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Example sentences for "enigma"

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enhances; enhancing; enharmonic; enhavas; enheartened; enigmas; enigmatic; enigmatical; enigmatically; enim
  1. Was the great enigma about to be solved now, and every trouble smoothed away?

  2. Johannes could not understand--it was an enigma to him.

  3. Indeed, that good lady could scarcely believe her eyes and ears; but Gregory had always been an enigma to her.

  4. At length the enigma of her birth was solved, and what she had so often prayed for, Count Paulo had vouchsafed her as a surprise to-day.

  5. She had again become an enigma to herself.

  6. The egg from the earliest times formed an enigma in itself, and was looked upon as representing the origin of life.

  7. I must hasten on to the Worms, who give us the last clue to the great enigma of the animal machine.

  8. But then those words in my circular about violin makers proved true again: "This wonderful instrument has still remained an enigma to the musical world until now.

  9. When, however, its clear tone was heard, and the easiness with which the tones came was noticed, then it became an enigma to professional men and they declared that this violin was an original fixed up again!

  10. This wonderful instrument has remained an enigma to the musical world until now.

  11. For the enigma of the Blind Spot is no more.

  12. Back in my mind was buzzing the enigma of the Blind Spot.

  13. His son's secret nature was an enigma to him.

  14. No, it was not by the violins the dread enigma was solved.

  15. As long as he could look back into his life, the question, who is this person they call Alan Conrad, and what am I to the man who writes from Chicago, had been the paramount enigma of existence for him.

  16. She pictured these mysterious proceedings to herself as partly a rite, partly an enigma of the heart, and trembled all over.

  17. His first desire for the possession of the rich and lovely girl was the origin of all these events; his life hung on it like the enigma of the Sphinx.

  18. The pretty enigma issued from its box--it was the lace cap.

  19. This white face was still an unsolved enigma to her husband.

  20. What an enigma the Tennessee warbler for a long time remained to me!

  21. At the beginning of my studies in the Sunflower state the song sparrows proposed an enigma for my solution, whether wittingly or unwittingly, I know not.

  22. Anne of Austria was a determined, self-contained woman, an enigma to the world.

  23. The fourth and final part is a literary essay on lunar inhabitation, presenting in nuce the present state of the enigma of "the plurality of worlds.

  24. The first, if we could pursue it, would explicate the enigma at once.

  25. Having interrogated sense and science, with the solution of our enigma anything but complete, we resort last of all to the argument from analogy.

  26. The claimant, the public, and myself found ourselves in the same state of uncertainty; it was an enigma which I alone could solve--and I did not know the word.

  27. The certainty of soon holding the key to the enigma secured me a peaceful sleep, whose good effects I noticed on waking.

  28. In this antagonism between Fletcher's own sympathies and the ideal he set before him seems to me to lie the key to the enigma of his play.

  29. At length the appeased deity deigns to answer, and in a gracious echo reveals the solution of the enigma of the dowry--a husband.

  30. The solution of this enigma could not be guessed.

  31. The key to this enigma is known to one person alone, and that person, for reasons with which I am myself unacquainted, is not in a position to divulge it.

  32. This was all the information they were able to glean, for it seemed that the unfortunate woman was an enigma herself, making the mystery even more abstruse.

  33. How can you expect that I should love you as I did with this terrible enigma unsolved?

  34. I may be about to solve the enigma of the seal," I reflected, as, in intense excitement, I took one letter after the other and thought of its corresponding letter in English.

  35. Ladies have the trick, they have, I may say, the natural disposition for playing enigma now and again.

  36. To the end of her stay they snuffed at her black skirts suspiciously, as if she were still more or less of an enigma to them.

  37. To our great satisfaction we discovered that gores were no enigma to Matilda, and she and Aunt Theresa good-naturedly undertook to initiate us into the mysteries of dressmaking.

  38. Monbert solved the enigma by convincing me that I was in the way under that roof.

  39. What an inexplicable enigma is the human heart!

  40. A human enigma cannot for ever conceal its answer.

  41. Circumstances, and a certain bias of mind, have led me to take interest in such riddles, and it may well be doubted whether human ingenuity can construct an enigma of the kind which human ingenuity may not, by proper application, resolve.

  42. But," said I, "the enigma seems still in as bad a condition as ever.

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