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Example sentences for "enchantment"

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  1. Is there not enchantment for the eyes of the metaphysician in this play of light, these nameless interfulgent colours which appear flimsy as the play of thought?

  2. She stole away the energies, but she was an enchantment for the eyes.

  3. I was amazed and taken aback by such a message, and turning to Senor Montesinos I asked him, 'Is it possible, Senor Montesinos, that persons of distinction under enchantment can be in need?

  4. It cannot be the Moor," answered Don Quixote, "for those under enchantment do not let themselves be seen by anyone.

  5. Abide in me: there have been moments blest When I have heard thy voice and felt thy power; Then evil lost its grasp, and passion, hushed, Owned the divine enchantment of the hour.

  6. All the wealth and fashion of Laodicea were there, Christian and heathen; and all that the classic voluptuousness of Oriental Greece could give to shed enchantment over the scene was there.

  7. On Upper Morven Freydis had reared by enchantment a modest home, that was builded of jasper and porphyry and yellow and violet breccia.

  8. It is either enchantment or idiocy, unless indeed it be something far higher than either.

  9. And when at last from the demesne of enchantment the car emerged in the court of the palace, Olivia knew nothing of it and, as nearly as he could recall afterward, neither did St. George.

  10. She rose swiftly, her veil floating about her, silver over the gold of her hair; and the light caught the enchantment of the gems of the strange crown they had set upon her head, and she looked down at him in almost unearthly beauty.

  11. And, enchantment being independent of the commonplace, after all, it may have been that certain stars had already begun to sing while St. George sat staring at the little bowing flames of the juniper branches and Olivia was taking her tea.

  12. The enchantment that was about her person alone in the days of courtship seems in the course of years to have interfused and penetrated the home which she has created, and which in every detail is only an expression of her personality.

  13. The rough Scottish nobles owned that there was in her some enchantment whereby men were bewitched.

  14. Walked in the Bois de Boulogne towards evening in an enchantment of color and light; beautiful autumnal color on trees.

  15. When I came to study clouds and skies, I recognized the enchantment of effect to be caused by the same old laws of light I had tried to get acquainted with at the Academy.

  16. It was enchantment to the ear, a ravishing sound; but it was my eyes which claimed me now, for soon I saw them coming from all quarters.

  17. I am thankful to remember and record for my own comfort that that day came not too late for my enchantment to overtake his and proceed in company.

  18. Next in power of enchantment came certainly Don Quixote, in whose lank bones I was often encased.

  19. Hence the many traditions of heroes slumbering in caves, awaiting the signal for future battle, and their triumph over the enchantment that has held them for ages spell-bound.

  20. It came back to him, the salt enchantment of that time; the excitement in his heart, the ironic serenity of the surrounding world, on that dawn when he stood on the deck of his first ship as it sailed out of the Thames to the open sea.

  21. But that worry was dissolved by the enchantment of Yaverland's answer.

  22. Christmas eve had begun, and cast its lovely charm and enchantment over everybody's heart.

  23. By that the enchantment was past, and when she came she saluted him, and asked him what cheer?

  24. Unaccustomed to the world, I looked upon him as the very 'mould of form;' a new and blissful enchantment seemed to pervade my being in his presence and my girlish fancy dignified the delusion with the name of love?

  25. One cause of this may be, that distance lends enchantment to the view, and that the history of the past, like a landscape traveled over, loses in review all the rugged and wearisome annoyances that rendered it scarcely bearable in the journey.

  26. There is that which makes the enchantment of the picture, the exquisite blending of colors, the proper mingling of light and shade, the perspective adjustment of the near and the remote.

  27. So now the unforgotten moaning of the children of her people, dying with thirst upon the barren summit, was loud enough to drown the prattle of her enemy’s child, which should have wrought enchantment in her blood.

  28. For what are men but fools where women of such enchantment are concerned!

  29. He is on his way to Juliet's house, and if there is enchantment left in smiles, I bid her to use it, for her fate is trembling in the balance, and may tip in a direction of which she little recks.

  30. It was all uninteresting night to me now--beauty, picturesqueness, enchantment gone, with that repressed yelp.

  31. Their children lived in the sun--a strange kind of enchantment over it all.

  32. There seems to be a red enchantment upon the many--the nearest will do.

  33. Meantime his friend was using both feet to acquire some of that distance to lend enchantment to the view, I just spoke of.

  34. There's something about distance lending enchantment to the view.

  35. The whole scene was enchantment to her eyes.

  36. Distance lends enchantment to the view of them--at least it does with such temperaments as yours, which are always self-tormenting and given to idealising both things and people.

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