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Example sentences for "daub"

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datto; dattos; datum; datur; datus; daubed; daubing; daubs; daughter; daughterly
  1. Frequent along the road are inns--clean and neat, all kept by Englishmen--in thatched wattle and daub huts.

  2. All about among the hills are gold reefs pegged out with notice-boards, and near them the wattle and daub houses of miners--all deserted and looted, but not burnt.

  3. They daub themselves green with verdigris, or sit out in the rain to get rusted; but green and rust are not patina; only the ages can give that!

  4. Frenhofer; "that is a rough daub that I made, a study, a pose, it is nothing.

  5. To daub over; to besmear or soil with anything thick and dirty.

  6. To soil or daub with grease or other oily matter.

  7. A simpler classification of the Hegelian theologians is into three parties: the first, Daub and Marheinecke, and more recently Dorner; the second, Chr.

  8. The gas had left what appeared to be like a daub of soot on the ceiling.

  9. A collirium case which contains the black dye with which native females daub their own and their childrens' eyelids.

  10. That is the reason the club has been changed to a cannon, the dug-out to a steamship, the daub to a painting; that is the reason that the piece of rough and broken stone finally became a glorified statue.

  11. I saw, too, their paintings, from a daub of yellow mud, to the great works which now adorn the galleries of the world.

  12. Yorke, looking at the daub which Lisle had painted over and over again, making it worse at each stroke.

  13. It was--well, to put it bluntly, a daub of the most awful description.

  14. But did you ever see such an awful lunatic daub as this, and this, and this!

  15. The unmarried women of Chilpanzinco used to daub their faces with a pounded yellow flower.

  16. Under the amused eye of Nickleby he proceeded to hold a stick of gray sealing-wax in the flame of a match and to daub this additional precaution upon the flap.

  17. Here and there by the wayside stood little knots of wattle-and-daub huts with shock-haired laborers lounging by the doors and red-cheeked children sprawling in the roadway.

  18. The King himself was staying at Castle Malwood, but several of his suite had been compelled to seek such quarters as they might find in the wooden or wattle-and-daub cottages of the village.

  19. Beyond it there lay amid the trees the wattle-and-daub hut of a laborer, the door open, and the single room exposed to the view.

  20. Some at the dimness of the candle puff, Who yet can daub their fingers with the snuff.

  21. Some are for being at the snuffs with their fingers, and will also cast them at their feet, and daub the floor of God's holy house; but usually such do burn as well as defile themselves.

  22. And I saw at the same time the paintings of the world, from the rude daub of yellow mud to the landscapes that enrich palaces and adorn houses of what were once called the common people.

  23. And that is the reason the club is a cannon; that the reason the dugout is a steamship; that the reason the daub is a painting, and that is the reason that that piece of stone has finally become a glorified statue.

  24. I saw, too, the paintings, from the daub of yellow mud up to the pieces which adorn the galleries of the world.

  25. The next daub proved to be a small hay barn a little way back in a field.

  26. You should be out of town and on the first daub inside of thirty minutes.

  27. Look back through the telescope of anthropology at our ancestors in their naked savagery after a death, and we see them daub themselves with soot mingled with tallow.

  28. On the other hand, other savages daub themselves fantastically with various colours, making themselves as unlike to what they were previously as is possible.

  29. This use of white indicates chalk or pipe-clay as the daub affected by the ancestors of the house of Castile in primeval time as a badge of bereavement.

  30. Here herds of cattle and flocks of sheep, instead of wild beasts, sped away from the roar of the train; here there was the daub and wattle cottage of the farmer instead of the thatched hut of the native savage.

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