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Example sentences for "deafening"

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deae; deaf; deafe; deafen; deafened; deafeningly; deafer; deafness; deah; deal
  1. No dull boom in the distance followed by a long-drawn whine, but only the earth and smoke thrown darkly up and then the deafening double detonation.

  2. There was a deafening thunder-clap and the ground shook.

  3. The deafening clamour from innumerable throats was topped by the piercing blasts of whistles and the howling of catcalls.

  4. There was a deafening thunder-clap and jagged shell fragments sailed over our heads or dropped in our midst.

  5. We awaited the downward rush and the deafening thunder-clap that would destroy us all.

  6. There was another deafening explosion and dense clouds of smoke issued from a building forty or fifty yards away.

  7. Thereupon he sprang forward towards the wall, and all his men followed, raising a deafening shout.

  8. Then the air was rent with a deafening crash, as the two armies met, and shield was dashed against shield, and brazen armour was dinted by spear and axe and sword.

  9. Then, amidst all his mental confusion, increased by the deafening strains of the organ, Pierre raised his head and examined the interior of the Basilica.

  10. I'll wait there--" His words were interrupted by a deafening crash of thunder which followed close after a blinding flash.

  11. There was a flash of fire and a deafening report as Tom fired.

  12. And hailed by the deafening shouts of the multitude, the procession moved on.

  13. The buzz of voices was deafening for a moment.

  14. The babble of voices is so deafening that she can not hear.

  15. The noise was so deafening that even if you shouted at the top of your voice you couldn't be heard.

  16. A few moments later there were several deafening explosions.

  17. At times a deafening uproar prevails along these circumscribed lanes.

  18. While it went on, dark curtains hung pall-like over it as if to conceal the ceremony, and the ghoul howled in an awful, deafening voice to stifle his cries.

  19. It was a deafening reverberation that seemed shaking the whole earth when they came at last to an open room.

  20. But that's no use," Culver had shouted, when the deafening sound of its fall had ceased.

  21. Sects and schools might rise and fall, deafening the ears of the simple with the clamor of their disputes, still the Jew, retiring within his own soul, heard the voice of the God of Abraham.

  22. On my way back to camp I was startled by a deafening report and the shriek of a bullet past my head.

  23. All at once, as everyone was listening for the fall of the tottering wall, some one caught sight of the moving figures, and a deafening cheer rose up as Uncle Dick appeared carrying the legs and Uncles Jack and Bob the arms of a man.

  24. There behind us was the red cloud against which the light from a thousand furnaces was glowing, while every now and then came a deafening roar as if some explosion had taken place.

  25. It is enough to say that the introduction, like the work, is worthy of the Englishman who, amidst a deafening roar of national vanity and triumph, dared to denounce the injustice and the inhumanity of Omdurman.

  26. Over in the barn a horse was thrashing about his stall; the noise was deafening after the stillness.

  27. Graham, as that deafening scream of mercantile piety towered above them.

  28. The voices of the crowd swelled to a deafening tumult.

  29. Through the spare snowflakes above this loomed another line of vast windmills, and then suddenly the amorphous tumult of the rotating wheels was pierced with a deafening sound.

  30. There is another deafening yell, the men tear away like frightened horses.

  31. We baled the water out of the boat, and one was glad to pull away from the deafening hum of the thundering cataract.

  32. Again, he lifts a small key, and the steam, with a deafening roar, issues from the escape: he is venting his chest.

  33. A word or two, very derogatory of the anti-slavery people, is received with deafening applause.

  34. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "deafening" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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