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attornies; attract; attractable; attracted; attracting; attractions; attractive; attractively; attractiveness; attractor
  1. This, he concluded, must be due to the attraction of the planets near which the comet might chance to travel.

  2. He showed that the ebb and flow of the tides was due to the attraction of both sun and moon, especially the latter, upon the waters of our oceans.

  3. The power of attraction is not sensible, though it certainly exists.

  4. So the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles means their attraction by the Christ Spirit, whereby they acquired stability and firmness.

  5. The flame of the fire of love, in this world of earth and water, comes through the power of attraction and not by effort and striving.

  6. A few wells would seem to exist on the line of certain ancient routes, traversing the Hamád from various points on the Euphrates, and these form centres of attraction to the tribes.

  7. The great attraction which Canada offered to France and England as a field of adventure lay in its wonderful supply of furs.

  8. At the intermediate points of the circumference of the globe, where the waters are not subjected to the direct attraction of the moon, the sea is at low water, as represented in Fig.

  9. In the words of Lamartine, "We know what produces life, but we know not what it is;" and this ignorance is perhaps the powerful attraction which provokes our curiosity and excites us to study.

  10. The attraction which the moon exercises upon any point on the earth's surface is in the inverse ratio of the square of its distance.

  11. Tides are periodical movements produced by the attraction of the sun and moon.

  12. But this result of attraction is not exercised instantaneously.

  13. Translators, as we have seen, expressly mentioned as an attraction in their books the help they would give to conversation.

  14. He was a popular merchant, and the central attraction of several gay circles in the town.

  15. There is no object on earth or in heaven, that can well represent the truth of its wisdom, the touch of its tenderness, or the attraction of its power.

  16. She had always felt a special attraction for the quiet courtyard, right in the hurly-burly of one of the main arteries of London.

  17. Yet in spite of his good looks and astonishing colouring, Meg was right in her consciousness that for women there was more magnetic attraction in Mike's mobile plainness, in his sensitive, irregular features.

  18. In fact, it was music that had first brought him and Dorian Gray together,--music and that indefinable attraction that Dorian seemed to be able to exercise whenever he wished, and indeed exercised often without being conscious of it.

  19. It was rumored of him once that he was about to join the Roman Catholic communion; and certainly the Roman ritual had always a great attraction for him.

  20. His letters were full of glowing accounts of the beautiful climate and the fine fruit, he thinking that would be an attraction to us.

  21. The preacher could hardly get an audience when he preached, so he sent for me, thinking that a woman preacher would be quite an attraction and would draw crowds.

  22. Had the doctor only known it, he need not have feared the attraction of these books for his niece.

  23. This walk led to the rose garden, which had always had a great attraction for the lonely child.

  24. This toy was the Bell telephone, the young inventor was Alexander Graham Bell, and he had the satisfaction of seeing the "toy" become the greatest attraction to visitors at the Centennial.

  25. The social life of London and Paris had small attraction for General Pershing; he was restless for the battle front that he might thoroughly learn the war game, so that he could better teach it to our American boys.

  26. Massenet's music has one great attraction for me and one that is rare in these days--it is gay.

  27. He had charm, attraction and a passionateness that was feverish rather than deep.

  28. This association, and not the colour itself, strikes me as the true cause of the superior attraction which the blue flower has for most of us.

  29. On a calm day, when there was no motion in the sunlit yellow leaves below and the reddish-purple cloud of twigs above, the sounds of bird-life were the chief attraction of the forest.

  30. But from first to last not one of all the passers-by cast a look towards the tree where the willow wren was singing; nor was there anything to show that the sound had any attraction for them, although they must have heard it.

  31. Substantial devotion is essential and should be maintained, even though there is no feeling of attraction or fervor.

  32. Every attraction is based on the recognition of some suitability in a certain good that attracts, and so is based on love.

  33. Thus, friendships of utility or of pleasure are clearly not virtues, since they are not caused by attraction towards moral good.

  34. Propriety is also assigned to temperance, because it is an attraction towards that which is spiritually good and beautiful, a habit most useful for temperance, which must subordinate the delightful to the good, the carnal to the spiritual.

  35. This opinion does not include gratifications not deliberately sought or yielded to, nor those in which experience has shown that the venereal attraction of the object, at least for the subject concerned, is nil or practically nil (e.

  36. But, among all the vices that lead mankind astray from Wisdom, the preeminence is held by lust, for its attraction is greater and its hold on the soul more complete.

  37. The more exposed the object of attraction and the more secluded the parties themselves, the greater the danger (e.

  38. The friendship of virtue is that by which one desires good for another, and by which the cause of attraction is the virtue of the friends.

  39. A capital vice is one of the chief sources of evil attraction that produces other sins, and it is clear that immoderate love of riches is one of the most prolific of sins.

  40. Prudence is in love with the good of virtue as the end of life; the prudence of the flesh is in love with some pleasure or utility, and makes this good the center of attraction for all its acts.

  41. Virtuous friendships are the consequences of virtues rather than virtues, for the attraction one has for one's friend arises from the attraction for the virtue one sees in him.

  42. Other theologians dissent from the rigorous view, and argue that, since sensual and venereal attraction are really distinct, there is always the possibility of intending the former and excluding consent to the latter.

  43. Wisdom helps one to fulfill the duty of praying to God with reverence and interior devotion ("singing in your hearts to God"); for Wisdom makes one perceive and feel the sweetness and attraction of the things of God.

  44. Precession is a retrograde or westerly motion of the equinoctial points, caused by the attraction of the Sun, Moon, and planets on the spheroidal figure of the Earth.

  45. If this be really a ternary system,' wrote Sir John Herschel, 'connected by the mutual attraction of its parts, its perturbations will present one of the most intricate problems in physical astronomy.

  46. The rotatory motion of a nebula, in obedience to a well-known mechanical law, increases as its density becomes greater, and this goes on until the tangential force at the equator overcomes the gravitational attraction at its centre.

  47. The Earth has other slight motions called perturbations, which are produced by the gravitational attraction of other members of the solar system.

  48. The most important of these is Precession of the Equinoxes, which is caused by the attraction of the Sun, Moon, and planets, on the protuberant equatorial region of the globe.

  49. Besides their great intrinsic interest and peculiar idiosyncrasy, they have, for anyone studying the subject as we are endeavouring to do, a curious attraction of comparison.

  50. It soon transpires that the speculative proprietors have conceived the bright idea of utilizing me as an attraction to draw customers to their place of business.

  51. A rival attraction already occupies the field in the person of a Tabreez Turkish luti with a performing rib-nosed mandril and a drum.

  52. Here she came to be a centre of attraction for most of the world of her time.

  53. It is easy to understand that the attraction which Salerno possessed for patients soon also brought to the neighborhood a number of irregular physicians, travelling quacks, and charlatans.

  54. There is a potent attraction in it even for those who believe themselves the least susceptible of such seduction, and the network of its usages and habits becomes a prison which even the most unwilling captives learn to prefer to liberty.

  55. She looked wistfully now at Othmar, afraid that she had displeased him, yet urged on by the unconquerable attraction which the character of his wife exercised over her: 'Why has she so much power over people?

  56. As her lover it had allured him with the intense attraction of an impenetrable mystery, this attitude of her mind, this indifference, both sensual and spiritual, before the demands of love.

  57. The vulgar successes of such easy seduction will have no attraction for you, and I am sure that the share which your wife originally had in thus bringing about her misfortunes will make this child altogether sacred to you.

  58. It is a suspicion cast on his powers, his loyalty, and his good sense: it indirectly accuses him of deficiency in attraction or of feebleness of character.

  59. The footpound is the amount of work done when the mass of a pound is raised one foot against the gravitation attraction of the earth.

  60. Iceland boasts of a great variety of birds; in fact, they form an attraction to many English sportsmen to visit the Island.

  61. Was not the attic of any house, and particularly the one in this house, the room that had the greatest attraction for her, and that her light-fearing fancy invariably chose as the most desirable and befitting place for her hidden actions?

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