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  1. It has been always clearly recognized that the child has the characters of its parents, and this belief is so well attested as to need no proof.

  2. For a number of years, however, the matter was in dispute, evidence being collected which about equally attested each view.

  3. The cessation of oracles is attested by several prophane authors, as Strabo, Juvenal, Lucien.

  4. There can be no question, as attested by the earliest records, that the ancients were in possession of many potent remedies.

  5. The first is not to be credited unless attested by miracles such as were performed by Christ and His Apostles.

  6. That he was not over-scrupulous concerning indulgence in the latter comfort is attested by his own words, viz.

  7. He says: “What the Spirit of God in him bore witness to in condemnation of the fallen Church of the Middle Ages, was attested by prophetic utterances.

  8. Thus he requires that his unheard-of claims, albeit not attested by any display of miracles, should be accepted simply on his own assurance that his teaching was based on Holy Scripture.

  9. This is the narrative, attested by a gentleman now living.

  10. Our forefathers attributed extraordinary affection to this bird, more than is attested by any save heraldic evidence.

  11. There are many well-attested stories which serve to show that wild elephants have a kind of intelligence which indicates a certain constructive capacity.

  12. There is an excellent and well-attested story of an elephant who, without a driver, was bearing a stick of timber through a narrow wood path.

  13. From a great body of well-attested observations, showing what may be called the logical quality of the mind of these creatures, I may be allowed to select a few stories which have a singular denotative value.

  14. In no well-attested case has a dog shown any sense as to the nature of any mechanical contrivance.

  15. There are anecdotes apparently well attested where water fowl have borne away a wounded comrade which had fallen before the huntsman's fowling-piece.

  16. The proceedings of the court-martial were attested by the subscription of John Cunningham, probably a clerk of the court.

  17. Among other important trusts enjoyed by the family of Erskine, the government of the Castle of Edinburgh, and the custody of the principal forts in the kingdom, attested the confidence of their Sovereigns.

  18. If all the arts of enchantment recorded by Fable were attested by facts which Sages were forced to acknowledge, Sages would sooner or later find some cause for such portents--not supernatural.

  19. First: The uncertain, unsettled condition of this science of Cetology is in the very vestibule attested by the fact, that in some quarters it still remains a moot point whether a whale be a fish.

  20. Wilson has generally been anxious to receive facts which might help him to build his policy, as will be attested by those who worked with him at Paris.

  21. The intensity of the curiosity as well as the sincerity of the enthusiasm was attested on the following day, when President Wilson drove through the streets of Paris, welcomed by the vociferous plaudits of the close-packed crowd.

  22. The extreme anti-unionism of the Dayton Association is best attested by its policy of taking into membership employers who were threatened with strikes, notwithstanding the heavy financial obligations involved.

  23. This failure is amply attested by the manner in which they submitted practically without a fight after the Bolshevist coup d'état.

  24. In no part of the island, however, is the antiquity of the land-surface so well attested by the disintegration of the basaltic flows, which extends here to depths of ten and even twenty feet.

  25. When his Majesty had shown him these originals, he was pleased to lend him the copies of these two papers, attested at the bottom in four or five lines under his own hand.

  26. The matter of fact attested by the oaths of several creditable persons, before some of his Majestie's Justices of the Peace in the said county.

  27. It is not attested in the ordinary manner; apparently, was not sworn to in the presence of persons authorized to act in such cases; was never offered in court or anywhere.

  28. Lateran procession when having his entrance on office attested to sit upon two old chairs standing in the Lateran with pierced seats, which probably came from an old Roman bath.

  29. The writer knows a case in which this was attested by a witness of the most unimpeachable character.

  30. The sounds so widely attested may not cause vibrations in the air, just as the visions are not really in the crystal ball.

  31. Yet the cardinals, surgeons, and other witnesses were not thinking of the pagan Iamblichus when they attested the accomplishments of the saint.

  32. We have not Mr. Braidley's attested statement, but Ann's character as a Medium is under a cloud.

  33. On the whole, the ghosts have gained little by these legally attested appearances, but the trials do throw a curious light on the juridical procedure of our ancestors.

  34. They buried the body on the spot, Donald attested that he had seen the Serjeant's rings on the hand of Clerk's wife.

  35. The Amiens case (1746) is reported and attested by Father Charles Louis Richard, Professor in Theology, a Dominican friar.

  36. It may have been observed that the Lyons affair was useful to the Church, as against 'the damnable sect of Lutherans,' because Sister Alix attested the existence of purgatory.

  37. About a wilderness of other phenomena, attested by scores of sane people, from Lord Crawford to Mr. S.

  38. His worn face attested the misery which this must have been, and which lasted in some measure while he lived, though I believe that rest and travel relieved him in his later years.

  39. The sacredness of the oak among the Druids is well attested by all writers who have dealt with this interesting people.

  40. There are some extraordinary but well attested statements of a thin layer of fresh water being found on the surface of the sea, after heavy rains in the Bay of Bengal.

  41. Moreover, the kings and petty princes attested the interest which they felt in the promotion of agriculture, by giving personal attention to the formation of tanks and to the labours of cultivation.

  42. The great models of humanity, such men as reveal to us what man is capable of, have attested the truth of this proposition by their lives.

  43. A friend had spent a portion of this time with her, a schoolmate whose failing health attested the wisdom of the condition her dying brother had imposed in regard to herself.

  44. The cripple stretched out both hands to his stalwart friend, and the tears which ran down his cheeks attested the sincerity of his words.

  45. A great shout attested the appreciation of the audience.

  46. Her tears attested her undiminished affection for him.

  47. And the heart that attested the will was the heart of a Spaniard.

  48. This astonishing expansion of the Malaysian people throughout the Oceanic area is sufficiently attested by the diffusion of common (Malayo-Polynesian) speech from Madagascar to Easter Island and from Hawaii to New Zealand.

  49. The tears flowed plenteously down her cheeks, and her tongue refused to speak, but the pressure of her hand attested gratitude, and affection, and farewell.

  50. A good supper, including a strong cup of tea prepared by her hands, awaited us, and I attested my appreciation of it by eating heartily.

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