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  1. The Colony now is encreased to twenty nine Counties, naturally bounded (near as much as may be) one with another about as big as Kent; but the frontier Counties are of vast Extent, though not thick seated as yet.

  2. A few weeks will carry the effective frontier of the stronger power up to the coast-line of the weaker, and permit of the secure resumption of the over-sea trade of the former.

  3. All over the losing country, not simply at his frontier but everywhere, the victor will soar.

  4. He rode to the hostile frontier on horseback, and trudged home on foot.

  5. An ordinary man would have found on the frontier exactly what he would have found elsewhere--a commonplace life, varying only with the changing ideas and customs of time and place.

  6. It was the morning hymn of a company of Indian pilgrims returning from the shrine of the Black Christ at Esquipulas, which lies distant many days' journey towards the frontier of Honduras.

  7. In all about one hundred families fled across the border and founded the village of San Antonio between the frontier and Punta Gorda.

  8. The result was a cartel, by which prisoners of either side should be paroled within ten days after their capture, and delivered on the frontier of their own country.

  9. Some of the old inhabitants of Illinois may have remembered me when their northern frontier was a wilderness, when they and I had kind relations in the face of hostile Indians.

  10. The disappointment of this hope left the Federal frontier secure, and gave Grant a large accession of strength, for which Lee had no compensation, except the debris of a defeated and dispirited army.

  11. I deem it important that means be provided to restrain the lawlessness unfortunately so common on the frontier and to suppress the forays of the reservation Indians on either side of the Rio Grande.

  12. These removals and the frontier collisions by which they have often been preceded have led to frequent and disastrous conflicts between the races.

  13. I have to suggest that in accepting this proposal suitable provision be made for an adequate military force on the frontier to protect the surveying parties from hostile Indians.

  14. The surrender of Sitting Bull and his forces upon the Canadian frontier has allayed apprehension, although bodies of British Indians still cross the border in quest of sustenance.

  15. The provisions for the reciprocal crossing of the frontier by the troops in pursuit of hostile Indians have been prolonged for another year.

  16. A recent agreement with Mexico provides for the crossing of the frontier by the armed forces of either country in pursuit of hostile Indians.

  17. Now this town of Pâtaliputra is the frontier town of Magadha, defending the outskirts of the country.

  18. Like a well-guarded frontier fort, with defences within and without, so let a man guard himself.

  19. The sparse settlements of the frontier had never before seen assembled a concourse of people so immense, and so evidently agitated by great excitement.

  20. The same race has given to the gallery of frontier heroes, Daniel Boone, of the Yadkin, and David Crockett, of the Nollichucky.

  21. More than all, the frontier was freed from the ravages of a merciless foe.

  22. They were lighter men than the Hussars, and they carried themselves with the swing that is the peculiar right of the Punjab Frontier Force and all Irregular Horse.

  23. The Colonel had, twenty years ago, assisted at a Frontier expedition; one of the Majors had seen service at the Cape; a confirmed deserter in E Company had helped to clear streets in Ireland; but that was all.

  24. The chief danger was, of course, that the Germans would cross the river at Termonde in force and thus cut off the line of retreat towards the coast, forcing the whole Belgian army and the British contingent across the frontier of Holland.

  25. And again at the frontier there were piles of dead--not only men: women and children who had been butchered to prevent them from escaping.

  26. Let them only keep an eye on the frontier custom-house officers, lest they injured it.

  27. The first bitter frontier fighting between the advance cohorts of the new giant and the old--the struggle for the caucuses and the polls--had begun.

  28. Many frontier families were massacred with savage ferocity, and some were carried into captivity.

  29. It has always been the policy of the latter, to keep the Indians upon the western frontier in a state of disaffection towards the American people, and by these means, to secure to themselves an undue proportion of the fur trade.

  30. The Secretary says the Sacs and Foxes "have always been discontented, keeping the frontier in alarm, and continually committing some outrage on the persons or property of the inhabitants.

  31. With this shadow of an army he joined Hunyades, and the combined force made its way in boats down the Danube into the heart of Hungary, and approached the frontier fortress which Mahomet II.

  32. On the 20th Napoleon succeeded in crossing that frontier river of his kingdom with seventy thousand men, the remnant of the grand army with which he had sought to hold Prussia after the disastrous end of the invasion of Russia.

  33. Yes, but I wasn't afraid until this afternoon, when half a dozen Bulgarians crossed the frontier and tried to get in the house.

  34. On August 16 the Austro-German army crossed the frontier and began a bombardment of Belgrade, the capital.

  35. Also, there is little chance that we could walk to the Greek frontier without being discovered.

  36. This was the first time that Augustus Saint-Gaudens had visited that country on the Spanish frontier where his paternal ancestors had lived for centuries and where many of their name still survived.

  37. We are 30 miles from the frontier of Spain.

  38. Incursions, too, were continually made across this frontier by the people of either side, to plunder or to destroy whatever property was within reach.

  39. Elizabeth removed her prisoner to another castle further from the frontier than Carlisle, in order to place her in a situation where she would be more safe from her enemies.

  40. In addition to the payment of heavy indemnities, she lost her rights in the Caspian Sea and the frontier between Russia and Írán was fixed on the river Aras.

  41. They crossed the frontier without interference, and, once in Germany, Jennie took the object of so much contention and placed it in the hands of her lover.

  42. Once over the frontier she would be safe; but the moment it was found that the purloined envelope merely contained a copy of an English newspaper, what might not happen?

  43. Would the Russian authorities dare telegraph to the frontier to have her searched, or would the big official who had planned the robbery suspect that she, by legerdemain, had become possessed of the letter so much sought for?

  44. One of the young men has been lured across the frontier by a bogus telegram, and I think the authorities will see that he does not get back in a hurry; the other we expect to be rid of before long.

  45. Very well, we shall be across the frontier by noon to-day.

  46. Of course, nothing has been said of this gigantic robbery; but every exit from Vienna is watched, and not only that, but each frontier is guarded.

  47. The proposal was tempting, for both these possessions lay admirably to Urbino, and would extend its frontier to the Adriatic.

  48. The Eastern Empire had long been falling into feeble senility, and in proportion as her vigour relaxed and her frontier receded, the Crescent extended its domination, and menaced the Bosphorus.

  49. Then crossing the frontier into the Abruzzi, Alessandro Sforza encompassed Sulmona, whilst Federigo, by a most difficult march among the Apennine sierras, made a successful foray upon the enemy's unprotected country.

  50. This service was most grateful to Pius, who gladly saw an enemy on his very frontier brought to terms.

  51. The rugged frontier of their highland fief had, in that time, been extended far into the fertile March of Ancona, until it embraced a compact and influential state.

  52. His purchase of Fossombrone and his conquests from the Malatesta extended his frontier to the Vicariat of Sinigaglia, which he lived to see conferred on his daughter's husband.

  53. It would probably now be impossible to define these with perfect accuracy, much of its frontier being then debatable land.

  54. Selpdorf has seen fit to appoint, vice Captain Insermann, deceased, Lieutenant John Rallywood, of the Frontier Cavalry.

  55. The three men accepted, but there was a little stiffening in the attitude of each, for Rallywood had friends here who were resolved, if only for the honour of the Frontier Corps, to see their late comrade through the coming trouble.

  56. Good-bye, Rallywood,' he said gruffly, and turned on his heel to find himself face to face with Baron von Elmur and one or two officers of the Frontier Cavalry.

  57. The two frontier men stepped forward simultaneously to offer their services to Rallywood.

  58. There has been some small hitch about the pay on the frontier of late?

  59. After we left the Frontier station I noticed that our train had lost half its length, and that I was in the last carriage.

  60. From the sky big with storm overhead, to the scanty grass that showed by the wayside blackened by the rigours of the winter, the whole aspect of the frontier was ominous and forbidding.

  61. At any rate I remember perfectly that I had the honour of presenting you to his Highness as the latest addition to our Frontier Cavalry.

  62. Of course, it will not be necessary for you to mention the name of the person about whom your stupid Frontier officials are to make so convenient a mistake.

  63. Its dark waters rush tumultuously from the gorge below the Castle of Sagan, and fling a vast enclosing arm about the bleak plains and marshes of which the wastes of the frontier consist.

  64. In those days on the frontier he had, rather from fastidiousness than principle perhaps, avoided her and her invitations whenever possible.

  65. It is to be hoped he may feel moved to let me have my arrears of pay,' said Rallywood, relapsing into his usual tone of indifference; 'that is the chief consideration with us on the frontier just now.

  66. The Sind, rising near Sironj in Malwa, marks the frontier line of Bundelkhand on the side of Gwalior.

  67. Antony and Cassius fled to Caesar, who crossed the Rubicon (the frontier of Italy) with a single legion, exclaiming "Alea jacta est.

  68. The river Guadiaro, which drains the eastern highlands, enters the Mediterranean close to the frontier of Málaga.

  69. Defensive works were constructed at various strategical points near the frontier and elsewhere, and at Varna and Burgas.

  70. BUNER, a valley on the Peshawar border of the North-West Frontier Province of India.

  71. The department of Cajamarca lies between the Western and Central Cordilleras and extends from the frontier of Ecuador S.

  72. In the south encroachments were made upon the British frontier of Chittagong.

  73. This was carried out in November 1885 from Toungoo, the British frontier post in the east of the country, by a small column of all arms under Colonel W.

  74. There is no finer race on the north-west frontier of India than the Bunerwals.

  75. Control over many of the outlying districts was lost, and the elements of disorder on the British frontier were a standing menace to the peace of the country.

  76. In November, 1756, he accompanied Governor Denny to the frontier to confer with the chiefs of several Indian tribes.

  77. To forestall the French, and to turn these woes from our own frontier to the humble homes of the Canadian emigrants, the English government appointed a commissioner to visit the chiefs of these tribes in the year 1754.

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