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clasping; clasps; claspt; class; classe; classem; classes; classibus; classic; classical
  1. That comb, however, should be classed among "dress" combs rather than dressing combs.

  2. The rule is seen also in judicial decisions, which may be classed among the eccentricities of jurisprudence.

  3. Those of mixed Indian descent would undoubtedly be classed with mulattoes, and share their incapacity.

  4. Obviously, the two foregoing chapters suggest a thousand questions to an inquiring mind, but I hope that the missing details cannot be classed amongst those details which Gladstone characterized as organic.

  5. The word "bourgeois" roughly includes all those who have property or employ labor, or who can be psychologically classed with these.

  6. From a purely economic point of view, prostitution is to be classed with unemployment, which burdens the community with the support of a class that in a cooperative commonwealth would be self-supporting.

  7. The Mounted Rifles were classed as cavalry, but had no horses.

  8. Mejia (July 19) classed the people of the border generally as enemies.

  9. By the laws of England, lepers were classed with idiots, madmen, outlaws, &c.

  10. Now, if this relation were to be classed with the approved relations of life, why should the Apostle have undertaken to awaken compassion for persons, simply because they were the subject, of it?

  11. This species is not classed as edible by European authors, but I find its flavor agreeable and its substance digestible and harmless.

  12. The typical European plant is said to be without odor or nearly so and has not been classed among the edible species by European writers.

  13. Some have a bitterish or unpleasant flavor and none of our species has yet been classed as edible.

  14. Its head is as yet undefined and its body may be classed as dumpy, but shut in and protected are a great quantity of knife-like plaits (Plate III, fig.

  15. This Boletus is classed among the edible species, but it is said to be less agreeable than B.

  16. The successful candidate will be classed as passed with honorable mention, third, second, and first grade certificates.

  17. On other corps which are not classed among the principal arms.

  18. When once a singer has climbed to a place of recognition and can be classed as a true artist and acknowledged by the public as such, she is entitled to recognition.

  19. He was also one of the young deacons of Calvary Church and was a well beloved pupil of mine with a fine baritone voice which was fast developing and he would have been classed among the singers of his time.

  20. Fossil wits seem properly to be classed with the formation from which they are dug, and not with living types of the same order.

  21. In a conventional way Webster would be classed amongst the educated men of the country: he had received his diploma at one of the chief colleges; his occupations were intellectual; his profession was the liberal one of the law.

  22. The admiration of a work of art which results from first impressions is classed with our sentiments; and, when we have accounted to ourselves for the approbation, it is classed with our opinions.

  23. Note: Ambassadors are classed (in the diplomatic sense) in the first rank of public ministers, ministers plenipotentiary in the second.

  24. H Defn: the eighth letter of the English alphabet, is classed among the consonants, and is formed with the mouth organs in the same position as that of the succeeding vowel.

  25. The forms J and I have, until a recent time, been classed together, and they have been used interchangeably.

  26. In North Carolina the Croatan Indians, regarded as descended from Raleigh's lost colony of Croatan, formerly classed with negroes, are now legally recognized as distinct.

  27. Defn: A group of simple marine organisms, usually classed as the lowest of the sponges.

  28. Judgments have been further classed as analytic, synthetic, and identical.

  29. The compositions might be fairly classed as Ossianic.

  30. Middle weight, a pugilist, boxer, or wrestler classed as of medium weight, i.

  31. It is usually classed with the gephyreans.

  32. They were formerly classed with acephalous mollusks.

  33. This was due partly to the fact that Mrs. Austin was a small child when The Civil War ended and too because her family was classed as "town slaves" so classed because of their superior intelligence.

  34. At that period in her career she was still classed among the light sopranos, and so she continued to be classed until she broke violently away from the clogs which tradition puts upon artists in the theaters of Germany.

  35. HALL If few of the public structures of Dublin possess "the beauty of age," many of its churches may be classed with the "ancient of days.

  36. Of the several families classed in this order the opossums and the kangaroos are the most familiar.

  37. It has been classed with the Rodents and with the Pachyderms but its characteristics are so unique that it is thought better to give it a separate order, and this is placed between the Elephants and the Rodents.

  38. Order III consists of a large reptile belonging to New Zealand which for anatomical reasons cannot be classed either with the Crocodiles or the Lizards.

  39. According to some writers his proper place is among the lemurs, and except that his feet are adorned with claws instead of nails, it is easy to understand why he might be classed with the quadrumana.

  40. The swifts resemble the swallows in several particulars and have often been classed with them, there are, however, important differences which separate them.

  41. The Jews occupy a middle ground, yet near enough to the "new" immigration to be classed with it in this respect.

  42. The largest group is that classed as having "no occupation".

  43. With the exception of this small number, the Jews were legally classed as foreigners.

  44. North of the Highlands on both sides of the river, they classed the dialect as Wapping, and from the Katskills north as Mahican or Mohegan, preserved in part in what is known as the Stockbridge.

  45. It has been inferred that their designation as "Wappings" classed them as immigrants from the clans on the east side of the Hudson.

  46. Its occupants were especially classed as "Praying Maquas," and had a chapel and a bell and a priest of the Church of England.

  47. Classed by geologists as Trap Rock, or rock of volcanic origin, adds interest to their general appearance as calumnar masses.

  48. The prevailing dialect spoken there was Flemish, usually classed as Low German.

  49. That spoken around New York on both sides of the river, was classed by the early Dutch writers as Manhattan, as distinguished from dialects in the Highlands and from the Savano or dialects of the East New England coast.

  50. They are murderers, to be classed with those who have stamped the quagga out of Africa, or those who fly to firearms if Nature sends a rare migrant creature of air, or earth, or water, in their way.

  51. The Jews were there classed among cloven-footed beasts, and as such paid toll.

  52. But this may well be classed among vulgar errors.

  53. His Studies, avowedly classed as exercises of dexterity, stand to those of other writers as pictures to freehand drawing.

  54. But lay aside all questions of melody and harmony, everything, in short, which can be classed under the head of style, and Beethoven's sonatas will still remain supreme in virtue of their structure.

  55. That Smith should, have classed the Cape huckleberries as "such trash" is proper cause for a riot.

  56. Scientifically he is known as Arctomys monax, being a rodent and classed with the marmots, very close relatives of the squirrels.

  57. The 99 answers classed as economic were as follows: TABLE V.

  58. Those classed under "No" and "Decidedly no" show 2.

  59. In occupations classed under trade and transportation, Negro wage-earners increased 450.

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