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Example sentences for "baffle"

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  1. The Americans had no troops in the field that seemed able to baffle these movements.

  2. The rest is uncertain, but this is certain; and it is a fact new to the world, a fact fraught with such portentous consequences as to baffle the efforts even of the imagination.

  3. And do you think that words like these Can baffle me again?

  4. It was palpable that the attempt to baffle us was being shrewdly organised.

  5. He was glad that Waverley was safe, but a little disgusted that he had failed to baffle the precautions taken while he was a prisoner, and so have learnt something that might have been of value in the investigations.

  6. But I think she will baffle him here, after all," Mr. Blake said to himself, as he ceased thinking about the matter.

  7. They were all so certain of her death, and then the false name and the disguising stage-dresses helped to baffle them.

  8. If he could only make good his escape; if he could baffle them yet!

  9. You are trying to baffle me; to keep me from talking of Cherrie, but I'll not be put off.

  10. He was so artful a villain he must be taken by surprise, or he might baffle them yet.

  11. The swift steamers could baffle the antiquated U.

  12. Cool, wary and resolute, the "Pathfinder" manoeuvres to baffle clumsy Castro.

  13. Nor was Mr Tapley slow to baffle this movement on the part of the enemy, by perching himself on the top step, and presenting the crown of his hat in that direction.

  14. In locking it, he was careful so to adjust the key as to baffle any curious person who might try to peep in through the key-hole; and when he had taken these precautions, he sat down to his supper.

  15. Others, of a crook-backed shape, appeared to be maliciously holding themselves askew, that they might shut the prospect out and baffle Todgers's.

  16. As a further precaution against a smoking exhaust, some designers have added a baffle plate above each crank case compartment that serves to reduce the size of the opening through which the oil may be splashed.

  17. With this combination of troughs and baffle plates the possibility of a smoking motor is practically eliminated.

  18. Their disappearance was suspicious, and although he thought he could baffle the rural police, it would be different if he had gamekeepers to deal with.

  19. First you plunged into difficulties to keep a promise you should not have made, then you undertook to baffle a dangerous man because your partner needed help, and now I think you are going to face a very serious risk.

  20. As soon as the bugles of Publius sounded the moment of the assault, Mago caused those whom he had armed to sally from the gate, feeling confident that he should create a panic among the assailants and entirely baffle their design.

  21. Audrey's girlish brains grew confused over questions that might well baffle a psychologist; she could make nothing of them.

  22. They were without horses, and their route compelled them to travel the main road for twenty-five miles before they reached the mountains, amid which they hoped to baffle pursuit.

  23. Though so small, this little organism is really quite complicated in its structure, and within its little body there are carried on complicated chemical changes which baffle entirely the most learned chemist to imitate.

  24. They baffle the forethought of statesmen, and control even the apparently inflexible laws of national development and decay.

  25. There is not therefore another moment to lose;--and her own affection shall be made the means of which we will avail ourselves in order to baffle and defeat her.

  26. The lead baffle around the chamber worked loose and flooded everything with radiation.

  27. If that lead baffle in the reaction chamber has worked loose, sir, the odds are ten to one that the control chamber is flooded with radiation.

  28. Yet I expected that after the affair, Mr. Barnes himself would come to Philadelphia to see me, and my artificially-produced illness was to baffle him.

  29. If Miss Remsen had a hand in this, she was aiding you to baffle detective investigation, and that was an illegal act.

  30. Now to gain time, and to baffle the usurer," murmured Egerton, with that low tone of easy scorn, which bespoke consciousness of superior power and the familiar mastery over hostile natures.

  31. They did their best, however, to baffle their canine foes, and nightfall found them hurrying forward on the Lexington Court-house Road.

  32. Here the escaped Union prisoner was enabled to baffle blood-hounds and human-hounds, and make his way to the Federal lines.

  33. Every precaution had been taken to baffle curious eyes.

  34. But even a very simple cipher might baffle one unaccustomed to such things.

  35. The object of that, of course, is to baffle any wireless man who may be on their track.

  36. In such event, the blinds were drawn to baffle what prying or casual eye might come marching up the street; for in Washington, to see two men conversing, is to know nine times in ten precisely what the conversation is about.

  37. Conceive a gallery hung round with paintings that would baffle a Rubens and set a Murillo to biting the nail of envy!

  38. Still, he must do his best; he must hold this Governor Obstinate as much as he might in check, trusting to the chapter of accidents, which in politics is a very lair of surprises, to suggest final ways and means to baffle his advance.

  39. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "baffle" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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