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  1. Recently (June, 1907) was put up for auction in London a First Folio Shakespeare of some local interest.

  2. This folio appears to have been purchased about 1660 by Colonel John Lane, of Bentley Hall, Staffs, the protector of Charles II.

  3. There is no reason to suppose that Shakspere would have approved of the attempt of the editors of the folio to subdivide his plays, each into five acts.

  4. I might add that there is in the Earl of Macclesfield’s collection a large folio volume of Miscellanea (Shirburn MS.

  5. Report on the Affairs of British North America, English folio edition, p.

  6. He mounts the Folio whale's back, and as he swims, he works his passage by flogging him; as some schoolmasters get along in the world by a similar process.

  7. He sometimes takes the great Folio whales by the lip, and hangs there like a leech, till the mighty brute is worried to death.

  8. Of the grand order of folio leviathans, the Sperm Whale and the Right Whale are by far the most noteworthy.

  9. And there rose in the boy's memory lines he had opened upon that morning in a small Elizabethan folio he had been cataloguing with much pains as a rarity--lines which had stuck in his mind-- Vast superstition!

  10. The same folio contains Jacques de Vitry, Hayton, several works on Mahommedanism, among others that of William of Tripoli (vol.

  11. Grenville collection, British Museum; it is a folio of 114 pages numbered with a pencil; bound with the arms of the Rt.

  12. I have a folio edition of La Armeria Real de Madrid, printed at Paris, without date, but subsequently to 1838 by the preface.

  13. A home of his own he never possessed, save an occasional garret where he worked at an unsteady table--one leg usually supported by a folio volume--surrounded by the cats and dogs whom he had taken to solacing himself with.

  14. The same modification of types took place later in other parts of the Midlands, as appears from two works of the early sixteenth century, Scottish Field and Death and Life (Bishop Percy's Folio MS.

  15. Legend of Alexius,[126] where it is written in triple columns on the large folio pages of the Vernon MS.

  16. Her life history antecedent to the events just recorded has been constructed from trustworthy sources and her own autobiography which fills eighteen closely written folio sheets.

  17. The reports in one leading case, that of the priest-murderer Riembauer, filled forty-two folio volumes.

  18. On a table lay her port-folio and drawing materials: in a corner stood her easel with the picture, over which was thrown a shawl which he had seen her wear.

  19. She banished from her port-folio the designs he had made for her drawings, destroyed the music from which he had accompanied her, and effaced from her books the marks of his pencil.

  20. Naruszewicz had collected for his undertaking a library of materials, in 360 folio volumes.

  21. These however they contrived to introduce into Bohemia, where they were answered by the Jesuits and Capuchins in thick folio volumes, written in a language hardly intelligible.

  22. He went to Italy, and here gathered during a stay of three years a hundred and ten folio volumes of extracts, entirely written with his own hand.

  23. This suite and the next one mentioned, are not the actual illustrations that appear in the folio “La Fontaine,” although the title states so.

  24. It was of the folio form, and its Editor, Mr. Thos.

  25. The Observer was a folio of rustic, unkempt aspect, the paper and typography and matter being all somewhat inferior.

  26. Several folio volumes of closely written manuscript, on the birds and animals generally of of this continent, by him, must exist somewhere at this moment.

  27. After the publication of these great folio volumes of plates, Dr.

  28. At his death he was engaged in the publication of a magnificent folio work, "Atlas Ichthyologique des Indes Orientales Neerlandaises," illustrated by colored plates.

  29. Folio for them, upon the subject of their noses.

  30. I stood up; my mind was stored with about a folio volume of matter; but I wanted a preface, and for want of a preface, the volume was never published.

  31. Montaigne's Essays, which were published in folio, may have had the same price as Shakspere's folio of 1623.

  32. We mean the usually received text, seeing that the folio edition of 1623 contains some passages which are wanting in the quarto edition, and vice versâ.

  33. Montaigne, was not received into the folio of 1623.

  34. Why not Malevole in folio with us, as Jeronimo in decimo sexto with them?

  35. The "Letter to a Friend, upon the occasion of the Death of his intimate Friend," was first published in a folio pamphlet in 1690.

  36. The text of the "Hydriotaphia" is taken from the folio edition of 1686, in the Lincoln's Inn library.

  37. Amongst many other rarities he haz a thin folio MS.

  38. This folio is a slip on which Aubrey has written a long note about the book he mentioned on fol.

  39. He wrote a poeme in folio which he printed not till he was old, and then, (as Sir W.

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