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chiefely; chiefess; chiefest; chieflie; chiefly; chiefship; chieftain; chieftaincy; chieftainess; chieftains
  1. They sat thar on the ledge, fifty of the chiefs of the various tribes, chewin' the ends of their pipes, and fairly glarin' sparks at our camp.

  2. In course it made 'em even more careful, and when another of the mines had exploded, and cleared out a second party, the braves was called back, and them chiefs got to at another palaver.

  3. And one by one the chiefs got up on their hind legs and palavered.

  4. The explosion didn't give Hawk Eye and his chiefs any chance of larnin' what had happened, 'cos the critters that came up agin the mine wasn't left to be axed any questions.

  5. Then, since it's dead clean up agin Injun nature to begin an attack of that sort without a bit of talking, they sent Hawk Eye and three other chiefs to parley with us.

  6. Three Boys; or The Chiefs of the Clan Mackhai, by George Manville Fenn.

  7. My fathers were once chiefs like yours," continued Scood, amusing himself by sopping up the water and squeezing the sponge with his toes.

  8. Bishop Erc, a Brehon by profession, was his judge, and no doubt a very necessary official in dealing not only with the clergy, but also with the frequent controversies that arose amongst the chiefs and were referred to Patrick's arbitration.

  9. In the Tripartite Life of St. Patrick, Manchan the Master is said to have accompanied the apostle to Tyrawley, when the chiefs and people of that district were converted about the year A.

  10. Leave this city with your monks," said the chiefs of Meath, "and seek a settlement in some other country.

  11. He also took hostages from all the chiefs of Desmond, and became undisputed sovereign of Munster.

  12. The pretext for this wanton invasion was the recovery of the old Borrumean tribute, which, it was alleged, the Leinster men had not paid for 200 years, and which the chiefs of Munster were now determined to exact.

  13. A great convention was to be held forthwith; and it was given out as the fixed purpose of the king and his chiefs to procure the total abolition of the Bardic Order; and thus get rid of them and their exactions for ever.

  14. It appears that the O'Lochains were chiefs of this district, and that the poet's family was held in high esteem in Meath.

  15. He convened the states of the kingdom, too, on the royal hill in solemn assembly, and induced the assembled kings and chiefs to swear by all the elements that they would always yield obedience to the princes of his own race.

  16. As a final touch of tyranny, the grim old Marshal gave orders that if a dessa did not complete its section of the road within the allotted time the chiefs of that district were to be taken out and hung.

  17. Though polygamy is practised, it is confined, because of the expense involved in maintaining a matrimonial stable, to the wealthier chiefs and other men of means.

  18. Necker did not know the people; he was not aware how easily they suspect their chiefs and destroy their idols.

  19. The chiefs often assembled in a place they called the Temple of Reason; here they sang lamentations on the death of Robespierre, and deplored the slavery of the people.

  20. The secret chiefs of this party hoped to find auxiliaries in the troops of the camp of Grenelle, who had repelled the Babeuf faction.

  21. He was very conciliatory to those parties who renounced their systems, and very lavish of favours to those chiefs who renounced their parties.

  22. After the 9th Thermidor, he blamed the fury displayed towards the chiefs of the revolutionary government, whose victim he had been, as one of the seventy-three.

  23. But this plan implied in the soldiers a discipline which they had not of course as yet acquired, and on the part of the chiefs a concert very difficult to obtain; besides, the invading columns were not strong enough for such an enterprise.

  24. But the multitude and their chiefs had all the power in their hands, and were determined to use it.

  25. After the battle at Murfreesboro, Bragg had addressed letters to the chiefs of divisions in his army, asking whether he retained the confidence of the troops, and intimating a willingness to resign if he had lost it.

  26. You must know that our chiefs have always required that they should be entertained on the best the people could provide.

  27. He was compelled to surrender by the Albanians; the two chiefs of the Turks who killed Tahir Pasha were taken with him and put to death, and he himself was detained a prisoner.

  28. Libyan soldiers had long been employed in the army, and their military chiefs settled in the large towns and acquired wealth and power, while the native rulers grew weaker and weaker.

  29. On the 1st of March, Shahin Bey and the other chiefs (one only excepted) repaired with their retinues to the citadel, and were courteously received by the pasha.

  30. This reverse in a measure united the two great Mameluke parties, though their chiefs remained at enmity.

  31. Two chiefs of the Albanians joined his party, but many of his soldiers deserted.

  32. The revolt was reduced by presents to the chiefs of the insurgents, and Mehemet Ali ordered that the sufferers by the disturbances should receive compensation from the treasury.

  33. The nomarchs and the other feudal chiefs were inclined to strengthen themselves at the expense of their neighbours; a firm hand was required to hold them in check and distribute the honours as they were earned by faithful service.

  34. On assuming office, the first thing it had to do was to bring to trial the chiefs of the rebellion.

  35. Eighty-three heads (many of them those of Frenchmen and Albanians) were stuffed and sent to Constantinople, with a boast that the Mameluke chiefs were utterly destroyed.

  36. In order to make his Iliad perfect, we ought to have had a catalogue of the chiefs of the navvies.

  37. The Dutch captains, chagrined at being thus beaten by inferior vessels, said to one of the pirate chiefs that had he been alone, he would not have dared thus to attack them.

  38. The Chiefs of the Service will then consider the matter, and take whatever action may seem advisable to them.

  39. I should have thought the Chiefs of the Special Patrol Service would have sent several ships on a mission such as this.

  40. Chiefs of Squadrons in the Special Patrol Service--at least in those days--were scanty with praise.

  41. If I have been found unworthy of the command, there are now among you, (I speak it with pride and pleasure,) there are many chiefs whose merit and experience are equal to the conduct of the most important war.

  42. Lupicinus had invited the Gothic chiefs to a splendid entertainment; and their martial train remained under arms at the entrance of the palace.

  43. The chiefs and the soldiers were animated by the virtue of their ancestors, whom they equalled in discipline and the arts of war.

  44. The hereditary chiefs of the tribes and families were still permitted to command their followers in peace and war; but the royal dignity was abolished; and the generals of the Goths were appointed and removed at the pleasure of the emperor.

  45. One of the chiefs of the Roxolani had formerly deserted the standard of Hermanric, and the cruel tyrant had condemned the innocent wife of the traitor to be torn asunder by wild horses.

  46. They stood in silent and respectful astonishment; but, when the venerable Sallust assumed the privilege of his age and experience, the rest of the chiefs supported with freedom the weight of his prudent remonstrances.

  47. The irascible minds of the chiefs were exasperated by the suspicion of contempt; and the martial youth crowded to their standard.

  48. The Grecian camp had stretched twelve miles along the shore from the Sigæan to the Rhætean promontory; and the flanks of the army were guarded by the bravest chiefs who fought under the banners of Agamemnon.

  49. The public treaty might stipulate no more than ten thousand auxiliaries; but the design was so zealously adopted by the chiefs of the Visigoths, that the army which passed the Danube amounted to the number of thirty thousand men.

  50. And the chief caused to be brought all the sons of the chiefs of the land of Khalu, and said to them, "He who reaches the window of my daughter, she shall be to him for a wife.

  51. The riever in Cockburn was, however, a character of mere habit; for he possessed qualities of heart and mind which raised him far above the Border chiefs with whom he was usually ranked.

  52. Here follow the signatures of all the principal Somali chiefs and elders living in Jubaland.

  53. We have received from a correspondent a copy of a petition signed by the principal Somali chiefs in Jubaland, praying that they may be allowed to fight for England.

  54. Muro and Uraso, as well as Ralsea, were to accompany them, but the other chiefs were kept at home, this arrangement having been made because the others really preferred to continue the work in the factory and field.

  55. It was the first time the chiefs of the island had ever met together.

  56. Instead, you and your chiefs must come with me and see the Great White Chief, and he may order that you shall not be punished.

  57. Any article of that kind was worth a fortune, and it was only the chiefs who had such things, and they were obtained from the wrecks of vessels which had reached them from time to time.

  58. The chiefs selected the ones which were to remain, and those instructed to return home were advised that later on they would be brought to the new village, to take their part in the work, and thus give an opportunity to all.

  59. The Professor tells the chiefs his object in forming the alliance.

  60. Each man must conduct himself as the chiefs dictate.

  61. The entire column marched out past the Professor and the chiefs Oma, Suros, Marmo and Tastoa.

  62. The chief was informed that he and two of his sub-chiefs would be required to accompany them, together with one hundred of his warriors.

  63. In the morning one of the chiefs appeared, and Blakely and Ralsea again went to the front.

  64. Within an hour the chiefs assembled, and the Professor addressed them as follows: "My brothers, I am glad to be able to talk to you, and Uraso and Muro will tell you what I have to say.

  65. Then, if the White Chief tells me I must believe the Chiefs I will do so.

  66. It is just as likely that the two chiefs purposely neglected him in that manner to make the humiliation the more complete.

  67. The Professor called John, Blakely and the chiefs Oma of the Brabos and Muro of the Saboros into consultation.

  68. John, motioning to Muro and Uraso, stepped aside, and ordered the chiefs to follow.

  69. Shall the chiefs of the Reformation submit, and accept the edict?

  70. The Spirit of God had been present in that council impressing the hearts of the chiefs of the empire.

  71. If children of subordinate rulers or chiefs are robbed, the thief shall be fined ten pieces of calico.

  72. Bangkaya succeeded Maka-alang and married three wives, daughters of the principal chiefs of Slangan, Magindanao, and Matampay, by each one of whom he begot a son.

  73. The dumatus are a distinct class of the Moros of Magindanao who trace their origin back to the former chiefs of the country who reigned before the introduction of Mohammedanism.

  74. The chiefs and the people look upon it as another form of unjust taxation.

  75. It was issued in the latter part of 1902, but there has been so much objection to it on the part of many datus and chiefs that its general adoption seems impossible.

  76. The second arrival in Magindanao was Sharif Maraja, who married Paramisuli and was thought to have begotten Tabunaway and Mamalu, who were the chiefs of Magindanao when Kabungsuwan arrived in the land.

  77. If the chiefs could restore the courage of their followers, they might completely surround the fort; and should they venture to climb over the palisades on all sides at once, we might have great difficulty in driving them back.

  78. We could hear their chiefs issuing their orders, and in another minute the whole line scampered off and disappeared in the darkness.

  79. We could distinguish even the war-plumes of the chiefs waving in the wind, and the glitter of their arms and ornaments.

  80. We knew by this that the chiefs offer was not altogether disinterested, and Alick saw that he must make a virtue of necessity.

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