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correspondence; correspondences; correspondency; correspondent; correspondents; correspondingly; corresponds; corrida; corridor; corridors
  1. In articulating the aspirates, the vocal organs are put in the position required in the articulation of the corresponding subvocals; but the breath is expelled with some force without the utterance of any vocal sound.

  2. Coral is the solid part of a minute sea animal, corresponding to the bones in other animals.

  3. In most negative sentences standing alone, the corresponding affirmative is understood; hence the following.

  4. In many instances one part only of the antithesis is expressed, the corresponding idea being understood; as, A friendly eye would never see such faults.

  5. The larger, the more human, the less technical the problem of practice, the more open-eyed and wide-viewing must be the corresponding method.

  6. Resembling cases and anticipation, memory and idealization, are the corresponding terms in which a present experience has its transitive force analyzed into reciprocally pertinent means and ends.

  7. Old questions are solved by disappearing, evaporating, while new questions corresponding to the changed attitude of endeavor and preference take their place.

  8. How are our imaginations haunted by the idea of what might have happened if Christianity had found ready to its hand intellectual formulations corresponding to its practical proclamations!

  9. But the slider f is a narrow strip of wood, so placed between the woodwork g and h that it may be moved backwards and forwards from right to left, and is pierced with holes corresponding throughout to those just under the pipes.

  10. To this general swell pedal (and its corresponding indicator key) any or all of the other swell pedals may be coupled at will.

  11. Every key on the keyboard has a corresponding pallet in the wind-chest, and every stop-knob operates a slider under the pipes, so that both a slider must be drawn and a pallet depressed before any sound can be got from the pipes.

  12. Correspondence concerning memberships in the United States and Canada should be addressed to the Corresponding Secretary at the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, 2520 Cimarron Street, Los Angeles, California.

  13. Copies of back issues in print may be obtained from the Corresponding Secretary.

  14. These divisions were afterwards called wards, and were analogous to the corresponding division of the shire into hundreds.

  15. The increased and increasing facilities afforded for visiting the unrivalled scenery of the Lake district, naturally excite a corresponding desire to supply the tourist with every incident connected with this interesting locality.

  16. In the patterns, which are as promiscuous as those of Ellore and often similar, the Herati design with a corresponding border is not infrequently used.

  17. On each side of it is usually a stripe with ground colour corresponding to that of the field and with an undulating vine and rosette.

  18. The usual balance of designs throughout the field is maintained with precision; but, as is not always the case, different motives occupy corresponding positions.

  19. Of different but corresponding shades is the colour of the ground and designs of other stripes.

  20. One method, corresponding to carding, is to draw the wool repeatedly between rows of upright spikes set in a wooden frame until every matted particle has been separated and all the fibres are disentangled.

  21. Thus, if the year 1247 was woven in the rug, our corresponding year would be A.

  22. The delicate tracery of the spandrel, the minute delineation of tendril and leaf in the border, and the perfect balance of every part of one side with a corresponding part in the other, resemble the finest workmanship of old Iran.

  23. An effort has been made to balance similar designs in corresponding parts of the field, though its centre is at one side of the geometric centre of the diamonds.

  24. A well-known stripe of Princess Bokharas corresponding with the pattern of the field, appears in Plate L, Fig.

  25. I will give you the key to a cipher which was composed for my use, in order that I might employ it in corresponding with my family under the most important circumstances.

  26. The Duke of Otranto opened a negotiation on this point, which had no farther result, than procuring him an opportunity of corresponding more at his ease with Ghent.

  27. These places were at the two ends of the planet's axis, corresponding to the polar regions of Earth.

  28. The upper spheroid rested directly on the lower; and at each side of the lower one, corresponding to the shoulders, were two tentacle-like arms, sinuous as whips and ending in hands that were made up of a palm and seven digits.

  29. There are but six syllables in the Mercurial language, each syllable being represented by a corresponding key.

  30. The great mingling of nationalities in Rome during the Empire necessarily produced a corresponding divergence in style, if not in ideas.

  31. In that language the poet takes a thought and either repeats it, or varies it, or explains it, or gives its antithesis in a corresponding clause, as evenly as may be balancing the first.

  32. The great oratorical activity of this age produced a corresponding interest in the theory of eloquence.

  33. The elucidation of these principles in the action of the play, and the corresponding interchange of thought naturally awakened in the dialogue and expressed with studied moderation, [30] form the charm of the Terentian drama.

  34. He seems to have been a personage with an immense head, who, corresponding to our clown or harlequin, came in for many hard knocks, but was a general favourite.

  35. Similar to this is the introduction of corresponding clauses by the same initial word, e.

  36. Hitherto we have observed two distinct classes of writers, and a corresponding double relation of politics and literature.

  37. As most of these latter are persons whose various employments allow them a good deal of "leisure," there is a corresponding amount of social activity.

  38. There are also twenty auxiliary consonant forms, corresponding to the original twenty consonants, which are used in all combinations of consonants.

  39. Corresponding advantages were extended to the other Sclavonic tribes, and the fundamental laws of the kingdom, except in so far as they were modified by these acts, remained unchanged.

  40. The central part of the building forms a single tower, corresponding with the lighthouse.

  41. If not corresponding to a scholar's idea of systematic study, Margaret's pursuit of culture in those years must have been arduous and many-sided.

  42. From the sketch itself we gather that the Fuller household, although not corresponding to the dreams of its wonder-child, had yet in it elements which were most precious for her right growth and development.

  43. Delight so passionate led to a corresponding sorrow.

  44. Where this supposition is verified by corresponding acts, the power of the individual is greatly multiplied.

  45. Then, watch their shoulders; and you will recognise a corresponding error in their delivery.

  46. Till he plays by habit, he is not safe: the sight of the length must prompt the corresponding movement.

  47. But in order to give full effect to the argument it would be necessary to shew the entire Curetonian fragment side by side with the corresponding portions of the Peshitto.

  48. About the right of the same words to a place in the corresponding part of St. Mark's Gospel (x.

  49. The hypocycloid derived from the same circles is shown as curve d, and is seen to consist of three cusps arranged internally to the fixed circle; the corresponding hypotrochoid consists of a three-foil and is shown in curve e.

  50. By the arch-euphuists, clauses and clusters of clauses were paired for parallel or contrast, with the beat of emphatic alliteration on the corresponding parts of speech in each constituent clause.

  51. Epsom salts crystallizes in the orthorhombic system, being isomorphous with the corresponding zinc and nickel sulphates, and also with magnesium chromate.

  52. The equations to the hypocycloid and its corresponding trochoidal curves are derived from the two preceding equations by changing the sign of b.

  53. Similarly, the corresponding epitrochoids will exhibit three loops or nodes (curve b), or assume the form shown in the curve c.

  54. It springs from at least four hands, and may be roughly divided into four parts, corresponding to the present actual divisions of the book.

  55. But by reason we are the masters of those ideas and appearances which present themselves from without; we can combine them, and systematize, and can set up in ourselves an order of ideas corresponding with the order of nature.

  56. In the same manner the longitude of Bolcheresk appears from the corresponding observations taken at that place and at Petersburg to be 10h.

  57. But the longitude of the port of St. Peter and Paul, estimated in the same manner from corresponding observations, differs from the longitude as computed by Mons.

  58. A Persian divinity, the ruler of the universe, corresponding with the Roman Sol.

  59. The Indian god of wealth corresponding to the Greek Plutus.

  60. The god of silence (corresponding with the classic Harpocrates).

  61. The Scandinavian place of eternal punishment, corresponding with Hades.

  62. An Egyptian god corresponding to the Roman Hercules.

  63. The Hindoo god corresponding to the Roman Sol, the sun.

  64. The Scandinavian god, corresponding to Chaos of the classics.

  65. The first of them, the crossing of the Jordan, was more remarkable than the corresponding wonder done by Elijah, for Elisha traversed the river alone, and Elijah had been accompanied by Elisha.

  66. Proximate Definition of Life To those who accept the general doctrine of evolution, it needs scarcely to be pointed out that classifications are subjective conceptions which have no absolute demarcations in nature corresponding to them.

  67. To the evictions a direct impulse had been given by the rapid increase of the Flemish wool manufacturers and the corresponding rise in the price of wool in England.

  68. And every improvement in the position of the actual cultivation of the soil is attended by a corresponding improvement of the land and of its cultivation.

  69. Every individual capital is a larger or smaller concentration of means of production, with a corresponding command over a larger or smaller labour-army.

  70. Of State Types and Individual Types Before this digression we were on the point of discussing the four vitiated forms of the state, and the corresponding individual types.

  71. When Socrates was indicted for "corrupting the youth" of Athens and on other corresponding charges, Plato was himself present at the trial.

  72. But in the Far East the doctrine became less pantheistic and more ethical than the corresponding Indian ideas.

  73. If no record of them remains, it is not more wonderful than the corresponding silence in the east about Greek visitors to India.

  74. The resemblances to Christianity in Vishnuism are on a larger scale than the corresponding phenomena in Sivaism.

  75. A more important problem is this: what is the relation to the Pali Canon of the Chinese texts bearing titles corresponding to Dîrgha, Madhyama, Samyukta and Ekottara?

  76. The three bodies of Buddha are well known and also the series of five Celestial Buddhas with corresponding Bodhisattvas and other manifestations.

  77. Footnote 304: The Bodhisattva corresponding to the Buddha Akshobhya.

  78. The year is divided into two periods of wandering, two of meditation and one of repose corresponding to the old Vassa.

  79. The corresponding phase of Sivaism is restricted to certain periods and districts of southern India.

  80. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "corresponding" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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