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Example sentences for "corroborate"

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corridor; corridors; corrie; corriendo; corries; corroborated; corroborates; corroborating; corroboration; corroborations
  1. But happily, now that he had given him the wink, the Herr could corroborate it himself by going to the theater tonight.

  2. It was she, in fact, who suggested that your knowledge of these people might corroborate my impressions.

  3. This was intended to corroborate Letter II.

  4. Providentially, however, Darnley had informed Crawford about those private talks, and here was Crawford, to corroborate Letter II.

  5. Yet some are led to suspect that, when asked to corroborate a passage in a letter, he simply took the corroboration, textually, from the letter itself.

  6. The circumstance that Crawford, a retainer of Lennox, was put forward at the Westminster Commission, in December, 1568, to corroborate part of the Letter makes a real difficulty.

  7. My experience does not corroborate these various but harmonious accounts and opinions.

  8. If such phantasms are seen by savages when awake, they will doubtless greatly corroborate that belief in the endurance of the soul after death, which is undeniably suggested to the early reasoner by the phenomena of dreaming.

  9. As a rule, so far as our information goes, it is not recognised phantasms of the dead, in waking vision, which corroborate the savage belief in the persistence of the spirit of the departed.

  10. The results, however, when successful, would naturally suggest to the savage thinker the belief in the wandering soul, or corroborate it if it had already been suggested by the common phenomena of dreaming.

  11. All literature testifies to the hazards that attend the morning of our existence; and daily experience and observation, certainly, corroborate the testimony.

  12. It has been already observed, that some of the pillars of the hypocaust have been portions of a prior building;--the ruin and inscription thus corroborate each other.

  13. These appearances strongly corroborate the opinion that all the lines of the Barrier are but parts of one great engineering scheme.

  14. In other words, Spencer found the metaphor useful even when it broke down, for it enabled him to corroborate his doctrine of individualism.

  15. These facts in regard to Herbert Spencer's uncles corroborate the general thesis that heredity counts for much.

  16. Contrariwise, it may be that the novelty of the newborn is seen in an intensifying of the inheritance, for the contributions from the two parents may, as it were, corroborate one another.

  17. The officers also grouped around, desirous to hear what tidings he brought of the enemy, to corroborate the statement of Raymond.

  18. The letters of Pius to Justus corroborate this view, 547 9.

  19. The writer of the "Philosophumena" declares that he is the author of one of the books named on that piece of ancient sculpture, and various other facts amply corroborate his testimony.

  20. Paul's guilelessness had served the specious ends of tact, for to corroborate a woman's opinion of herself is the sublime compliment.

  21. The face heaved and rose and lifted to corroborate it the cast-off clothes of Christian du Preez, enveloping the person of Boy Bailey.

  22. With a view to corroborate what has been here alledged of the valley of the Rhône, I would beg leave to transcribe still more from the same author.

  23. The piles of rock on each hand, but particularly on the Shenandoah, the evident marks of this disrupture and avulsion from their beds, by the most powerful agents of nature, corroborate the impression.

  24. The parents were able to corroborate many points.

  25. There is no question about all the important facts--correspondents largely corroborate each other.

  26. West[68] has published some cases of acute dilatation of the heart in rheumatic fever which strongly corroborate these views.

  27. The Inquisition and the Company of Jesus, both of which he sanctioned at this juncture, were to guard, extend, and corroborate that supreme authority.

  28. There is quite sufficient extant evidence to show that Bernardo was a young man of average intelligence; and with regard to Beatrice, nothing now remains to corroborate Farinaccio's hypothesis of incest.

  29. Its inaccuracies on minor points may be held to corroborate his testimony.

  30. This note certainly goes far to corroborate (if indeed it was not the chief authority for) Dr.

  31. Do you corroborate or contrawerse this statement, Toast?

  32. I have seen some cases that fully corroborate the views of Noeggerath, so that before we put the blame of uterine disease solely on the shoulders of the wife, let us find out how much the husband is to blame.

  33. Experience, and careful research in, the sick chamber fully corroborate the correctness of this view, so that a simple local chronic catarrh is the exception to the rule.

  34. We may corroborate the evidence of those two Fathers with that of Paulinus, who was secretary to St. Ambrose, and wrote his life, about A.

  35. Every additional instance of this kind does but go indirectly to corroborate the testimony of the Catholic Church.

  36. Now, we have had story after story coming to us to corroborate that.

  37. And I am sure Mr. Hirschi will corroborate that the American Association of Nurserymen is exerting all the influence they can to that end.

  38. There still remains one other department of philological inquiry to be considered, and its consideration will tend yet further and most forcibly to corroborate all the general conclusions already attained.

  39. I have myself kept selected parrots, and can fully corroborate all the above statements from my own observations.

  40. Concerning the accuracy of these observations I have no doubt, and I could corroborate most of them were it necessary.

  41. His family, by which is meant Sofia and her cousin, was not enslaved, and there is no tradition, genuine or apocryphal, to corroborate it.

  42. For passages from other sagas that corroborate Leif's discovery on his voyage from Norway to Greenland (i.

  43. Vigfusson seeks to corroborate the above by other allied lineages.

  44. Has Mayence said anything to corroborate that estimate?

  45. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "corroborate" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    affirm; attest; authenticate; avouch; back; bear; bolster; buttress; certify; check; confirm; corroborate; document; establish; fortify; justify; manifest; probate; prove; ratify; reinforce; seal; show; strengthen; substantiate; support; sustain; uphold; validate; verify; vouch; warrant