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classe; classed; classem; classes; classibus; classical; classically; classicism; classicist; classicists
  1. Clemenceau's classic phrase, "Remember that the Germans are at Noyon," had unexpectedly come alive again.

  2. The bloc policy is dangerous everywhere; but these dangers are incomparably greater in the classic land of Government by authority (Obrigkeitsregierung) than in the democratic countries.

  3. In like manner if in the realistic tide that now bears us on there are some spirits who feel nature in another way, in the romantic way, or the classic way, they would not falsify her in expressing her so.

  4. It is entirely false that the great romantic, symbolic, or classic poets modified nature; such as they have expressed her they felt her; and in this view they are as much realists as ourselves.

  5. They were immediately followed by Inigo Jones, who formed his style particularly on the works of Palladio, and became the founder of classic architecture in this country.

  6. No commentator on any classic ever surpassed Rashi in the power of saying enough and only enough.

  7. As we advance, the mimic water retires, still reflecting image after image;" so that in this illusion the classic fable of Tantalus is represented; might not the fable have had its origin in the phenomenon of the mirage?

  8. Radovitch, with a sheepish grin on his face, threw up his hands with the classic cry of "Kamerad!

  9. The Italians' conduct of their Alpine campaign must remain a supreme classic of mountain warfare--something which has never been approached in the past and may never be equalled in the future.

  10. Among the classic marbles I peeped into an urn that once contained the ashes of dead people, and the bottom still had an ashy hue.

  11. The statue had been long exposed to the weather, and was overgrown and ingrained with moss and lichens, so that its classic beauty was in some sort gothicized.

  12. Commencing the study of music when he was but nine years old, he was soon after confided to a passionate disciple of Sebastian Bach, who for many years directed his studies in accordance with the prevailing classic models.

  13. Such was the source of the inspiration of classic tragedy, the spring of that stern and severe poetry which throws the lurid hues of a melancholy so profound upon the pallid and affrighted face of humanity.

  14. He owned books that could not be duplicated in California; and he read them, digested their contents, and constantly surprised his cultivated bearers by the affluence of his knowledge, and the fertility of his literary and classic allusion.

  15. His face was as classic as a Greek statue.

  16. His pale and student-like features were of the most classic mold, and their expression singularly winning, save when at times a cynical sneer would suddenly flash over them like a cloud-shadow over a quiet landscape.

  17. His handsome and classic face bore no trace of pain.

  18. His finely-cut, classic features wore the aspect of one possessed with a large and noble heart.

  19. In the details, the spectator cannot fail to admire the boldness and richness of the columns supporting the pediment in the centre, and the classic beauty of the pilasters which decorate the wings.

  20. This sea-girt rock had not at that time become classic ground.

  21. If you do not know what a mixed metaphor is, perhaps this classic example of one will inform you: "Mr. Speaker, I smell a rat.

  22. He wrote a sentence which is a classic in its way "Stop!

  23. With much of the glossy splendour, the pointed vigour, and romantic interest of the one, he possesses the fastidious refinement, the classic elegance of the other.

  24. All his dialogue tends to action, all his situations form classic groups.

  25. We will venture to oppose his Third Canto of the Story of Rimini for classic elegance and natural feeling to any equal number of lines from Mr. Southey's Epics or from Mr. Moore's Lalla Rookh.

  26. This elevation exhibits the surprising feature of a classic fa├žade, Palladian in treatment, on the stage of what so far we have regarded as a late modification of a playhouse of Shakespeare's day.

  27. Be it enough to say that he was a native of New Hampshire, born of respectable parents, and had received an ordinary school education with a classic finish by a year at Gilmanton Academy.

  28. It could not be that the fauns and nymphs, when driven from their classic groves and homes of ancient fable, had sought refuge, as all the persecuted did, in the fresh woods of the West.

  29. The Genius of the old civilization, solemn and sad, sits there on the Alps, his classic beard descending o'er his breast.

  30. Under his creative pen the lordly heights of the Hudson have become classic ground.

  31. Its felicitous selection of topics, and classic beauty of expression, entitle it to a high place in the current poetry of the day, and amply sustain the reputation of the distinguished author.

  32. The features were classic and perfectly regular.

  33. Silence in the observatory for a brief breathing space, and then Jaska spoke that speech out of the books of antiquity, which remains the classic expression of loyalty.

  34. In this, among other indiscretions, he asserted that it was impossible to write good English without an illuminating knowledge of the classic tongues, and he split an infinitive and failed to button up a sentence in saying so.

  35. It was not that he was for Greek and Latin, but that he was fiercely against every beauty that was neither classic nor deferred to classical canons.

  36. The field made classic by a struggle of eighteen hours, too fearful to contemplate, was yet cumbered by the dead and wounded.

  37. And thus early upon the 29th of August was begun the second battle upon this classic and fateful field.

  38. China is, as a rule, considered the classic land of child-exposure.

  39. Footnote 174-2: The classic lands of low wages and pauperism are especially the East Indies and China.

  40. And the period of Roman decline also is the classic period of this evil.

  41. Of the two great means of education in art, the study of nature and the study of classic models, the latter is the easier, and the former is readily neglected for it.

  42. On the other hand, Russia is the classic land of fees.

  43. Surely it is a mistake to give men the notion that all good women are dull" was one of her classic utterances.

  44. Confident of his attractions, he appeared quite free from vanity: each fresh attitude became him better than the last: no light could do less than show the classic beauty of his head and body.

  45. Is it not for this cause that many dependent natures find classic perfection cold, superb scenery unsympathetic, and the spectacle of careless happiness embittering?

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