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Example sentences for "boys and"

  • In 1724, it assumed its present title, and from that time was repeatedly advertised as Divine Emblems, or Temporal Things Spiritualized, fitted for the use of boys and girls, adorned with cuts.

  • They're boys and girls of all sorts and degrees, From those of age to children on the knees.

  • Nor let my figure or similitude Put thee into a laughter or a feud; Leave this to boys and fools, but as for thee, Do thou the substance of my matter see.

  • Aristotle, in a similar argument,[40] points out that the Dorian habits had a direct tendency to check the population by encouraging the love of boys and by separating women from the society of men.

  • But he wavered between the love of boys and women, seeking in both the satisfaction of emotional yearnings which in the modern world would have marked him as a sentimentalist.

  • Then a circle of boys and men is formed in a corner of the court, and a conversation upon friendship begins.

  • I don't like Jakey," said Carolyn, as her eyes followed him and the confused group of boys and girls, passing and repassing in the hall.

  • The two large rooms ought to hold quite a number of boys and girls, she thought.

  • Hatred, boys and girls, is a very ugly as it is a very headstrong fault; but as there is a good side even to a bad habit, so there is a hatred which may rise to the heighth of a virtue.

  • And now, boys and girls, you must run off to bed.

  • It should take its place beside Lewis Carroll's unique works, and find a special place in the affections of boys and girls.

  • These charming stories of boys and girls of olden days are no mere fictitious or imaginary sketches, but are real and actual records of their sayings and doings.

  • What books appeal most impressively to boys and girls at this time?

  • In what ways can the social needs of boys and girls be provided for in the home?

  • During what years does the desire to be with "the crowd" manifest itself most strongly in boys and girls?

  • Then a few missions began to touch the industrial problem and to establish schools for the training of boys and girls in manual labour.

  • Among these schools for Christians are industrial institutions for the training of boys and girls in manual labour.

  • To the Bicetre were sent all the poor, men, sick and well; the Pitie was devoted in part to boys and youths, and at the maison de Scipion were established the butchers and the bakers for all the inmates of these various establishments.

  • They confused and wearied me by their talk of boys and girls.

  • This latter fact is certainly far too often forgotten by grown-up persons who suspect the idealized passion of boys and girls of a physical side which children have often no suspicion of, and would view with repulsion and horror.

  • He was most devoted to boys and helped me with regard to some difficult cases.

  • I do not recall what immediately led to it, but we began to address each other as boys and tried to urinate through long tubes of some sort.

  • If they have, I'll get my boys and take up the trail.

  • My boys and I start to-morrow morning, and I want to know how many from the Three Stars will go with me.

  • Let's see, there are nine of you from the Three Stars; nine of my boys and myself.

  • Outside the gateway, donkey-boys and camel-men and drivers of sandcarts chattered.

  • I yelled, to be heard over the noise outside, where Rechid Bey's mob was now probably trying to make our donkey-boys and arabeah-men join in the fight or the siege.

  • Donkey-boys and arabeah-men aren't easily seduced when there's a question of baksheesh.

  • Boys and girls, with their arms full of books, were hurrying down the steps and coming into the street.

  • I am fond of boys and girls, and though I have seen many cruel men and women, I have seen few cruel children.

  • We boys and girls; there is not so much difference between us: we love our masters.

  • But you see, boys and girls, we =must= be left behind, if we are slow and lazy.

  • God our Father sees us all, Boys and girls, and children small; When we listen to His voice, Angels in their songs rejoice.

  • It is brave and nice of boys and girls to help themselves all they can, and not to be beaten by a little difficulty.

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