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corresponding; correspondingly; corresponds; corrida; corridor; corrie; corriendo; corries; corroborate; corroborated
  1. All in a whiff our feast ended; and in another whiff we were up and off--whisking through the Lycée corridors and the crowded streets and under the triumphal arch and so back on board the Gladiateur.

  2. In some way the intricate labyrinth of corridors confused his mind, and he found himself in a circular chamber of rough blocks of stone, with two doors.

  3. These corridors were at intervals crossed by archways, marking the termination of many flights of stairs leading by galleries to the upper chambers of the cloisters.

  4. They passed in silence down the refectory, then up a stone stairway, through a maze of corridors lighted dimly with stone lamps and torches.

  5. A glance showed her that he was unconscious; and, rushing out of the room, the terrified Duchesse raced through the dark, deserted corridors of the palace shrieking for help.

  6. Supper was over at last; darkness came on apace, and as usual the students gathered in the corridors to discuss the situation.

  7. She passed through the reception-rooms, greeting the company with smiling composure, and then went out into the corridors which led to her own apartments.

  8. While the empress was writing the note which was to accompany her gift, Kaunitz, with his handkerchief over his mouth, was dashing through the palace corridors to his carriage.

  9. The aristocracy waited in the reception-rooms, the people in the corridors and galleries.

  10. Do you suppose that your powerful voice does not resound through the corridors of the palace?

  11. With the muff held close to his mouth, for fear a breath of air should enter it, Kaunitz passed through the lofty corridors of his house to his state-carriage.

  12. Marie Antoinette would have followed, but her mother bade her remain, and hastening from the room, Maria Theresa ran breathless through the corridors until she reached her daughter's apartments.

  13. Out across one of these pale corridors of silence came moving very deliberately a dark, squat shape with blunt muzzle close to the snow.

  14. These buildings were connected with each other by inclosed corridors running through the clear.

  15. The corridors in each case fed in toward the central administration group of buildings in which were located the operating rooms and the various laboratories.

  16. Down he went, down the long, dark, lonely corridors and staircases.

  17. He wandered from vast apartment to apartment, down narrow corridors like the roads in a mine.

  18. Cumming, "The words spoken by parents to their children in the privacy of home are like words spoken in a whispering-gallery, and will be clearly heard at the distance of years, and along the corridors of ages that are yet to come.

  19. Indeed, although this hotel is six stories high, with open corridors looking into the main courtyard the length of the entire building, it is wound round the exterior with no less than four miles of malleable iron bands.

  20. The corridors had to be whitened and the dressing-rooms to be papered, and all the business had to be conducted in French, as my stage carpenters and employes were all of that nationality.

  21. There was nearly a mile of corridors and staircases to whiten, paper, paint, and carpet.

  22. I wandered out of the assembly-room and through the silent corridors of the Stadt House, turning over and over again what I had heard, and picturing Dorothy reigning over the macaronies of St. James's Street.

  23. When he walked behind Jethro in the corridors of the Pelican, kicking up his heels behind, he might have been taken for Jethro's shadow.

  24. The noise in the corridors grew louder, some one dealt a smashing kick on a panel, and Wetherell ventured to ask Mr. Bixby if he thought the doors would hold.

  25. At first Dick, on his awakenings, would grope along the corridors of the chambers till he heard some one snore.

  26. Then he hastened to Torpenhow's address and smelt the smell of cooking meats all along the corridors of the chambers.

  27. No boy ever waited for the fly-away Bobby; but there was with the two chums a tall, thin youth dressed in the most astonishing clothes that ever appeared in the corridors of a high school.

  28. But they may go until another time," and with a sigh she put on her hat and cloak, and taking the Gypsy girl's hand led her out of the school building, the darkened corridors of which she knew so well.

  29. Dim and fearful, coming down the corridors of time.

  30. The corridors were long and high, all with the wide-coved ceiling, and of colours that melted from one shade to another as they turned, not corners, but curves.

  31. This is what we feel in pacing the corridors of the Lucretian poem.

  32. The deserted state of those innumerable cells, those echoing corridors and shadowy cloisters, exercises overpowering tyranny over the imagination.

  33. Attached to it is the dwelling of two hermits, subterranean, with long dark corridors and windows opening on the western seas.

  34. At half after four a rumor flew along the corridors that the jury in the Serafino case had reached a verdict and were coming in.

  35. For the child's stolid shyness had soon given way to Mabel's advances, and now he would run along the hotel corridors after her like a little dog, and his greatest delight was to be allowed to take her letters to her.

  36. Then nervous people who found themselves by any chance in the long dark corridors experienced an unpleasant sensation, as of a demon host in high spirits being suddenly let loose to do their will.

  37. The autumn sunshine, which had never been more than a sarcasm on the part of a thoroughly unpleasant day, had failed altogether, and Edinburgh had become a series of corridors through which there rushed a trampling wind.

  38. VII Before Jared could catch up with the Doctor a new tidal wave broke upon the town and slopped through the corridors of the hotels.

  39. He had talked with several dealers, and had visited one or two makers of picture-frames, and had taken note of the prominence given to "art" in the offices and corridors of the great hotels.

  40. As it happened, the two entered by the Delhi Gate and walked through the gardens and corridors to Douglas's rooms, which were situated over the Lahore Gate.

  41. Following the nawab he traversed many corridors and chambers and ultimately reached an apartment in which Chumru was seated.

  42. The corridors jammed with passengers and kits, we moved on through the typical "strips" of Russian peasant culture, a pleasant wooded country, passing a draft detachment on the halt which waved greetings to us.

  43. Several lay on stretchers in the corridors and others on pallets in the ambulance room, all still in their greatcoats and with their kits lying beneath them.

  44. On each side of the corridors were rows of tiny compartments, which were the living and working rooms of the ship.

  45. A heavy offensive odour, that of pourriture, pervades wards and corridors of the buildings, extending to the streets or boulevards immediately adjoining.

  46. When he left it, the court and corridors were crowded with the brilliantly plumaged men and women.

  47. After siesta the people danced their national jigs in the court of Casa Grande, while the men and women of the aristocracy lounged over the railing of the corridors and encouraged them with handfuls of silver coins.

  48. On the corridors of the great and lesser houses were the women, brilliantly dressed, their heads draped with the reboso or mantilla, manipulating the inevitable fan.

  49. Molinos was taken to one of the corridors of the Minerva, where he stood for some time looking about him very calmly, and returning all the salutes which were made him by those who had formerly been of his acquaintance.

  50. When the morning rose upon the day on which his condemnation was to take place, the tribunal of the Minerva, and all the avenues and corridors leading to it, were thronged with an excited crowd.

  51. They passed through many corridors and rooms richly furnished until they reached the lodgings of the Grand Duchess.

  52. Passing through several sombre corridors and across a courtyard, he was ushered into the Duke's presence, who sat, surrounded by his Court and by the principal ecclesiastics of the city, in an open balcony or loggia.

  53. The great gallery was generally used by the Cardinals themselves, for exercise and conversation, while their attendants were compelled to content themselves with their masters' apartments, or the corridors and passages.

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