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deformans; deformation; deformations; deformed; deforming; deformity; deforms; defouled; defraud; defrauded
  1. Almost any old photograph will serve the purpose.

  2. In front of this great bag was a slit two feet long opening from the top to within a few inches of the bottom.

  3. In these children the most important deformities occur in the spine, pelvis, and lower extremities, and result for the most part from yielding of the softened bones under the weight of the body.

  4. The static equilibrium may be disturbed by such deformities as flat-foot or knock-knee, and badly united fractures of the lower extremity.

  5. These include congenital dislocations and other deformities of intra-uterine origin, such as abnormal laxity of joints, absence, displacement, or defective growth of one or other of the essential constituents of a joint.

  6. Operative treatment of deformities resulting from tuberculous joint disease has almost entirely replaced reduction by force; the contracted soft parts are divided, and the bone is resected.

  7. Because of its causing deformities of the bones and an undue liability to fracture, and being chiefly met with in adolescents, it is regarded by some authors as a juvenile form of Paget's disease.

  8. The deformities resulting from chronic rheumatism are but little amenable to surgical treatment, and forcible attempts to remedy stiffness or deformity are to be avoided.

  9. When deformities are already present, the treatment depends upon whether or not there is any prospect of the bone straightening naturally.

  10. There can be no doubt that adolescent rickets plays an important part in the production of the deformities which occur at or near puberty, especially knock-knee and bow-knee.

  11. An obliquity of the bone may result when one half of the epiphysial cartilage is destroyed and the other half continues to form bone, giving rise to such deformities as knock-knee and club-hand.

  12. Gillies has especially developed this method in the remedying of deformities of the face caused by gunshot wounds and by petrol burns in air-men.

  13. The majority of cases seen in surgical practice suffer from the deformities resulting from rickets rather than from the active disease.

  14. The examination of a large series of children at different ages shows that the deformities become less and less frequent with each year.

  15. An excellent Pomatum for Ringworms, Tettars, Pimples, and other Deformities of the Skin.

  16. An excellent Pomatum for the Cure of Tettars, Ringworms, Pimples, and other Deformities of the Skin.

  17. This is the way in which flat and hollow chests, uneven shoulders, curved spines, and many other deformities are caused.

  18. Wearing the clothing tight about the waist often produces serious deformities of the bones of the trunk, and makes the chest so small that the lungs have not room to act properly.

  19. These I understand were the portions brought by handsome women to their spouses; and I pitied the rough, homely, unsightly deformities on the brows of others, who had been deceived by plain and ordinary partners.

  20. His beauty, if he has any, is not much underrated, his deformities are not much magnified.

  21. The very deformities of London, which give distaste to others, from habit do not displease me.

  22. He saw clearly that the metaphysics filling the discourses of John were deformities and distortions, full of mysticism, having nothing to do really with the character of Jesus.

  23. Are diseases of the brain--are deformities of the soul, of the mind, also transmitted?

  24. The hardening of the bones is delayed, the development of the skeleton in general is restricted, and deformities of the legs and spinal column are frequent, in addition to the usual rachitic affections.

  25. There is testimony here, too, to the fact that deformities of the pelvis and consequent difficult, even fatal, childbearing arise from the work of women in the mines.

  26. Other deformities also have proceeded from this overwork, especially flattening of the foot, which Sir D.

  27. Deformities seem even more frequent than these diseases; the knees were bent inward, the ligaments very often relaxed and enfeebled, and the long bones of the legs bent.

  28. Deformities arose now only in cases of weak constitution, and the effects of overwork became much less conspicuous.

  29. The deformities entailed by long hours of work are much more serious among women.

  30. Protracted work frequently causes deformities of the pelvis, partly in the shape of abnormal position and development of the hip bones, partly of malformation of the lower portion of the spinal column.

  31. The aural deformities that fall under the head of stigmata, or have been classed as such, affect all portions of the external ear.

  32. Checking of these conditions produces various deformities of the chest which have been divided into "funnel-shaped" and "dropper" deformities.

  33. The relation between the muscle plates and the course of development of the chest is illustrated by the fact that an arrest of development of important muscles often coexists with deformities of the chest.

  34. Deformities of the nasal septum, deflection, hypertrophy and atrophy of the turbinate bones, deformities of the maxillary sinus, hypertrophy of the mucous membrane and polypi are common.

  35. When arrest of development so takes place that deformities of the dental arch result, the jaws vary from two inches to one inch in width.

  36. Lagorio[83] brought before the Chicago Medical Society several cases in which maternal impressions had produced decidedly abnormal births with deformities resembling those feared by the mother.

  37. These deformities always occur with the second teeth only.

  38. Neurotic degenerate symptoms from a mental standpoint are noticeable long before deformities of the osseous system are developed.

  39. These deformities may exist in nearly every degree, only when pronounced can they be considered as stigmata.

  40. For the majority of cerebral deformities the causes of the deformity must exist in the germ prior to the appearance of the separate organs of the body.

  41. It is by prescription that he defends the existence of Catholicism in Ireland not less than the supposed deformities of the British Constitution.

  42. A thing becomes good by the end it has in view; and the deformities of time and place ought not to lead us to deny the beauty of the end.

  43. The muscular affection may cause deformities in the hands, shoulders, &c.

  44. These deformities (elephantiasis, Barbadoes leg), which may attain colossal size, are due to the blocking of the lymphatic vessels with filarial worms.

  45. It is not necessary here to describe the loathsome deformities which occur in the later stages of filariasis.

  46. The child was a female of 7 1/2 pounds which inherited the deformities of its mother.

  47. The deformities of the articulations may be congenital but in most cases are acquired.

  48. The great enlargement may cause deformities of the teeth and lower jaw, and even present itself as an enormous tumor in the neck.

  49. In a paper on the surgical and mechanical treatment of such deformities Willard mentions a boy of fourteen, the victim of infantile paralysis, who at the age of eleven had never walked, but dragged his legs along.

  50. There is on record an account of a young man of twenty-one suffering from congenital deformities attributed to the fact that his mother was frightened by a guinea-pig having been thrust into her face during pregnancy.

  51. Genu valgum and genu varum are ordinary deformities and quite common in all classes.

  52. At the present moment, it is a loathsome ulcer eating at the heart of civilization, a malignant leprosy which shows its hideous deformities among the fairest results of modern culture.

  53. Deformities of ferns are sometimes sought after by fern-growers.

  54. The Nature and Treatment of Deformities of the Human Body.

  55. There are few countries where deformities and abnormalities are as common as they are in Persia.

  56. One of the most ghastly deformities I have ever seen was a tumour under a Mullah's foot.

  57. Deformities arising from paralysis and contractions of muscles and tendons, producing stiffened joints and distorted limbs, are of common occurrence.

  58. In the treatment of diseases and deformities of the spine, there should be no compromising; the appliance that fails to give complete support should not be worn.

  59. But physical deformities are of far less importance than moral imperfections.

  60. Deformities are easily cured without the cutting of tendons, or use of mechanical supports.

  61. Club-feet, spinal curvature, and other deformities resulting from paralysis, have been successfully treated in our Institution.

  62. Irregular and excessive pressure on the foot by imperfectly fitting shoes or boots produce deformities of the feet and cause much suffering.

  63. Diseases and deformities which only a few years ago were considered incurable are now overcome and cured with certainty and without risk or suffering.

  64. Should tumors or deformities exist, it is advisable to consult a specialist.

  65. Occasionally deformities of the septum or other internal structures also polypi or tumors, are sources of constant irritation and accelerate catarrhal disease.

  66. The above illustrations represent various Deformities cured by our Specialists at the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute.

  67. Such spiritual deformities are self-explained in the step-children of the Czar.

  68. This gave the people the idea of inflicting injuries on themselves, so as to produce temporary deformities on account of which they might be rejected at the examination.

  69. To make up for his deformities and deficiencies had powers and faculties denied to other men been given to him?

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