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Example sentences for "daughters"

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daubed; daubing; daubs; daughter; daughterly; daughther; daula; daulah; daunce; daunced
  1. Planters’ wives and daughters stood ankle-deep in mud, filling sacks and helping to lift them upon the shoulders of the men who were carrying them to the levee.

  2. Had they been spoiled daughters of wealth and fashion, press reporters would have waxed eloquent of their birth, their history, their beauty, their accomplishments, their heritage.

  3. Beside his glowing, burning beauty Lynn Thayer seemed one of those daughters of earth who, in former ages, loved the sons of God.

  4. As, "God save the King" died into silence the Governor-General bowed and took his seat; while his daughters gazed with interest about the Arena which they were visiting for the first time.

  5. In a few moments the three daughters of the family--Laura and Maud and Mary--appeared.

  6. The woman's daughters had to go into court and be examined as witnesses.

  7. Why, aren't you both daughters of the King?

  8. Sons were separated from fathers, daughters from mothers, and all departed with deep groans and maledictions, and in Paris there reigned a desolation like that of Egypt.

  9. Her daughters were worthy followers of her atrocious example, and at length one murdered the other in jealous hate.

  10. After dinner she attended to public business until six in the evening, as she dined at noon; and until her hour of retiring her daughters joined her, when she held a drawing-room or engaged in games with her children.

  11. All of her daughters were beautiful and accomplished.

  12. Do you think they will, with unconcern, see the Emperor Napoleon searching for a wife among the daughters of kings?

  13. Her daughters were all expected to present themselves at evening prayers, which the empress held before retiring, and nothing but sickness was allowed to interfere with this family regulation.

  14. In another, no less gorgeous, sat Diana, still fair and fascinating, though surrounded by daughters and granddaughters.

  15. Sepia was the daughter of a clergyman, an uncle of Lady Malice, whose sons had all gone to the bad, and whose daughters had all vanished from society.

  16. She could recompense herself as the daughters who have sinned by yielding generally do when they are mothers, with the sin of compelling, and thus make the trespass round and full.

  17. We were received by the smiling merchants as if we were long-lost daughters suddenly restored, but we practised our newly acquired diplomacy on them to such an extent that their faces soon began to betray the most comic astonishment.

  18. And he will take your daughters to be confectioners, and to be cooks, and to be bakers.

  19. Jarnvid was full of the sons and daughters of this Iron Witch; they were wolves, and bears, and foxes, and many-headed ravenous birds.

  20. AEgir the Old groaned from under the deep, and sent his daughters up to mourn around the dead.

  21. Two daughters of genii were destined to try to lead you different ways; human nature nearly conquered, but you came out at last victorious from the fight.

  22. You yourselves will not be safe from this dishonour; your wives and daughters will not be spared.

  23. The daughters of many houses were airy and cheerful; but Nekayah had been too long accustomed to the conversation of Imlac and her brother to be much pleased with childish levity, and prattle which had no meaning.

  24. May you be more merciful to your daughters than my parents were to me!

  25. Amyas had seen hundreds of those delicate dark-skinned daughters of the forest, but never such a one as this.

  26. Venus is awful when despised, as the daughters of Proetus found: but her handmaids are the Graces, not the Furies.

  27. I know by my mana [spirit power] that he is with the daughters of Milu.

  28. Some of you could carry arms; some could lend sons to the khaki ranks and daughters to the Red Cross uniform.

  29. If God is Love, how can He be ineffably happy and glorious while his sons and daughters are wandering away from Him and the whole world is broken-hearted?

  30. You have daughters of your own, William Bogart.

  31. He expected his neighbors to notice the affair, and he had a few wise, modest words ready on the duty of parents to educate their daughters for refined society.

  32. That we are the sons and the daughters of God born from his heart, the outcoming offspring of his love, is a bond closer than all other bonds in one.

  33. But I do know some who are enough sons and daughters to be at war with the slave in them, who are not content to be slaves to their father.

  34. We are sons and daughters in God's claim; we must be sons and daughters in our will.

  35. It is the slave yet left in the sons and daughters of God that has betrayed them into even permitting the word adoption to mislead them!

  36. We are not made to be what we cannot help being; sons and daughters are not after such fashion!

  37. Let no soul think that to say God undertook a hard labour in willing that many sons and daughters should be sharers of the divine nature, is to abate his glory!

  38. Ah, friend, it may be you and I are slaves, but there are such sons and daughters as I speak of.

  39. Not by a stroke of grandeur, but by years of love, yea, by centuries of seeming bafflement, by aeons of labour, must he grow into the hearts of the sons and daughters of his Father in heaven.

  40. His wife, being as curious as the rest of the daughters of Eve, begged to be allowed to witness the transformation.

  41. Some of the higher daimyo, especially those of the blood of Tokugawa, often married daughters of court-nobles, for the purpose of keeping the latter in close relation with the Shogunate.

  42. For several centuries prior to this, it had been the custom to choose the empress from the daughters of the families of the blood imperial.

  43. The bride was usually accompanied into her husband's family by maids, the daughters of her father's vassals, and she was often escorted by a few samurai.

  44. What marked especially the sudden growth of the family position was the elevation of one of the grand-daughters of the minister to be the imperial consort of the Emperor Shomu.

  45. May we follow Him who came to minister, and live as sons and daughters of God.

  46. So shall we feel ourselves to-day sons and daughters of God.

  47. More princes applied for the hand of my daughters than I had time to refuse.

  48. He told them they could stay and one of the daughters of the slaves was married in the kitchen of my grandfather's house.

  49. The farmer's wife and daughters baked such cakes of buckwheat as I never before tasted, and these, plentifully covered with the golden honey, made up a meal which still lingers in my memory.

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