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Example sentences for "blacken"

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blackcap; blackcaps; blackcock; blacke; blacked; blackened; blackening; blackens; blacker; blackest
  1. I don't know anything much about you, Ralston, but your record is clean since you came here--despite some attempts to blacken it.

  2. The arrows of the Norman blacken the air: with deadly precision, to each arm, each limb, each front exposed above the bulwarks whirrs the shaft.

  3. Unconscious, happily, of these attempts to blacken the name of his dying father, Harold, towards the grey dawn succeeding the fifth night, thought that he heard Godwin stir in his bed.

  4. When Noah awoke, he exclaimed to Ham, ‘May God blacken thy face!

  5. To smear; to smutch; to soil; to blacken with smoke.

  6. It was obviously Lord Macaulay's game to blacken the greatest literary champion of the cause he had set himself to attack.

  7. To stain or mark with smut; to blacken with coal, soot, or other dirty substance.

  8. Defn: To smoke; to blacken with smoke; to rub with soot.

  9. Defn: To blacken with smoke, soot, or coal.

  10. Could he but get up the shadow of a charge against me, how gladly would he strive to blacken me and my fame in the eyes of those who, despite him, will yet heap honours on my head.

  11. If we write a complaint about a personal offence, lessen it rather than exaggerate, and endeavour to praise the person for good qualities, because nothing is easier than to blacken entirely another's reputation.

  12. If you can only blacken them, my ears are closed, as I do not wish them to be the receptacle of your filthy words.

  13. Should I blacken in my mind the image of God, and seek deformities in the member of Jesus Christ?

  14. It appears sufficiently clear, therefore, that this was an invention of Bolingbroke's to blacken the character of Richard.

  15. The tale is obviously one that was published by Godwin's Norman opponents to blacken his memory; but, apart from its inherent improbabilities, it is one that might easily be circulated concerning anyone that had suddenly died at table.

  16. It is now less necessary to blacken the noblesse, and the compositions of the day are directed against the Throne, the Clergy, and Monastic Orders.

  17. Money is distributed amongst the idle and indigent, and agents are nightly employed in the public houses to comment on newspapers, written for the purpose to blacken the King and exalt the patriotism of the party who have dethroned him.

  18. He is to be tried for his many crimes, among which I have caused to be included the abduction of Annunziata Solara and his attempt to blacken the fair fame of the Viscount Massetti.

  19. In such surroundings, and seemingly unconscious of the life about them, these boys will blacken boots for eighteen hours a day, with heart, mind and soul in Greece; and their fingers in America only when they handle our coin.

  20. Horrible as the outrages are which Amos describes, they were repeated only yesterday by Turkey: many of the crimes with which he charges Israel blacken the life of Turkey's chief accuser, Great Britain.

  21. To watch, though unable to soothe, a dear body racked with pain, is peace beside the awful vigil of watching a soul shrink and blacken with vice, and your love unable to redeem it.

  22. Do they cut off their hair and blacken their faces, as the Indians do, when they lose one they love?

  23. My mother forbade me to cut off my hair or blacken my face when she died, and so I did not, though some of the Indians thought me bad for not doing so.

  24. In order to pave the way to this persecution, sermons were preached, and pamphlets were printed, to blacken the character of the sect, and inflame the popular resentment against them.

  25. A great deal of pains has been taken by Napoleon's adherents and others to blacken the character of Sir Hudson Lowe, and to make it appear that his sole object was to harass Napoleon and to make his life miserable.

  26. This calumny must be classed among those with which malice delights to blacken the characters of men more brilliant than their fellows, and which are so readily adopted by the light-minded and unreflecting.

  27. And there, let us hope, their rest will be eternal, and that the poison tongue of slander will come not to blast, to blacken and to sting.

  28. This place has been appropriately named and was the scene of some of the most sickening tragedies that blacken the annals of this or any other country.

  29. Say nothing of the drugging at the inquest, as there is no need to blacken your father's character.

  30. I don't see that anything I could say would blacken my father's character, Aunt Rosamund.

  31. You'll blacken the memory of the dead," groaned Mrs. Coppersley dismally.

  32. That's got to blacken my memory, and be always before me!

  33. After installing an electric stove, start with new utensils because they will not blacken on an electric stove, and so can be washed with the other dishes.

  34. The blue flame is desirable for cooking because it is hotter than the yellow flame and does not blacken the cooking utensils.

  35. You bring penitentiary birds from Philadelphia, and pay them large rewards to blacken the name of a pure, honest girl.

  36. Shall I let them kill that poor girl, and then blacken her fair name?

  37. The former of these pieces was undertaken to blacken the family of the Stuarts.

  38. You blacken over him And, charged with passion, make an atmosphere Of sulphur and in it, as in native air, Hell slips her flame and the trunk tumbles down To darkness.

  39. For soon upon the heights The heavens shall blacken and there shall be a loud Burst of His power and the shining glory of God.

  40. Such a lamp is safe, odorless and will not blacken the work in the least as in the case of kerosene or gasoline.

  41. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "blacken" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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