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Example sentences for "corroborated"

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corridors; corrie; corriendo; corries; corroborate; corroborates; corroborating; corroboration; corroborations; corroborative
  1. When Joe McCaskey took the center of the stage and glibly corroborated his brother's statements Pierce interrupted him savagely, only to be warned that he'd better be silent.

  2. A statement by the leader of the posse, corroborated by the owner of the missing sack of rice, roused the audience to a fury.

  3. But there was another circumstance which corroborated these feudal dependencies, and tended to connect the vassals with their superior lord by an indissoluble bond of union.

  4. Thus, the bands of government, which were naturally loose among that rude and turbulent people, were happily corroborated by the terrors of their superstition.

  5. He fully corroborated the evidence of the wine-merchant, butcher, and baker; and the young gentleman was committed for trial for passing base money.

  6. Far better will it be for me to counteract his scheme, and then proclaim his guilt when my evidence can be corroborated by the fact that he did attempt the deed of which he will stand accused!

  7. But as those epistles merely corroborated the main points of her tale, we shall not quote them.

  8. We will let the scout relate his own story, which is corroborated by a signal-officer, who, from one of the lofty peaks of the mountains, witnessed the exciting denouement.

  9. The testimony of the mute witnesses of disaster was corroborated by that of the many prisoners which easily fell into Gregg's hands.

  10. John Temple corroborated her words, and then her father.

  11. He said in his evidence he never went near the place, and his groom corroborated this.

  12. This was the frequent remark of the engineer, corroborated by others.

  13. If this gentleman's story is correct, and it was corroborated by others, the Russian persecution of the Polish Catholics is not entirely without reason.

  14. But as I have said before, this explanation is hardly corroborated by the Vais'e.sika sûtras, which tacitly admit the validity of the scriptures on its own authority.

  15. The naiyâyikas ascertained all the categories of metaphysics mainly by such inference as was corroborated by experience.

  16. This is corroborated by a Babylonian tablet with observations of the moon (Brit.

  17. This theory derived from tangible remains is corroborated by literary evidence.

  18. This legend was corroborated by the existence of a shrine on that coast in historic times.

  19. This supposition is to a certain extent corroborated by the fact of the twenty pages of engraved text in the second Latin edition being fac-similes of the twenty corresponding pages of text from moveable types in the first.

  20. This supposition is corroborated by the account which we have of the proceedings of the wood engravers of Augsburg shortly after type-printing was first established in that city.

  21. Though Jacques Rollet persisted in asserting his innocence, founding his defense chiefly on circumstances which were strongly corroborated by the information that had reached De Chaulieu the preceding evening--he was convicted.

  22. David's story was fully corroborated by the railway official and the servants at the Hall, whose sworn evidence was in Brett's possession.

  23. More than that, I was sent a memorandum, written by my father, in which he gave Alan all the particulars, corroborated by extracts from registers, and explaining the reasons which actuated him in framing his will so curiously.

  24. The fact that Indians joined the American army at this point is corroborated by Judge Henry, in his Account,[1358] while the topic is also treated in E.

  25. At first the king would not believe them, but when some of his faithful princes corroborated the words of his servants, he rose up and went to see for himself.

  26. He applied to the priests, from whom he found out the true cause of his affliction, which was corroborated by Sarah.

  27. To some extent he seems to have done so, but wherever the Italian version is corroborated by the Spanish extracts in Las Casas, we are on solid ground, for Las Casas died five years before the Italian version was published.

  28. That you did, miss," corroborated Sarah, coming from the hotel with the blue sash and tying it about Evelyn's slender waist.

  29. He had been looking forward all his life to some revelation of a similar kind, and it had been manifested under circumstances that not only corroborated his views, but flattered his amour propre.

  30. It corroborated very strongly the high estimation in which I had always held my talents, and I resolved, since the world would not recognise them in my proper person, to compel it to acknowledge them under another name.

  31. Sweyn's seniority seems corroborated by the greater importance of his earldom.

  32. This seems probable enough, and it is corroborated indirectly by the Saxon chroniclers, when they unite in relating Edward's warnings to Harold against his visit to the Norman court.

  33. He did attend the trial and he corroborated the statements of his late chief.

  34. Lady Burton's statement and this assumption are corroborated by a conversation which the writer had with Mr. John Payne in the autumn of 1904.

  35. I make this assertion under a full conviction that it will be corroborated by every candid judge of the science who becomes acquainted with the practical advantages of this manual.

  36. After a careful microscopic examination, these two distinguished observers came to the conclusion that Eozoön was truly organic, and in this opinion they were afterwards corroborated by other high authorities (Mr W.

  37. His opinion was shared, moreover, by the geographer, as it corroborated his own notion about Harry Grant.

  38. They completely corroborated the opinions of Paganel and Ayrton.

  39. These facts were proved by the minute details given us by Ayrton, and are corroborated by the conversation between the convicts, which I repeated to you.

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    Other words:
    actual; ascertained; attested; authenticated; certain; certified; confirmed; determined; documentary; effectual; established; factual; fixed; historical; proved; proven; real; settled; shown; substantiated; true; truthful; undoubted; unquestionable; valid; validated; veracious; verified; veritable