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Example sentences for "catchy"

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  1. There's a jolly catchy tune to it, which has rung in my head ever since.

  2. Michael remembered how Aunt Barbara had heard it at a music-hall, and had spoken of it as a new and catchy tune which you could carry away with you.

  3. A catchy tableau series would be Mother Goose and her children celebrating Christmas.

  4. Could you write a tune, a refrain, an air, whatever you call it, so catchy that people would hum it and sing it on the spot?

  5. The sort of thing you used to write at Oxford before you took up music as a profession; you know, one of those catchy things we all used to stand round and sing the instant you played it.

  6. He told Kalteyer that there was no money in handling chewing-gum in a small way as a piker; what he wanted was a catchy name, a special selling-argument, and a national publicity campaign.

  7. It was catchy in parts," agreed the owner of the swastika, "but I liked one or two questions.

  8. The song that Winona had chosen was a bright little Irish ditty, with a catchy tune and lively accompaniment.

  9. The simplest and most universal form of literature is found in the catchy little nursery rhymes which the children of the nation learn at their cradles from the lips of their elders.

  10. When his infantile ear is caught by the lively rhythm and the catchy rhymes, he is receiving his first lessons in poetry.

  11. We had many of us been fired by the catchy Roosevelt utterance which did so much to bring on the Spanish War, viz.

  12. President McKinley had invented in the case of Cuba a very catchy phrase, "Forcible annexation would be criminal aggression," and every time anybody now quoted it on him it tended to take the wind out of his sails.

  13. All you need remember is that your song must express emotion in a catchy way.

  14. It goes far, it is true, but it will not go the entire distance of popularity, or even two-thirds of the distance, unless it is accompanied by a catchy lyric.

  15. The very irregularity is what often gives the composer his opportunity to contribute melodious punches, for the words of a popular song are a series of catchy phrases.

  16. But whatever may be your opinion, it does not alter the fact that both Mr. Harris and Mr. Bernstein have pointed out--catchy words are needed as much as catchy melody.

  17. A catchy tune is not sufficient in itself.

  18. Pick out the catchy variations in a dozen songs--you may chance on one or two where the biggest punch is not in the theme.

  19. It's a pretty catchy novelty with boys and young men.

  20. He says he will trust to our judgment to select the most catchy novelties, only he expects us to give him special figures on the lot.

  21. He put himself in touch with attractive novelty markets, and there was scarcely a mail that did not bring a proposal to have him advertise and sell some catchy mail order specialty.

  22. Why, mother, you have suggested the very catchy name.

  23. It should be frankly stated that much difficulty was experienced in getting the corresponding terms in English for those catchy expressions.

  24. It is profusely interladed with spicy, catchy colloquials patent to the people of Tokyo for the equals of which we may look to the rattling speeches of notorious Chuck Conners of the Bowery of New York.

  25. Lysol and Laxol--the short and catchy proprietary name, 570 McArthur’s Syrup of Hypophosphites Comp.

  26. Laxol and Lysol, the short and catchy proprietary name, 570 Laxothalen Tablets (Pitman-Moore Co.

  27. Therefore he hoarded his secret; brooded upon it; dashed off hither and thither as the day's news brought him a Catchy Clue that seemed to fit his data.

  28. If the Daily were to be believed, all the United Kingdom read it and discussed its Catchy Clues.

  29. All Temple Colney read the Daily; eagerly debated its "Catchy Clues.

  30. Sort of a catchy smile it is too, and before we've swapped a word I finds myself smilin' back.

  31. Why, she just tosses up that perky chin of hers and turns loose the catchy melody until you felt the warm waves splashin' and saw the moonlight dancin' across the bay!

  32. And I will say for him that he states his case smooth enough, smilin' that catchy smile of his, and tappin' me friendly on the knee.

  33. If, instead of meeting early you had arrived at the water late, on the foregoing occasion, you would probably have hit off a weak or catchy drag, and have had to go slow, trying both banks carefully en route.

  34. There was quite an ambition among the natives to be musical; they picked up quickly, "by ear," some of the catchy things our band played.

  35. No wonder when our bands would play lively music that they were quite ready to take up the catchy airs, but they would add a mournful cadence to the most stirring of our American airs.

  36. You know, something catchy that will stick in people's minds.

  37. It has taken years and years to make some of those catchy trademarks universal," objected Ruth, seriously.

  38. The other songs are good; even the comic-operatic flavor of the "Cavalry Song" is redeemed by its catchy sweep.

  39. This catchy method soon engrosses their attention, and they become wrapped up in them.

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