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  1. All the well-meant wisdom of the "Don't Worry" books is based upon immunity from common sensations and from everyday experience.

  2. Your Excellency is wiser in my eyes everyday I live," said the old man softly.

  3. It was a world in which agriculture and dairy-farming and all the other wearinesses of her everyday life had no part.

  4. I have only regarded it as a necessary everyday evil; and to be quite honest with you, I fail to see now how it can inspire enthusiasm.

  5. David Ellis was forgotten, Auntie Lloyd was forgotten; the narrow, dull, everyday existence broadened out into many interesting possibilities.

  6. I am sure it is no everyday affair to fall heir to a fortune.

  7. To the everyday observer all this seems a variation of an old story.

  8. It is fascinating to appear unexpectedly among a people in the midst of their everyday activities, to see them as they really are, to flash for a brief moment upon the horizon of their local life, and then to whirl on to other scenes.

  9. It is rather an everyday occurrence, an accustomed detail of the day's routine.

  10. The first, eight in number, enter in single file, preceded and followed by a man in everyday costume.

  11. She remembered their appearance from Thursday, but she had not seen their vulgar, everyday eyes, nor heard until now their coarse, everyday laughs and jokes.

  12. The task immediately before her seemed very simple; she had only to resume the old habits, and guard against thoughtless self-betrayal in her everyday talk.

  13. Carlyle teaches one to see the marvellous in everyday life.

  14. It won't rain,' he continued, still with the ease of one who speaks of everyday matters.

  15. That is hardly a fair question,' Tarrant replied, endeavouring not to hang his head like an everyday beggar.

  16. In everyday life we study our acquaintances and their actions from a personal standpoint.

  17. This is probably the commonest source of everyday illusions, and the same principle, as we have seen, is operative in a host of correct perceptions.

  18. These laboratory experiments can be paralleled by many everyday performances.

  19. For Freud's doctrine of the unconscious, see his Psychopathology of Everyday Life, translated by Brill.

  20. Our historical painters have almost invariably failed in their attempts upon everyday life; this extends even to the painters of genre.

  21. Bound to the stars by invisible chains, Blaze of eternity now in my veins, Seeing the rush of etherial rains, Here in the midst of the everyday air-- I am aware.

  22. The sameness, the humdrum tediousness of the everyday life drives them to the city.

  23. The commercial uses of the airplane will be numberless, and it is bound to assume an ever more important and practical role in everyday life.

  24. People used to be afraid of the airplane and it seemed a long road to travel to the time when it would play any important role in everyday commerce or travel.

  25. Furthermore there has been a long standing prejudice on the part of these men (those who are rule-of-thumb men) against the reliability and the utility of things in print for their everyday work.

  26. Still the distractions of modern life have not absorbed a large part of the everyday life of the children, so that their minds may be appealed to along the line of their natural interests.

  27. Courage, singleness of purpose, happiness in modest circumstances and astonishing capacity for work are elements of everyday life unconsciously developed.

  28. Secondly, the Corsicans have been from time immemorial accustomed to wear arms in everyday life.

  29. It is not granted to us everyday to stand upon these pinnacles of rest and faith above the world.

  30. Is it worth while to ask God to look out for the everyday needs of His people?

  31. Everyday the glad story of the sequel to such persistent struggles is recorded.

  32. The speaker's mistake is repeated every day, not merely by men on the platform, but by everyday people in the home, in the school, and at work.

  33. But when anyone believes in an inner life of faith and joy, and is willing to talk about it in an earnest, everyday style and tone, I do enjoy it most exceedingly.

  34. This tale is told with a remarkable spirit, and all the boys are real, everyday characters drawn without exaggeration.

  35. The author seizes upon the everyday occurrences of domestic life, turning them to good account; and she draws a charming picture of a family, united in heart, while differing very much in habit and temperament.

  36. Luther’s everyday life and his studies at Worms have been discussed often enough already.

  37. It is hard to believe that Luther, in an everyday letter to a friend, should have spoken in earnest of a previous connection of his with three women at once.

  38. Everyday observation proves the utter falsity of this statement, and if there is one characteristic of the sex which more than another elevates and ennobles it, it is the persistency and intensity of woman's love for man.

  39. It is in making of this ideal theory a living force, by helping girls to put it into practice in everyday shop life that the girl organizer has her special work cut out for her.

  40. Students had not begun to be interested in the troubles of everyday folk, so there were no records of past occurrences of the same sort that the workers could read.

  41. The ordinary everyday way of drawing the women workers into the union and into the labor movement would be to have in every trade women from that trade at work all the time organizing their fellow-workers and holding them in the organization.

  42. The year 1911 will be remembered among word-historians as the year when the word "syndicalism" became an everyday English word.

  43. But I repeat that habitual, everyday overwork, is uneconomical, injurious to the cause we serve, and likely to lessen rather than heighten the efficiency of the indispensable leaders when the supreme test comes.

  44. And the fact that diet, temperature, health and disease, accidents and old age, all have their effects on mental manifestations is matter of everyday observation.

  45. And acute observers may also be able to perceive that even in normal circumstances what he has passed through manifests itself for the worse in his everyday behaviour.

  46. His problem is to deal with the concrete difficulties of his everyday life, and when he is able to do this he is content.

  47. We must listen to children's speech, to their casual everyday expressions.

  48. Let us see, in some instances, how Wilde was regarded in the period when, before his real literary successes, he preached the gospel of Beauty in everyday life.

  49. He might have founded a strong, virile, and healthy dramatic school, and by so doing raised the standard of the popular everyday play in this country.

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