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  1. The most accepted modern theory is that it is merely a catchword surviving from a longer phrase which proclaimed how, during such Indulgences, ordinary confessors might absolve from sins usually "reserved" to the Bishop or the Pope.

  2. In so far, then, it is necessary to adopt the catchword of the Bulow school and to "organize disorder," and the only known method of doing so is drill.

  3. It may be well to smash, in a passing note, a silly catchword popular with some rather belated English admirers of the Naturalist school a few years ago.

  4. Here again the stage direction is omitted, but 'Iul:' is the catchword of the previous page.

  5. This happens more often with elderly people; and it was on such an occasion that I heard a catchword fiend, a moderately young person, use her pet phrase as a red lantern to stop better, if more halting, talk.

  6. In this edition, the catchword is “comprise”.

  7. Nay," laughed Eliphaz; "I feel no desire for Perfection, which is the catchword of these gentry.

  8. To have a catchword in your mouth is not the same thing as to hold an opinion; still less is it the same thing as to have made one for yourself.

  9. Well,' I thought, on seeing Hlopakov, 'I wonder what his catchword is now?

  10. The poor ex-lieutenant once more tried letting off his catchword in my presence, on the chance it might succeed as before; but, far from smiling, the prince positively scowled and shrugged his shoulders.

  11. Water is King,'" he was saying, quoting thus the catchword of this particular concern.

  12. When you can get your "prospect" to adopt your catchword and enunciate it with conviction, he is yours!

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