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Example sentences for "juvenile"

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  1. They had been engaged in pilfering tobacco leaves from an adjoining apartment, to which our people were witnesses, and the juvenile depredators, fearing the consequences of a disclosure, bribed them to secrecy in the manner already mentioned.

  2. And everywhere Mary peregrinated This juvenile Southdown would be sure to get up and go right after her.

  3. I must leave to other speakers many interesting aspects of this subject, and confine myself to the aspect which the committee asked me to consider more in detail, namely, Juvenile Delinquency in its relation to Foreign Immigration.

  4. This increase in juvenility gives opportunity for juvenile delinquency from which many of our American communities might otherwise be free.

  5. Statistics prove that among immigrants the proportion of the juvenile element is greater than among the native-born.

  6. The "Friends of Religion" prefaced their entreaty by announcing that "the juvenile destroyer of images" had been engaged as a "grand speculation!

  7. Boil them and eat them," said my juvenile friend.

  8. Indeed, the prevalence of this style of juvenile costume in the Pyrenees makes the boys and girls look exactly like odd, quaint little men and women.

  9. In high spirits Mrs Anson is sometimes almost as juvenile as Mabel.

  10. A collection of genuine howlers would be no unimportant service to the science of juvenile psychology.

  11. Such were the honours heaped upon this proud juvenile premier, that he was constantly refusing favours solicitously placed at his acceptance.

  12. The Chemical History of a Candle=: Lectures delivered before a Juvenile Audience at the Royal Institution.

  13. On the Various Forces of Nature=, and their Relations to each other: Lectures delivered before a Juvenile Audience at the Royal Institution.

  14. I saw a copy of Audubon's Ornithology, and many other valuable works, in a very dilapidated state, but this must be the case when the library is open to all, and there are so many juvenile visitors.

  15. We left these juvenile Sam Patches, and returned to the town.

  16. And the more juvenile the youth, the larger and stiffer was his white tie.

  17. In modern juvenile writing, there is little to be found as gripping as the scene in which Rob and Silver Tip meet face to face.

  18. A new series dealing with an idea altogether original in juvenile fiction,--the adventures of a party of bright, enterprising youngsters in a splendid motor car.

  19. Dictionaries and Manuals, Bibles, Recitation and Hand Books, Sets, Octavos, Presentation Books and Juvenile and Nursery Literature in immense variety.

  20. PRICE 60c Never in the history of juvenile fiction have copyrighted books of this class been sold at a price so sensational, for beyond dispute the Oakdale Stories are of the highest grade, such as other publishers market to retail at $1.

  21. His books were procured by the careful accumulation of the halfpence bestowed on him by the admirers of his juvenile tastes.

  22. From his mother's private tuition, he received the whole amount of his juvenile education.

  23. Adult onset diabetes is less serious than juvenile diabetes; it occurs more often in the elderly and especially in people who are overweight.

  24. Juvenile onset diabetes is {104} usually controlled by means of regular injections of insulin.

  25. We will not undertake to say that General Morris ran his juvenile fingers over the chords of the lyre at so very early a period; but it is certain he tried his hand at writing for the newspapers when he was yet but a mere boy.

  26. Silence in the court, or I'll put you in the stocks, juvenile delinquents and all!

  27. Mrs. Marian Bowring was good in heavies, while pretty Alice Clawson could make good in a walking lady or light juvenile but they were short a "leading" woman.

  28. Whether Jim was in any way accountable, we are not advised; they were called "The Nathan Juvenile Troupe," and put in one week from the 15th to the 20th.

  29. An entire troupe of juvenile actors followed Jim Ward's advent into Salt Lake City.

  30. Its success led to other books of the kind, so that since this accidental return to activities of that sort, I have produced six books of juvenile fiction in the intervals of other and more strenuous work.

  31. One night I was entertaining the younger of the two boys who had suggested the subject of my first work in juvenile fiction.

  32. It was not until the eighties that I wrote another book of juvenile fiction, and that also came about by accident rather than intention.

  33. When about half the chapters had been printed, the new and ambitious juvenile magazine, St. Nicholas, bought and suppressed the periodical that was publishing it.

  34. I was in the habit of entertaining their very juvenile minds with exceedingly juvenile fictions manufactured on the spur of the moment, fictions without plot, without beginning or ending of any recognizable sort.

  35. Liszt viewed with delight the juvenile multitude, whose enthusiasm knew no bounds, and I never heard him play more beautifully.

  36. But whatever their ultimate effect upon his style, certain it is that his juvenile poems were clothed in the conventional habit of the eighteenth century.

  37. They met with no great success, and he afterward corrected them so much as to destroy all their interest as juvenile productions, without communicating to them any of the merits of maturity.

  38. But dearly do we pay all our life after for this juvenile pleasure, this sense of distinctness.

  39. You must remember that I had been reared in a complete state of mental darkness; and that no enlightened instruction had dispelled the clouds of superstition which naturally obscure the juvenile mind.

  40. There I herded with juvenile thieves and prostitutes; and I cared little for my incarceration, because I was tolerably, and, at all events, regularly fed.

  41. But the tenderness of his years was divined by the extreme effeminacy and juvenile loveliness of his countenance, which was as fair and delicate as that of a young girl.

  42. The Criterion Baseball Club was a feature with juvenile Stanley Junction, yet they had many a privilege abrogated through the influence of Farrington.

  43. The latter belonged to the hoodlum gang of Stanley Junction, and whenever his crowd had met the better juvenile element, there had always been trouble.

  44. Young birds lack iridescence on head and are elsewhere duller; relative length of tail sure index of age in juvenile specimens.

  45. Gli Asolani, a more juvenile production, was named from the castle of Asolo, at which some youths are represented as discussing the tender passion in all its moods and modifications.

  46. Croce at Rome there is a transcript by her of Cicero De Senectute, followed by a juvenile collection of Latin apophthegms curiously indicative of her character and studies.

  47. The coolness of their juvenile commander so far reassured them that the retiring army encamped on the morrow between Forli and Cesena, without much further loss than their artillery and baggage.

  48. Thus did the promptitude and prudence of the juvenile general save his character from compromise, and his little army from disaster.

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