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Example sentences for "correspondingly"

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  1. Whether they were Indians or any other kind of people, the fact must not be overlooked that they were human beings, and the responsibility of the tribunal was correspondingly great.

  2. He was a giant in build, being much over six feet in height, and correspondingly powerful.

  3. Where release is so easily obtained, the estimate of the heinousness of sin is correspondingly slight.

  4. This doctrine is held in Japan far more widely than the philosophic doctrine of the self, and is correspondingly baleful.

  5. The intellectual life being low, its inhibitions were correspondingly weak.

  6. Where the general intellectual development of a people is retarded, the emotional manifestations are of necessity correspondingly conspicuous.

  7. The full development of the communal principle is impossible apart from the correspondingly full development of the individual principle.

  8. Already these are producing profound, and we may believe permanent, transformations in her social order and correspondingly profound and permanent transformations of her character and destiny.

  9. Developed races increasingly discover the seriousness of living, and become correspondingly reflective, if not positively gloomy.

  10. For example, no matter how much the physical body of man is trained and developed, there will be no real progression in the human station unless the mind correspondingly advances.

  11. There are other means in the human world by which physical association is established, but these fail to weld together the hearts and spirits of men and are correspondingly inefficient.

  12. If the educator be incompetent, the educated will be correspondingly lacking.

  13. On its return, the relic was found to have lost none of its virtues, and the good people and monks were all correspondingly made happy; in 1870, when the writer was in France, it was still working its miracles.

  14. As we have said elsewhere, true love increases benevolence, and correspondingly expands and develops the sympathies.

  15. This intelligence reassured the patriotic party, but correspondingly depressed the tories, who saw no hope in the vacillating policy of the ministry.

  16. The effect was correspondingly inspiriting to the Tories in America and to the government party in England.

  17. The scale of decent expenditure in their case is pitched correspondingly high, and it consequently leaves an exceptionally narrow margin disposable for the other ends of life.

  18. The occupations of the class are correspondingly diversified; but they have the common economic characteristic of being non-industrial.

  19. If the strain produced by greater complexity and intensity of mental labor is compensated by a correspondingly greater rapidity in dealing with figures, the former may be the case.

  20. Those which flap slowly, and are not swift flyers, have correspondingly broader wings.

  21. When the wind increases to 20 miles an hour there is a correspondingly greater lift against the kite.

  22. In all forms of control the wings on one side are depressed on one side and correspondingly elevated on the other.

  23. The reproduction of fish is on a scale that would choke the sea with them if every individual survived; but the margin of destruction is correspondingly enormous, and thus the law of averages simply keeps up the normal proportion of the race.

  24. His plot to expose Dave and his chums had failed, and he was correspondingly sour.

  25. When they came back he was holding her hand, and both of them looked as if they understood each other perfectly and were correspondingly happy.

  26. The fact is that, in modern warfare, the actual loss of life for the numbers engaged is correspondingly less than it used to be, while the cost is correspondingly greater.

  27. She will also be able to act with correspondingly greater celerity.

  28. Then it would be able to cause glaciation at a correspondingly great distance.

  29. In the past, whenever cyclonic storms were weak and westerly winds were correspondingly strong, winter fogs in high latitudes must have been much more widespread and persistent than now.

  30. The next quarter of the earth's history elapsed without any correspondingly great outflows so far as is known, though several lesser ones occurred.

  31. In such a case the ultimate collapse would be correspondingly great, as would be evident in the succeeding geological epoch.

  32. The earth at such times is supposed to be correspondingly free from cyclonic storms.

  33. If the strength of the westerlies were increased because of broad lands in low latitudes, their efficacy in transferring heat would be correspondingly augmented.

  34. Conditions opposite to these tend, of course, correspondingly to lower the temperature.

  35. Hence high tides are produced on two opposite sides of the earth at the same time, while the level of the water is correspondingly reduced at two other parts at right angles with these sides.

  36. But its magnetic field is practically limitless, and the number of vibrations per second is to be reckoned as millions of millions; the waves are correspondingly short, small fractions of an inch.

  37. They say that Thyle is the extreme island of all, where at the summer solstice, when the sun is passing through the sign of Cancer, there is no night, and correspondingly at the winter solstice no day.

  38. Man became correspondingly more powerful and his life more complex.

  39. With the advent of the compass, seamen were no longer compelled to hug the shore; they acquired more daring to sail the open sea, and geographical exploration was correspondingly widened.

  40. Hodden grey" for the men and correspondingly good wear for the females--most of it home made--were the ordinary fabrics.

  41. The climate became correspondingly warm, and the icebergs melted away.

  42. If we should descend into the shaft of the deepest mine that reaches below the sea level, the column of air supported by the mercury in the cup would be a mile higher, and for this reason its weight would be correspondingly greater.

  43. It is sixty-six feet long, and correspondingly large in every part, except its head.

  44. And St. Thomas similarly declares that “different souls have correspondingly different stains, like shadows differ in accordance with the difference of the bodies which interpose themselves between the light.

  45. In the second group, the surface by which the third phalanx rests on the ground is correspondingly protected, but this time by a layer of horn which belongs to the hoof.

  46. Since the industry was first seriously entered upon, the resources of the State have been greatly augmented, and the welfare of a large labouring class has correspondingly increased.

  47. Competition is greater between the sexes than between rivals of the same sex, and a correspondingly higher standard of achievement is obtained.

  48. The sun climbs higher during the northern summer, and sinks correspondingly lower during the winter.

  49. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "correspondingly" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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