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boyl; boyled; boyles; boylii; boyling; boystrous; braave; brac; braccia; braccio
  1. He was popular at school, as boys of spirit always are, and impressed his companions with a sense of his power.

  2. I suspect that few boys of passionate temperament have escaped these momentary suggestions of despairing helplessness.

  3. Boys holding torches and shouting, showed us the way; foot passengers called out, 'Hi there!

  4. I observed several little boys simply attired in a piece of string tied round their loins--there, Diogenes!

  5. At last he gave them to a school where boys with idle habits were taught to lead useful and industrious lives.

  6. The native in the hills proved to be a good road repairer, and the boys and women showed an eagerness to earn their daily rates of pay; the men generally looked on and gave directions.

  7. The Gyppy boys were excellent leaders, and to them and the donkeys the front-line fighting men in the hill country owe much.

  8. There were Kroo boys who found the Mediterranean waters a comparative calm after the turbulent surf on their own West African shore.

  9. They held me up for an hour or more, and though officers and boys did their utmost to get them going again it was a fruitless effort, and the poor beasts were off-loaded where they lay.

  10. On this wild night I had a good opportunity of seeing white officers encourage the Egyptian boys in the Camel Transport Corps.

  11. And the other boys seemed quiet and happy too, lying along the sides of the house, ready for the captain's order, but meanwhile content to look up at the great sails, and down again at the sea.

  12. The boys fished and lay around; and I spent most of the time in my cabin, reading a novel, and, soon after nine, I fell asleep in a frame of mind unaccountably trustful.

  13. While the boys slung the beds, and Tom busied himself with dinner, we sat and smoked, and savoured together our satisfaction in our complete and grandiose isolation.

  14. It was the most popular Latin book for boys of the time.

  15. The fault is, that he utters thoughts to men thinking they care little for form or melody, as boys do.

  16. By now some of the boys were beginning to tire out, for the long strain was telling on them.

  17. The other boys had apparently lost the joy of bathing for that day.

  18. Of course few Chester boys really believed all this high talk.

  19. Radio Boys in the Secret Service; or, Cast Away on an Iceberg .

  20. There would not be any change in the line-up of Chester, for luckily all the boys had come through the grilling work of the past week without encountering any serious injuries.

  21. Because the boys of Chester didn't seem to enthuse over such things has been the grief of my heart.

  22. The backward boys of Chester began to talk as though big notions might be gripping them.

  23. The two boys who were holding this animating and interesting conversation stood kicking their heels on a corner where the main street in the town was crossed by another.

  24. Radio Boys in the Flying Service; or, Held for Ransom by Mexican Bandits .

  25. When, earlier in the season, Chester actually walked away with two games in succession from the pretty strong team at Marshall, the good people awakened to the fact that a revolution had indeed taken place in the boys of the town.

  26. The boys must be cutting up capers; and yet it strikes me there's a note of fear in their shouts.

  27. The butcher boys used to get angry with her and were rude to her sometimes, and Sister Désirée-des-Anges told me at last to take the meat in instead of her.

  28. She used to stand stiffly by the scales until the butcher's boys put the meat on.

  29. On the village green the boys and girls were dancing in the sunshine and the dust.

  30. If boys are named after any of the saints, they are dressed in appropriate costumes.

  31. He had not to look twice before the whole posse commitatus of men and boys rushed forward, and seizing us vi et armis, carried us off in triumph towards their sorry-looking beasts.

  32. They have sorts of games, some like our chess, and cards, and lotto, and we saw the lads in the streets playing ball very much as boys do in an English country village.

  33. At a distance were several men and boys in hot pursuit.

  34. The band marched by, playing furiously; but the boys deserted it.

  35. Soon the shrill cheering of the boys is joined by the deep voices of the "seiners.

  36. The signal is conveyed to the beach immediately by men and boys watching near him.

  37. Higher and higher rises the net, louder and louder shout the boys and the idlers.

  38. A crowd of boys and even many grown men and women would assemble and stare into the glass-house while we worked; but Fortunio (he gave no other name) seemed rather to like it than not.

  39. There were ninety-nine other boys who all throve on the food: but Kit pined.

  40. Francesca," I said, "you talk as if no boys ever had bishops for their fathers.

  41. When there are not enough nuts on the ground, the men and boys climb the trees to shake them off.

  42. The next day the boys went to town and visited the peanut factory.

  43. They are out in all kinds of weather and are not boys at all, but strong, hardy men.

  44. He pulled up one of the vines, and the boys threw themselves down under a tree to examine it.

  45. Many women, girls, and boys work at this.

  46. Soon after the boys and girls have finished their "walnut vacation," the nuts are on their way to the eastern part of the United States.

  47. Every year many of the boys and girls of Southern California are given a vacation just for this purpose.

  48. I have often thought the same of the boys I have to deal with out here, but it is curious how envy sticks.

  49. There's a tree near my hut with a regular rickin' chair, made right in it, and them there boys like that place for their evenin's.

  50. She had been reared on a ranch, without girl companions, and had never realized that tolerance which is necessary in the big world of boys and girls.

  51. But those boys you have just noticed gathering the tins are wasting their time.

  52. No need to organize, daughter, the boys have one in splendid working order.

  53. Jane, observing at that moment the group of boys trudging along with their cart of old tins.

  54. I am going to show this New York some day, what the boys of El Capitan can do in the way of entertaining.

  55. I would have one of the boys send me a false alarm wire, if I thought dear little Aunt Mary would take me in.

  56. The boys complain he sings to the horses, and that the animals expect it from the less accomplished, who are more apt to growl than warble.

  57. Some boys are very sentimental, you know," Jane reminded her.

  58. In fact, as the girls were wont to declare, it was a lot more fun without boys at college.

  59. Janie had made a reputation early in her ranch life following the boys who staked claims and attempted to work the mines with purloined tin cans.

  60. Mischievous boys will sometimes catch a bull-frog, and fasten them all over him.

  61. In every respect they stood in contrast to the soldiers who had hitherto escorted us, who were mere feeble boys from sixteen to eighteen years of age, and possessed of neither energy nor activity.

  62. I saw these prisoners: instead of twelve hundred desperadoes, they consisted of about twenty poor lame ragged wretches, many of them boys from fourteen to sixteen years of age.

  63. Those two boys are the children of Gabiria, comptroller of the queen's household, and the richest man in Madrid; they are nice boys, and buy much fruit.

  64. This is as it should be," said I; "those boys will not make worse priests from a little early devotion to trap-ball and cudgel playing.

  65. The Moslem boys of Tangier love the kermous of the mearrah of the Jews; but the Jews will not gather them.

  66. Nevertheless, they were such as their country might be proud of, for gallant boys they looked, with courage on their brows, beauty and health on their cheeks, and intelligence in their hazel eyes.

  67. Small boys are taught to place the individual tables, hand plates and tea, and pass sandwiches and cakes.

  68. Boys behave as their fathers do, and are equally punctilious in following the code of honor of all gentlemen.

  69. The lack of these things is not only bad form but want of common civility and decency, and reflects not only on the girls and boys themselves but on their parents who failed to bring them up properly.

  70. And the epidemic is just as widespread among girls and boys as among older people.

  71. A boy who brags about what he has, and boasts of what he can do, is only less objectionable because other boys are sure to "take it out of him" promptly and thoroughly!

  72. Little boys are always taught to bow to visitors; little girls to curtsy.

  73. That is, if she follows the English custom, where every younger relative even including the little boys as pages, seems always to be brought into a perfect May-pole procession of ragged ages and sizes.

  74. The crowd seemed largely composed of boys of from twelve to fifteen, and negroes.

  75. With a desperate rally, in which I believe the drummer-boys shared, we carried the battery for the third time, and held it.

  76. During the night I desired to relieve the guard, but was diverted from my purpose by scornful howls of "We are the boys to see it out.

  77. As my Irishmen predicted, "Shields's boys were after fighting.

  78. Keep out of the way, Freshmen," said a gruff voice, but in spite of the attempt to disguise it, both boys recognized it instantly.

  79. The boys came to a halt as they listened to the rollicking melody borne to their ears on the evening breeze.

  80. He nodded pleasantly to the boys as he approached them, and then stopped suddenly.

  81. The boys stood at the window for half an hour looking for another visitation of the spook or ghost, or whatever it was, but the field appeared to be deserted.

  82. In the class-room, the boys and the teachers themselves applauded David's action until he felt like running away and hiding.

  83. The Wee One was waiting on the flagged walk in front of Warren Hall as the three boys came along.

  84. The boys went to their places, and there was a false start, but on the next attempt they got away splendidly.

  85. It was a very open fall that first year of Frank's at Queen's School, and despite the fact that the boys who were inclined to the game of hockey prayed fervently for good ice, Jack Frost held off.

  86. Here and there groups of boys from the two schools gathered together, and there was some little fraternizing, but as a general thing the black and red and the blue and gold did not mix well.

  87. Barrows Academy drew from an older class of boys than did the Queen's School, many of its inmates on graduation going directly into business, for which it, in a measure, fitted them.

  88. By the time the boys had finished their discussion they had reached the entry.

  89. He was also gifted with a large share of their characteristic good humour and joviality; which qualities endeared him to many of his companions, especially to the boys of the neighbourhood.

  90. That is what many of the colonial boys and girls saw every day, and frequently the boys helped their fathers cut the logs which were for the big kitchen fireplace.

  91. These were placed close against the sides of the opening, making fine places for the boys and girls to sit and listen to thrilling tales of adventure or delightful fairy stories.

  92. Boys will find it an invaluable guide in constructing temporary or permanent shelters in their hikes or encampments.

  93. It is said that this dance formerly created much mirth, and no doubt it will afford our modern girls and boys an equal amount of merriment.

  94. A book that is truly fine and will probably have a wider influence on the lives of boys into whose hands it falls than almost any other book that comes their way.

  95. Large green palm-leaves grow close to the ground and point their slender fingers out in many directions as though holding up their outstretched hands, asking the girls and boys to come and take them.

  96. Both boys and girls have fine times in Japan, and they are as happy as the day is long.

  97. The Game There must be at least two girls and two boys to play the game.

  98. The American Boys Handy Book Or, What To Do and How To Do It =Illustrated by the Author= =$1.

  99. One of the boys must have the next trial, while the two girls become the "lifters.

  100. She had a high spirit and a love of adventure, which association with these stalwart boys rapidly developed.

  101. Who knows where the boys have gone this morning?

  102. He said not a word, and the darkness gathered round the boys in the narrow chamber.

  103. I do like boys so much, and I never have any to play with at home.

  104. The boys pressed after him up the narrow, winding stair that led to the room the bard called his own.

  105. This was a policy utterly incomprehensible both to the boys and the old man, and stirred the blood of the lads to boiling pitch.

  106. Just at this moment it was the scene of an animated picture, and the boys paused at the door by which they had entered to look about them with eager curiosity.

  107. You boys must feign a while -- must feign friendship for the maid thus left behind.

  108. It may also be said that very few boys ever needed it more; but those persons who know what they chiefly need, and pursue it, are by no means common.

  109. Facts About Venus An Afterword for Curious Boys and Girls (As well as Parents, Teachers and Librarians) "Daddy, is this what Venus is really like?

  110. I have an idea that among my readers there may be other curious boys and girls who might ask the same question my son did.

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