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Example sentences for "daubing"

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datum; datur; datus; daub; daubed; daubs; daughter; daughterly; daughters; daughther
  1. Once, when his clerical guests had got so drunk as to lose all consciousness, their host, who was less overpowered by the effect of drink, determined to play them a practical joke, by daubing their beards with melted wax.

  2. In later times, however, according to Swan, the custom of greasing and daubing the body has been to a great extent abandoned.

  3. Now and then we find him daubing himself with great stripes of paint, and looking ferocious, but ordinarily he prefers the calm of the peaceful temescal to the din of battle.

  4. I remember daubing in colours, when quite a little child, the picture of a jockey, whose shirt received a large share of E, as I said to myself while daubing it with grey.

  5. The girl was crocheting, the boy daubing flowers on a board, which he slid under the table as he heard his mother stamping off the wet snow in the passage.

  6. Man," said the Mate, "you'll never get her right Daubing like that.

  7. And yet someone seems to have been in here, daubing up my clothes.

  8. He might have," reflected Joe, "and he might have had a hardened spot of red paint on his clothes from daubing it on the steps that time.

  9. Giotto would merely have amazed the shepherds of his native valleys by daubing the walls of some chapel.

  10. We have seen what pigments and clays the Illinois used in daubing themselves.

  11. Japanners' gilding is done by sprinkling or daubing with wash leather, some gold powder, over an oil sized surface, mixed with oil of turpentine.

  12. That this was the significance of the daubing with clay in Greek mysteries and the subsequent cleansing seems quite certain.

  13. If daubing with dirt is known to have been a feature of Greek mysteries, it meets us everywhere among savages.

  14. In Australia the evidence for daubing the initiate is very abundant.

  15. This beating the air, is some like daubing with untempered mortar; you cannot make any of it stay put.

  16. Just look at the Sabbath controversy, for one item, and the daubing with untempered mortar, this all absorbing subject of Christ coming to Judgment, and compare it with Ezek.

  17. Ethel Brown and Marjorie Dean almost upset things at the beginning of the fifth dance by getting out handkerchiefs and daubing at their eyes.

  18. A third was daubing and patching up an old ruined face, to make it fresh and young again; but she might as well have been washing of a blackamoor to make him white.

  19. Their funeral obsequies consist chiefly in feasting the guests; and their mourning in laying aside all appearance of joy, and cutting off their hair or daubing their faces and bodies with clay.

  20. After all, he preferred starvation to turning his art into mere commerce by manufacturing portraits of tradesmen and their wives; concocting conventional religious pictures or daubing blinds for restaurants or sign-boards for accoucheuses.

  21. He seemed to her so good-natured, and she was so fond of him, that after finding excuses for him for daubing those horrors, she ended by discovering qualities in them in order that she might like them a little also.

  22. Lucetta went over to the canoe, chipped a bit of the daubing from one of the seams, and tasted it appraisingly.

  23. In the meantime also the other boys had finished chinking and daubing the house.

  24. So when the daubing time comes I'll set you your task like the rest of them and I'll criticize every crevice you leave open.

  25. The sticks were green, full of sap and almost incombustible when placed in position, and besides that the mud daubing protected them.

  26. Then he went outside and built upon this fireplace a smoke stack, consisting of cribwork of sticks split out for the purpose, embedding each stick in a thick daubing of mud as he went.

  27. When they got the clay up to the top of the hill, Arsan showed some of the cleverest men and some of the women how to spread it thickly over the bundles, laying it and daubing it well over.

  28. Then some woman who had her wits about her thought of daubing the basket with clay to make it resist the fire.

  29. Nellie Pope was busy daubing powder on her face.

  30. What is said of daubing the face and hands merely with a wet cloth?

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