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Example sentences for "deafen"

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deadwater; deadweight; deae; deaf; deafe; deafened; deafening; deafeningly; deafer; deafness
  1. We have to talk low or we'll deafen each other.

  2. Both Rawlins and Frank assured him that the sets worked far better without the receivers on their heads, and even when Frank spoke in his loudest tones Rawlins replied that it did not deafen him as before.

  3. I mean it but to amuse the Anjouite, and to deafen her ears to any overtures from Warwick.

  4. Bits of lighted punk are held against the figures, when they suddenly burst like fire-crackers and make noise enough to deafen the ears of the passer-by.

  5. There are more than two hundred of these stamps at the Treadmill mine, so you can imagine that when all are at work crushing the great masses of rock, the noise is enough to deafen one's ears.

  6. I was pretty confident my poems would meet with some applause; but at the worst, the roar of the Atlantic would deafen the voice of censure, and the novelty of West Indian scenes make me forget neglect.

  7. Why will great people not only deafen us with the din of their equipage, and dazzle us with their fastidious pomp, but they must also be so very dictatorially wise?

  8. Will you give me my cue--it is of no use to ask him when we are to deafen you.

  9. With these is Parson Swift,[5] Not knowing how to spend his time, Does make a wretched shift, To deafen them with puns and rhyme.

  10. But all was taken by them in good part; for his rather dictatorial ways were softened by the fascinating geniality and humour which he knew so well how to employ when he used to "deafen them with puns and rhyme.

  11. The consciousness of wrong-doing makes us irritable, and our heart in its cunning quarrels with what is outside it, in order that it may deafen the clamor within.

  12. You'll deafen me, nephew," said the Emperor.

  13. I find you daring enough," said he, "to deafen me with your clamour.

  14. Somewhere in the world--so the theory ran--there must live the woman who could deafen Harry's ears to a fresh blast of the horn.

  15. Neither State nor Church nor little boy could deafen the echo of Wellgood's denunciation or blur the image of Vivien's stricken face.

  16. From this moment the hatter would covertly watch the Coupeaus whilst eating their dry bread, and becoming very talkative again, would deafen them with his continual jeremiads.

  17. The workmen had finished it off as though they were playing, whistling away on their ladders, and singing loud enough to deafen the whole neighborhood.

  18. Should I be wrong if I were to say that all those literary organs which now deafen us with praise of him, will then deafen us with abuse of him?

  19. She was somewhat aroused by it, knotted her hair upon her ears in order to deafen herself, and resumed her contemplation, on her knees, of the inanimate object which she had adored for fifteen years.

  20. He yells loud enough to deafen a chanter," continued Gauchère.

  21. Does he deafen you with psalms, does he plague you with exhortations?

  22. But their festival must not deafen our conference.

  23. As to the ladies--why, they deafen you about blessings on their humble efforts, and the widow's mite.

  24. She longed for the moment, chiefly to free herself from the sense of deception that had all this time seemed to vitiate her religious exercises, deafen her ears, and blow aside her prayers.

  25. Only, as soon as he should wake, he would no doubt deafen everybody.

  26. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "deafen" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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