affectation of indifference could have been as baffling as her compliance.

  43. Early in this present month of July, that north-west breeze, which was baffling our fleet off the coast of Anatolia, was playing among the rocks of Sker with the curls and skirts and ribbons of these two fair young damsels.

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